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101+ Screen Free Gifts for Teens

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Televisions, iPads, desktops, laptops, video games, smart phones, etc. etc. etc.  There are a lot of screens in the lives of today’s teens.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Finally some ideas that don't involve an iPad! I am using this for everybody this year!!

Many kids spend way too much time in front of screens.

Coming up with screen free gift ideas for teens can be hard though!

Here is a gift guide for teenagers that 100% avoids screens.

We put our heads down and came up with more than one hundred ideas for boys and girls, that range from a few dollars to hundreds, depending on what you choose.

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While screens do have their place, giving teens gifts that drive them to spend more time in front of electronics probably isn’t your goal.

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No Screen Gift Categories

101 gift ideas add up to a whole lot, so they are grouped into sections.  Click on a button below to jump to a section, or scroll through them all.

Plate Crate

Getting your teenager excited about anything feels something close to summiting Everest, if they’re the sporty type surprise them with Plate Crate! There’s a whole bunch of totally unique surprise gifts that will spur their Baseball fandom.

PS: if you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas, we have five hundred (500!) ideas to help you out.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Sports and Outdoors

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Clothes and Personal Items   101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Art Supplies and Books

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Hobbies and Games   101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Activities sm

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Classes sm   101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Tickets sm

Onto the first category, which really does get teens moving and away from computers and televisions, Sports and Outdoors.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Sports and Outdoors

1. Slip and Slide Set

Slip and Slide Set

Buy Now on Amazon

Do you have fond memories of playing on a slip and slide as a kid or a teen?  They are good fun, and really easy to set up once you already have one.  Look for a model that traps water at the bottom, to be less wasteful and to give you a bigger splash.

2. Trampoline


Buy Now on Amazon

Growing up with a trampoline is super, duper fun.  Plus, it’s exercise and great fun with friends.

3. Camping Chair

Camping Chair

Buy Now on Amazon

This is a pretty amazing camp chair, but even a more basic version, in a colour or style that suits the teen, is a great gift.  They can be used for camping, watching sports games of their own, friends or family, picnics, trips to the beach, tailgating and more.  They come in lots of colours, patterns and even with sports teams on them.

4. Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop

Buy Now on Amazon

A basketball hoop is another multi-year gift that keeps on giving.

5. Pool Toys

Pool Toys

Buy Now on Amazon

Diving sticks, floating chairs, lounge chairs and pool noodles are all fun gifts for the pool, the ocean or the lake.

6. Beach Towel

Beach Towel

Buy Now on Amazon

A nice beach towel that a teen can call their own is a great gift.  They go well with books, sandals and sunscreen, too.

7. Go-Pro


Buy Now on Amazon

The coveted possession of every biker, snowboarder, skier or sports fantatic, the Go-Pro camera lets you take videos of your awesome stunts, no matter the weather.

8. Hydroflask


Buy Now on Amazon

Hydroflask makes high quality, insulated water bottles in a myriad of colours.

9. Baseball Glove

Baseball Glove

Buy Now on Amazon

Good ball gloves can cost a pretty penny, making them a perfect gift item.

10. Rugby Ball

Rugby Ball

Buy Now on Amazon

Rugby balls are great for tossing around with some friends in the backyard.

11. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Buy Now on Amazon

From backyard camp outs to overnight treks, sleeping bags range in quality and temperature, giving you lots of options as a gift idea.

12. Bicycle


Buy Now on Amazon

I know I’m not a teenager, but please tell my spouse that I would like a Santa Cruz softtail bike.  – Anne

Bikes are a wonderful gift, they last for a long time, encourage activity, have a ton of associated sports and make kids more mobile.  Think of all of the jobs they can bike to, and the friends’ they can visit without a ride!

13. Bike Accessories

Bike Accessories

Buy Now on Amazon

For those already into biking, give them the gift of some component upgrades or some new gadgets like lights or tools.

14. Snowboard


Buy Now on Amazon

As skills and technology improve, new snowboards are warranted!

15. Skis – Water or Snow!

Water skis or Snow Skis

Buy Now on Amazon or Buy Now on Amazon

For summer or winter, there’s a ski for every season, mountain style and lake.

16. Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

Buy Now on Amazon

Golfing is a life long sport that people can get hooked on at a young age.  A good quality set of clubs for a teenager can last them for years.

