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20 Book Club Hostess Gifts

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Book club hostesses do a lot for their book club. They open their home, make sure there is food and drinks, and make sure everyone is comfortable and thriving as they read new books and discuss them together. Getting your favorite book club hostess a gift to say thank you and that you appreciate them goes a long way in making them feel happy and content to continue doing so.

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Creative Book Club Hostess Gifts

“Wait, there was an actual book?” Wine Glass

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For some people the book club is about the community and the food and drink, so they probably hear this question or some form of it pretty often.

Random Bookmark Grab Bag

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You will get a set of 9 randomly chosen bookmarks in this grab bag, and your book club hostess will be all set for her reading adventures for awhile.

Miniature Book Locket Necklace

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She can put pictures of her loved ones in this miniature book locket necklace to keep close to her heart.

“My weekend is all booked” Custom Candle

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When they are a bookworm or introvert, their weekend is often all booked with actual books!

“Drink tea, read books, be happy” Mug

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These things make her happy!

Book Lover Charm Bracelet

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All the things that book lovers love are on this book lover charm bracelet for your favorite book club hostess to wear.

“The book is always better” Tote Bag

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It is rare that a movie is even as good as the book. Therefore the consensus is that the books are always better!

Vintage Library Card Drink Coasters

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The library cards we once used to check out books are now drink coasters and other things for people who love books.

The Fellowship of the Ring Guided Journal

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If your book club hostess loves The Fellowship of the Ring, she needs the guided journal.

“Just one more chapter” Mug

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It’s always about the “just one more chapter,” even when their eyes are drooping close.

“I love books” Tumbler

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They love books, there’s no doubt about it. Now they have something fun to help them stay hydrated as they read and host book club meetings.

“My book club can read and white” Wine Glass

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The book club loves to read and drink white wine!

“Belle’s book club – Tales as old as time” Shirt

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Belle from Beauty and the Beast is often a book lover’s hero, which means she will love this shirt.

Book Earrings

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These book earrings will go great with the miniature book locket necklace, but will also look stunning on their own.

“Bookmarks are for quitters” Shirt

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Only quitters need a bookmark to keep their place, most book lovers like to read until the books are done.

“Sip. Read. Repeat.” Wine Bag

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It’s all about the sipping, the reading, and repeating the whole process.

Library Card Notebook

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Just like the coasters above that were made from the vintage library cards, now there is a notebook with pages like library cards. Great for the book club hostess that used to be a librarian.

Books Lined Up Key Fob

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This key fob with books that look like they are lined up on a shelf is fun and colorful for their keys.

“Library squad” Shirt

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They are part of the library squad if they love books and go to the library often.

“If you can read this, bring me my book” Socks

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When they put on these socks, they are serious about reading.

Book club hostess gifts sure are fun, especially if you are a book lover yourself! Some of them are really funny too!

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