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20 Gift Ideas for JW International Convention Delegates

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JW Annual regional conventions are meant to provide Jehovah’s Witnesses with spiritual nourishment alongside a joyful Christian association. These meetings provide delegates with an opportunity to experience the nature of Jehovah Witness and provide a taste of life in another world.

Gift Ideas for JW International Convention Delegates | Jehovah's Witness Gifts | Jehovah's Witnesses Presents | SWAG for the JW International Convention

When delegates attend these conventions, they have to be at their best. First, they are required to conduct themselves in a certain way, before and after the convention. This is the time to think of a suitable gift for that JW delegate in your life. Here are some gift ideas just for them. 

Gift ideas for JW international convention delegates

We also have some welcome gifts for church visitors and Mormon missionaries

Bible Cover

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This bible cover is manufactured to fit a standard Jehovah’s Witness Bible. It is well sized to enable it to stretch during usage. If you like, you can customize it with the delegate’s name or initials to make it more personal. Also, keep in mind that it is reversible and you can gladly change it when you are fed up with one side.

org Lapel Pin

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A Jehovah Witness lapel pin is a thoughtful gift that shows you can go that extra mile. It will spruce up the lapel and will reveal that the wearer is a faithful Jehovah Witness member. The pin is made from Baltic birch wood and is engraved to make it classy.

The Best Life Ever charm bracelet

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This bracelet has ministry inspired charms. It has a round bezel beneath a clear glass, and on either side, there are a number of antique silver charms to represent different parts of Pioneer life.

The Best Life Ever Embroidered Sweatshirt

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This sweatshirt has a valuable message to any Jehovah Witness and can be worn by a delegate when traveling. The color of the thread can be changed to that of your choice, but the message is what matters. It is available in a variety of colors.

Classic Signature Cookie Gift Basket

This cookie basket is great for Gift ideas for JW international convention delegates.

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A delightful assortment of cookies will be appreciated at any time of the day. The cookies will be used as midday snacks, or they can be taken between meals. They come in different flavors, and the delegate will have 22 options to choose from.

Personalized Leather Bookmark

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This bookmark is made using high-quality genuine leather and will ensure a delegate never loses track when reading. Since Jehovah Witnesses are book lovers, they will find this gift useful. If you are choosy, there are 18 colors available.

Monogrammed Messenger Bag

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This is the perfect messenger bag for a delegate. It will help to keep documents in place and is easy to carry around. Delegates need a light bag that they can carry with ease when interacting or spreading their word.

ORG Badge Card Holder

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This card holder has a JW logo and is a great gift for conventions. It is available in 11 colors and has a safety pin closure.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Bracelet

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This leather bracelet is handmade in Israel and has an amulet with the Jehovah Tetragrammaton symbol. It is strong enough and can be adjusted to the size of the wrist.

Staedtler pencil set, with eraser and sharpener

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This set is useful because writing and erasing is guaranteed at the convention. The pencil has been built with the best material to make it comfortable to hold as it glides across the paper.

Custom JW Cuff Links and Tie Clip

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Everything on the delegates body should communicate the wearer’s commitment to Jehovah Witness. This item will be delivered in a beautiful jewelry box.

Pioneer Life Key Chain

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This keychain describes the life of a pioneer using scriptures. It has two sides with one side engraved with JW.org. It is made using Baltic birch wood and has been inscribed with powerful messages.


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This mug will offer an excellent balance between versatility and heat retention. The fact that it is branded with JW.org makes it noticeable and more appealing. Let the delegate enjoy his/her beverage in style.

The Best Life Ever Beanie

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A beanie is useful during those chilly days. It is available in 13 different colors and three lettering styles.

Best LIFE ever coffee mug

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A JW delegate will appreciate this mug because it has been personalized. There are several great colors to choose from.

Jehovah’s Writing Notebook

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This notebook has been made using sturdy material to make it durable. When it is filled with Jehovah’s wise advice, its sentimental value will increase, and the giftee will understand its importance. There are many options for customizing this journal, but most importantly, the delegate should be able to use it as a photo book, diary, travel journal or a drawing notebook.

Monogrammed White Linen Handkerchief

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This white handkerchief is personalized with the delegate’s monogram to make it the perfect gift. It is made purely from Irish handkerchief linen to give it a great texture. It is also important to note that it has been hand-cut and hemmed to give it a more personal touch that is evident in its small details.

ORG neckties

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A JW.org necktie can only be worn in a JW event. That is why you need this tie: to make that statement.

ORG Pen with Rubber Grip

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The amount of writing in the convention is endless, and this pen will cover for all the writing needs. It has the JW logo to symbolize its affiliation with the Jehovah Witness.

Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook

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It has a leather cover for the delegate’s Bible and is designed for both sexes. It is ring bound to accommodate Watchtower and Awake magazines, but it can store several other items. Overall, it will serve as an excellent workbook.

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