17. Road Hockey Set

Road Hockey Set

Buy Now on Amazon

Be Canadian, play road hockey.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Clothes and Personal Items

18. Wall Decals

Wall Sticker

Buy Now on Amazon

Spice up a bedroom, a family room or a locker with a wall decal.  There are literally thousands and thousands to choose from.

19. Bedroom Paint/Update

Bedroom Paint/Update

Buy Now on Amazon

Foot the bill to redo their room.  This doubles as a great time to learn some DIY skills that will stick with them for life.

20. Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Bracelet

Buy Now on Amazon

Paracord bracelets are a handy way to have some rope on hand, and make a fun accessory.

21. Wallet



Buy Now on Amazon

Long lasting, stylish and useful.  To get extra points, put some cash in it before giving it as a gift.

22. Watch


Buy Now on Amazon

Watches can be acquired for $5 or $50,000.  We recommend a good, solid quality watch around the $100 price point for teenagers.

23. New Shoes

New Shoes

Buy Now on Amazon

Sports shoes, skate shoes, trainers, toms, whatever they’d like, shoes make a great gift.

24. Sports Jersey

Sports Jersey

Buy Now on Amazon

Pick up a jersey for their favourite player.

25. Designer Jeans

Designer Jeans

Buy Now on Amazon

Have you seen the price of stylish jeans these days?  Crazy high.  That’s what makes them a perfect gift item, beyond practical, designer jeans are a luxury!  I hate giving electronics as gifts. This list of 101 screen free gift ideas for teenagers is super helpful. You have to PIN THIS for later!

26. Full Length Mirror

Full Length Mirror

Buy Now on Amazon

A full length mirror is a great gift for the stylish teenager in your life, and one they can take with them to college and beyond.

27. Hair Straightener

Hair Straightener

Buy Now on Amazon

Good hair straighteners are better for your hair, last for many years and cost a pretty penny.  Pick up a silicone heat mat, to protect surfaces from their heat, too.

28. Nail Art Set

Nail Art Set

Buy Now on Amazon

Nail art is all the rage and now kits with many small bottles of different colours, plus fancy tipped brushes that allow for detail, are available for reasonable prices.

29. Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brush Set

Buy Now on Amazon

Makeup brushes wear out and good ones are delightful.

30. Makeup Set

Makeup Set

Buy Now on Amazon

Expand your teenager’s repertoire with a make up kit.

31. Band Merchandise

Band Merchandise

Buy Now on Amazon

From t-shirts to posters to labeled perfume, there’s a multitude of band merchandise available, or ‘merch in the music scene.  Get the music-fan teenager in your life some band merch as a gift.

32. Pajamas



Buy Now on Amazon

Comfy, comfy PJs.  Set them up for a lifetime of enjoying Saturday mornings on the couch in pajamas.

33. Cosmetic Bag or Travel Bag

Cosmetic Bag

Buy Now on Amazon

Whether they’re heading to camp

34. Zombie Gnome

Zombie Gnome

Buy Now on Amazon

Isn’t he fun??

35. Laundry Punch Bag

Laundry Punch Bag

Buy Now on Amazon

Does this not scream teenager?  It’s hilarious, but also useful.

36. Backpack


Buy Now on Amazon

Good quality backpacks are important for muscle development and posture.  Plus, they’re a sweet fashion statement.

37. Maglight


Buy Now on Amazon

Maglites will last for decades and are extremely useful.  They’re perfect for having in the car, camping, power outages and going on adventures.

38. Multi Tool

Multi Tool

Buy Now on Amazon

Fishing, camping, messing around taking small appliances apart, multi tools are awesome!

39. Super Hero Apron

Super Hero Apron

Buy Now on Amazon

Be a super-hero in the kitchen with a rad apron.

40. Jewelry


Buy Now on Amazon

Jewelry comes in ALL shapes, sizes, colours and styles.  It’s an extremely versatile gift idea.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Art Supplies and Books

41. Waterproof Notebook

Waterproof Notebook

Buy Now on Amazon

Waterproof notebooks are tons of fun and make a great gift for cadets, kayakers, canoers, campers and folks who just happen to live in rainy climates.

42. Buddha Board

Buddha Board

Buy Now on Amazon

Buddha Boards are an artistic outlet that use water to make images, which then slowly fades as the water evaporates, creating a new canvas for a new artistic piece.

43. Strathmore Sketch Pad

Strathmore Sketch Pad

Buy Now on Amazon

Strathmore sketch pads are the ultimate in quality sketch pads for artists.

