10 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

10 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

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I am a Jill of all Trades, master of none. One of my favourite things to attempt is woodworking. When it comes to gift ideas for woodworkers, there are many, because there is always, always another tool or toy you need or want in order to do the next project!

10 great gift ideas for woodworkers. These tools look so cool, I know my husband would love them.

  1. Clamps, clamps, clamps!

No woodworker, at least not one that I have ever met, ever has enough clamps. There are Pipe clamps and corner clamps and C clamps and the nice, fancy new style ones. Clamps come in all sizes and you can always, always have more.


  1. Kreg Pocket Screw Jig

Hiding joints is what is woodworkers strive to do, while maintaining strength. (No, I don’t mean the type you can buy in Colorado!) A Kreg Pocket Hole System is perfect for building cabinets, shelves and attaching drawer fronts.

  1. Mouse Sander

These little guys get into nooks and crannies and fit a few different tips. The fact they fit a few different tips means that having more than one is A-OK, your woodworking recipient can just leave it set up to do a specific task, if they already have one. Don’t forget to toss in some sandpaper with the mouse sander.

  1. Kreg Multi-Mark

There are some things out there that are really simple, but make your life so much easier.  This is one of those things. The Kreg Multi-Mark Multi-Purpose Marking and Measuring Tool makes it easy to mark lines that are short, or long and straight and consistent.  Easy-peasey.

  1. Biscuit Joiner

This is one of the next woodworking toys that I would like to acquire. There are several different ways to join together wood and biscuits are one of them. Dewalt makes a very nice biscuit joiner, which can speed up joinery and make it more accurate, compared to using pegs and a jig.

  1. A Lifetime Supply of Sandpaper

Sandpaper is a consumable in woodworking and when it comes to consumables, this is one that you can go through a LOT of in a very short amount of time. Gifting a huge variety of grits and sheet sizes is a fantastic idea. There are even accordion files which are specifically made to hold sandpaper sheets.

  1. Subscription to Popular Woodworking Magazine

Pick up magazine subscription to Popular Woodworking Magazine, to inspire more projects and reveal tips and tricks.

  1. Laser Square

Squaring up projects can be rather tricky, modern inventions include a laser square, to make the process a little bit easier. Not every woodworker has one of these in their arsenal.

  1. Bench Dog Bench Cookies

The Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers are basically sticky hockey pucks. Sticky hockey pucks that you really want to have! They hold work in place, without clamps or other things that could damage the surface, while giving you the freedom to move it around quickly if you need to.

10. Router Bit Collection

There are thousands and thousands of router bit patterns out there, beyond the standard Roman Ogee and ΒΌ rounds. As long as you know the chuck width on the router or router table, you can pick out a selection of more unique styles.


What are your favourite woodworking tools?

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