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20 Gifts For 101 Dalmatians Fans

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Who can forget the timeless tale of Pongo, Perdita, and their plethora of puppies? There has been many a child and adult alike who have fallen in love with this film and its characters, and there is an immeasurable amount of fans of Disney’s classic.

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101 Perfect Gifts? Well…At Least 20

While I haven’t prepared 101 perfect gifts to go along with the theme of the film, I have come across some of the finest presents that you’re likely to find anywhere. Nailing down the right present for that certain someone is bound to test your patience, but no worries, I’ve got you covered with these 20 gifts for 101 Dalmatians fans!

101 Dalmatians/101 Dalmatians II (Blu-Ray)

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What better way for your fan to enjoy their favorite film than in high definition Blu-Ray? If they don’t own this copy already, you need to fix that for them!

Thomas Kinkade Morphing Mug

These mugs are always the coolest. It starts out as a blank canvas, but when it warms up, it shows off a work of art.

Precious Moments Music Box

True to their name, Precious Moments presents another classic. This music box is perfect for commemorating one of the greatest Disney films of all time!

Funko Pop Keychains

What’s better than one awesome keychain? Two awesome keychains! What fan wouldn’t love to have a Pongo and Perdita of their own?

Cruella De Vil Water Globe

Cruella and her cool car are presented in all their chaotic glory with this little masterpiece. Quite the cool water globe!

101 Dalmatians 50th Anniversary Poster

Not just a regular 101 Dalmatians poster. The 50th Anniversary edition!

Disney Traditions Figurine

Traditions figurines are always elegant looking, and this piece is no exception. Featuring Pongo spending time with his pups, it’s a piece that’s perfect for any fan’s collection.

Cruella De Vil Sketchbook Ornament

There are many scenes involving Cruella, but I’m fairly sure that this is the one that sticks in most fan’s minds!

Thomas Kinkade 101 Dalmatians Puzzle

Thomas Kinkade never fails to impress with his art, and this is yet another addition to that!

Cruella De Vil Enesco Statue

Enesco is one of the best when it comes to impressive statues. The fan in your life is going to be overjoyed to add this one to their collection!

101 Dalmatians Mouse Ears

Whether it’s for a collection or for your fan’s next trip to Disney, these ears are an absolute must-have!

101 Dalmatians Leather Jacket

This vintage leather jacket is sure to wow any fan! A piece of Disney history, it’s unique and bound to be the envy of other collectors.

101 Dalmatians Coin Purse

What a cool and cute way for any fan to store their spare change!

101 Dalmatians Venti Cup

When you have a fan that loves their coffee as much as they love the film, you’ve got them covered with this awesome cup.

101 Dalmatians Duffel Bag

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Yet another vintage gift! This cool duffel bag looks like it was teleported straight out of the ‘90s!

Cruella De Vil Earrings

There are quite a few fans of the film that are even bigger fans of Miss De Vil herself. These earrings are definitely right up their alley.

101 Dalmations Light Switch Cover

Whether it’s for a kid’s bedroom or a superfan’s collection room, this light switch cover will be right at home and add some welcome Disney flair!

101 Dalmations Dog Tag

You can’t have a collection of gifts about a dog-related movie without having a dog-related gift, right? This dog tag is sure to fill any fan with glee.

Laughing Dog Keychain/Ornament

Is it a keychain? Is it an ornament? The creator leaves that for the gift recipient to decide with this nifty little gift.

Pongo And Perdita Pin

If ever there was a visual representation of puppy love, Pongo and Perdita absolutely fit that bill. This pin is sure to tickle any fan’s fancy!

Well, we’ve come to the end of the list! With all of these great pieces of memorabilia to choose from, I don’t have a doubt that I’ve helped you find the perfect gift for that certain someone. Did you find something that they fell in love with? Maybe you found yourself something that you just couldn’t live without. Let us know on Twitter (@Ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter), and thanks for checking out 20 Gifts For 101 Dalmatians Fans!

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