44. Books


Buy Now on Amazon

Books, books, so many books!

45. Scratch Off Map

Scratch Off Map

Buy Now on Amazon

Start out a young traveler with a scratch off bucket list map, to keep track of their travels and their future travel ambitions.

46. Fun Pens

Fun Pens

Buy Now on Amazon

Find some sweet writing utensils as a gift; they make school or creative writing more fun.

47. Q&A a Day book

Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal

Buy Now on Amazon

This book creates a mini-diary or journal, with directed questions that let you follow your life over the course of five years.  They can be quite insightful, especially for a teen to look back upon.

48. Easel


Buy Now on Amazon

An artist quality easel is a wonderful, long lasting gift for the artist in your life.

49. Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry

Buy Now on Amazon

Magnetic poetry is always fun to play with, and there are many different versions to choose from.

50. Silicone Notepad

Silicone Notebook

Buy Now on Amazon

This is a fun notepad!  101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Finally some ideas that don't involve another video game! I am using this for everybody this year!!

51. Magazine Subscription

Magazine Subscription

Buy Now on Amazon

Find a magazine to match their interests, from horseback riding to popular science and crafting, there’s something for everyone.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Hobbies and Games

52. Cake Pop Maker

Cake Pop Maker

Buy Now on Amazon

Cake pops are fun to make and fun to eat, and can be decorated for any theme, occasion or holiday.

53. Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker

Buy Now on Amazon

Mmmm, popcorn.  The snack of the gods.  Get a fun popcorn maker, for memories, snacks and movie nights.

54. Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Maker

Buy Now on Amazon

Hello there summer!!

55. Soda Stream

Soda Stream

Buy Now on Amazon

Soda streams are quite a fun toy, and you can make selzer water with flavourings that contain a lot less sugar than regular pop.

56. Teen Cookbook

Teen Cookbook

Buy Now on Amazon

Learning to cook is an absolutely crucial life skill.  Get them going now with a kid recipe-friendly and approachable cookbook is a great way to go.

57. Retro Coke Glasses

Coke Glasses

Buy Now on Amazon

These are fun, and pair quite nicely with a Soda Stream.

58. Gourmet Soda

Gourmet Soda

Buy Now on Amazon

Want a fun, low-cost gift idea?  Pick up some Jones Soda, or another gourmet soda brand.

59. Drumstick Pencils

Drumstick Pencils

Buy Now on Amazon

Teachers may not appreciate these, but musicians sure do!

60. Knitting Kit

Knitting Kit

Buy Now on Amazon

Kitting has been on an upswing for years now.  Get a teen started with a knitting kit that shows them how to make their own scarves.  The sky is the limit from there.

61. Table Top Air Hockey

Table Top Air Hockey

Buy Now on Amazon

Get some fun for the whole family with the gift of an air hockey table.

62. Waterproof Camera

Waterproof Camera

Buy Now on Amazon

It is a lot harder to destroy a waterproof camera than a regular camera.  Plus it makes them way more fun for beach days, pool parties, hot tubs and vacations.

63. Rocket Kit

Rocket Kit

Buy Now on Amazon

These things are tons of fun, from the building to the launching.

64. Guitar


Buy Now on Amazon

Guitar collections are a real thing amongst guitar players.  Everyone loves the person who can sit around a campfire and strum, too.

65. Telescope


Buy Now on Amazon

A lot of amazing sky nights have graced us with their presence.  Learn about the galaxy with a great telescope.

66. Powered Lego Kit

Powered Lego Kit

Buy Now on Amazon

Take a childhood game and amp it up by building things that are powered.

67. Metal Puzzle Games

Metal Puzzle Games

Buy Now on Amazon

Metal puzzle games are a fun and affordable brain teaser.

68. Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream

Buy Now on Amazon

This stuff is plain entertaining.  I’d love a gift of astronaut ice cream.

69. Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

Buy Now on Amazon

This is an absolute classic board game, which makes it a wonderful gift, as people have been playing it for years and will continue to do so.

70. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens: Original Edition

Exploding Kittens: Original EditionBuy Now on Amazon

Exploding Kittens is a brand new game in 2015, that’s quick to play, accessible to most and as a bonus is hilarious.

71. Tabletopics Teen Edition


Buy Now on Amazon

Tabletopics are conversation starting cards, on a huge variety of topics, tailored to a theme.  There’s a theme for teens!

