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20 Gifts for Fans of ‘Friends’

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Whether it’s related to Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, or Joey – Friends fans love Friends stuff.  They would decorate their apartment just like the one in the tv show if they could (but they know that is going a bit overboard).  Alternatively, here are some gift ideas to add an appropriate tidbit of ‘Friends’ into their lives.

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Gifts for Fans of Friends

Smelly Cat Bumper Sticker

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Get them singing with this Phoebe Buffay inspired bumper sticker.  The perfect addition to any Friends fan’s vehicle.

Central Perk Travel Mug

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This Central Perk travel mug will remind them of their favourite show all day long (or as long as it takes them to drink their beverage).  Who would want to drink coffee out of any other mug?

Friends: The Game Ross Invented That Lost the Girls Their Apartment

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This game was an iconic moment in the tv show.  Help your friends recreate that moment in their very own living room.  Hopefully they’ll play better and not lose their apartment.

Lobster Plush Toy

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Is your significant other a massive Friends fan?  Believe it or not, this Lobster Plush Toy is the ultimate romantic gesture for your soul mate.

Friends Inspired Notebook

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This cute notebook features quotes from the show at the bottom of each page.  It comes in a beautiful lilac colour inspired by the wall paint of Monica’s apartment.

Friends Wall Clock

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Everyone needs a wall clock.  This unique Friends clock would be a great conversation starter.

Joey Doesnt Share Food!Baby Bib

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JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!  Perfect for parents who want to push their Friends obsessiveness on their babies.

Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzles are a great rainy day activity – whether alone or with ‘Friends’.

Friends til the End Book

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This official companion book includes stories from all ten seasons, interviews with cast, and a special section on the last episode.

Friends Makeup Bag

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An adorable makeup bag that is just the right size to fit in a purse – and just the right cuteness with doodles of the main Friends cast.

Funny Chandler Quote Mini Button

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A mini button with a chandler quote – could it BE any more funny?

Ill be there for youWall Print

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To brighten up bare walls – this “I’ll be there for you” wall print with a black background is perfect for any Friends fan.

Friends Soundtrack

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Believe it or not there is actually more than one song that a Friends fan will associate with the tv show.

Phoebe Buffay Figurine

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This adorable Phoebe figurine is a perfect little addition to the mantlepiece.  Step up the gift giving game and find them figurines of all six friends!

Pivot! Mug

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There is nothing better than a coffee cup to remind a Friends fan of an iconic moment in the show. Pivot…. Pivot!! … PIVOT!!

Cooking With Friends

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Great for the budding chef – this cookbook features great recipes inspired by the gang and perfected by Monica.

Central Perk Poster

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Friends’ fans will love adding a little bit of the iconic coffee shop to their living room.  Let this poster be their centrepiece.

Friends Quote Pillow Case

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Perfect for napping with – a funny quote (by none other than funny man Chandler) on a pillow case.  (Pillow is not included).

Friends Inspired Keychain

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This keychain is delicate and adorable.  A perfect little accent to any Friends’ fan’s life.

Yellow Peephole Frame

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The yellow peephole frame – an iconic piece of decor in Monica’s apartment.  This replica looks exactly like the one on the show.

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