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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for Badminton Coaches

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Badminton coaches become part of the family. Get them something to show how much you appreciate their hard work.

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Thank You Gift Ideas for Badminton Coaches

Badminton Pencil Holder

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This stylish shuttlecock pencil holder will safely corral all of their desk tools.

Birdie Keychain

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A perfect gesture for the badminton coach – this keychain has a birdie and racquet dangling off.

Badminton Pillows

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Screen printed pillows with little birdies on them? Yes please! Get them a pair.

Mini Racquet Earrings

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If your badminton coach wears earrings they’re definitely going to appreciate these mini racquet.

I Am The Badminton Coach

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This mug says it all: That they’re the coach and that they’re right. Better listen up!

Racquet Cookie Cutter

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They can make their very own badminton racquet cookies with this custom cookie cutter.

Shuttle Decal

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Your badminton coach can dress up their computer or any smooth surface with this wonderful little shuttle decal.

Badmiton Shirt Life

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Badminton coaches are going to love this funny t-shirt. It says “This is my badminton face” – and I’m sure all badminton pupils know exactly what that means from their coach.

Badminton Birdie Poster

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This schematics style poster is going to delight any badminton lover. It’s a safe choice for any decor style, too!

Birdie Charm

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If they’re a fan of charm bracelets grab them a little birdie charm. If not add a bracelet too!

Shuttlecock Pattern Bag

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What’s better than having a tote bag covered with shuttlecocks? Trick question, nothing. They can put all of their spares inside too!

Badminton Socks

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Now they can “pull up their socks” and get ready to train for the next big badminton game with these adorable socks.

Keep Calm and Play Badminton


Who knows if they can really keep calm while coaching badminton but this sign will at least remind them to relax a bit.

Handmade Birdie

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adorable handmade birdie will really show your badminton coach that you appreciate them. They come in a tonne of colours and styles so you can choose a perfect match.

Shuttle Planning Stickers

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This tiny shuttlecock planning stickers are perfect for any badminton fan. They can be stuck into agendas or on calendars to mark all those important dates.

Racquet Pens

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A set of 4 raquet pens is a perfect thank you give for badminton coaches. Who isn’t always looking for a pen anyway?

All I Care About is Badminton Mug

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Brutally honest, this mug proudly claims that its owner only cares about badminton and a couple of people. Your badminton-obsessed coach will love this.

Badminton Word Shirt

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Awesome t-shirt with a badminton player made out of different, related words. Perfect badminton coach gift!

Badminton Zone Sign

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Now entering the badminton zone. Make it clear with this sign!

Badminton Teacher Shirt

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A shirt that clearly sums up how your badminton coach feels: Education is important, badminton is importanter.

Don’t forget about your badminton coach when it comes time to thank everyone at the end of the season. They work hard!

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