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Activities

72. Coffee Shop Gift Card

Coffee Shop Gift Card

Buy Now on Amazon

Hanging out with friends at the coffee shop comes with a price tag.  As a teenager who lived at a coffee shop, Anne can highly recommend this as a gift idea.

73. Mani/Pedi Trip

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Mani/Pedi Trip

Spa Gift Card

Make it a memorable date and take a teen for a mani/pedi trip.  You can hang out and spend some quality time together, while getting to do something that’s a luxury treat.

74. Massage Gift Card

Massage Gift Card


75. Water Park Passes

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Water Park Passes

A day at the water park is great way to make memories and spend time with friends.

76. Summer Camp Fees

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Summer Camp Fees

Raise your hand if you had an awesome time at camp!

77. Hot Air Balloon Ride

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Hot Air Balloon Ride

Perhaps not in Turkey (this picture is from Turkey), but a hot air balloon ride is another awesome experience.

78. Helicopter Ride

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Helicopter Ride

For aspiring pilots, lovers of the outdoors, or those looking for an adventure, give the gift of a helicopter ride.

79. Zip Lining

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Ziplining

Zip lining is a fast activity, with a huge adrenaline rush every time.

80. Aquarium Passes

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Aquarium Passes

From the Aquariums in Sydney, to the fancy new aquarium in Toronto, check out sharks, fish and other underwater creatures.

81. Madam Toussad’s Tickets

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Madam Toussad's Tickets

Madam Toussad’s are a series of wax museums, that feature wax mannequins of famous folks of all stripes and walks.

82. Pool Passes

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Pool Passes

A punch card pass to the local pool provides weeks and weeks of entertainment for teens, they can even treat their friends if they want.

83. Ice Skating Passes

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Ice Skating Passes

Winter entertainment with friends and fun.  Great exercise and a way to work on skating skills.

84. Zoo Membership

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Zoo Membership

A whole year of entertainment is available with a zoo membership.  Even better, get one for the whole family.

85. Mini Golf Pass

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Mini Golf Pass

Mini golf is a great past time as a teenager with friends.

86. Driving Range Punch Card

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Driving Range

For the golfer who already plays, pick up a driving range punch card, or a gift card for baskets of balls.  They are a lot more affordable than full rounds of golf and can be fit in easily after school or in the evening.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Classes

87. Cooking Class

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Cooking Classes

Mmmm, delicious eats that you didn’t have to make!  Cooking is a life skill that you can always work on.  A cooking class is a good experience gift, so get one for yourself and one for the teen.

88. Driving Lessons

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Driving Lessons

Life is less stressful with driving lessons.

89. Archery Lessons

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Archery Lessons

Archery is a nifty past time that can lead to tournaments or hunting and more.

90. Wakeboarding Lessons

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Wakeboarding Lessons

Learn how to jump wakes in style.

91. Sailing Lessons

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Sailing Lessons

There are a myriad of sail boat classes, find the right size and grab some lessons.

92. Pottery Class

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Pottery Class

Make a keepsake while picking up a skill that can be used for ages.

93. Painting Class

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Painting Class

Brush techniques, material care, new subject matter, there are a lot of things to learn in painting classes.

94. Photography Class

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Photography Class

The realm of photography is rapidly expanding with easier and cheaper access to fantastic cameras.

95. Sewing Class

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Sewing Class

Learn how to make clothes, adapt existing clothes, or make something fun like a hang bag.

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Tickets

96. Circus Tickets

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Circus Tickets

Is the circus in town?  Pick up a set of tickets as a gift idea.

97. (Clean) Comedy Show Tickets

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Comedy Show Tickets


98. Concert Tickets

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Concert Tickets

For the music lover, grab a ticketmaster gift card, or a pair of tickets to a band they love.

99. Cirque de Soleil Tickets

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Cirque de Soleil Tickets

Cirque produces a number of shows, including several that tour.

100. Theatre Tickets

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Theatre Tickets

West Side Story, Les Mis, Rent… there are tons of teen friendly theatre shows.  They might just get hooked, if they aren’t already.

101. Sports Game Tickets

101 Screen Free Gifts for Teens - Sports Tickets

Baseball, basketball, lacross, football, soccer, hockey.  There are tickets for everything!!

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What other ideas do you have to add to the list?  Please add them in the comments.  This is definitely not an exhaustive list!

For even more ideas, check out this wonderful of gift ideas for teens, written by a teenager.

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