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20 Gifts for Aquarius Women

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Aquarians are known to be unique, quirky, independent and humanitarians. If you’ve got a lady in your life who loves checking her horoscope or is really in tune with her zodiac sign, use that knowledge to help figure out some gifts for Aquarius women. 

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 Here are a few gift ideas for your favorite air sign in your life!

20 Gifts for Aquarius Women

So what do you give such a powerful lady?

Women’s Sleeveless Fringe Sweater 

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Aquarians are famous for being unique, particularly in style. The fringe on this sweater is a nod to that and something not everyone can pull off, but your Aquarian definitely can.

Village Of Peacocks Hmong Clutch Bag Hill Tribe Handmade Thailand Fair Trade 

This beautiful clutch is great for gifts for aquarius women.

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Unique, fair trade and totally fashionable? This clutch screams AQUARIUS and they’re sure to adore the bright pattern. The fact that it carries a humanitarian story with it is a total plus. 

Crystal Necklace 

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This is a celestial buy that your dreamy aquarian will adore. Pick a crystal close to her heart or order something you feel she needs more of, like clear quartz for protection, rose quartz for unconditional love. The options are pretty unlimited.

Dream Pillow Cover 


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Your Aquarian will adore this pillow with its moon print, felt texture. The best part is that she can make any pillow she doesn’t like anymore a lovable item again.

Aquarius Constellation Earring 

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Let her know she’s made of stars with this earring. A perfect and unique gift for your Aquarius lady!

Watercolor Aquarius Shirt 

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This fantastical tee is a perfect piece for your favorite Aquarian to own. Feminine, flown and one of a kind, any Aquarius will love it!

Autumn Flower Wallpaper 

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Help spruce up their space with this whimsical pattern that speaks to the Aquarian soul!

“Bookstore” Candle 

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If your Aquarian loves reading then this is a sweet gift to help cozy up their lives. They can get the scent of their favorite little shop in their homes.

Radical Self-Love By Gala Darling

Gifts for aquarius women for the girl who is looking to change her life.

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A great read for any girl, but especially the Aquarian. This book delves not only into self-love but how to live out your dreams. Great for any Aquarian on the brink of a life change or in need of one.

World Map

For the one who is traveler, this gifts for aquarius women is for her.

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This isn’t the typical gift one would go for, but the Aquarius woman isn’t your typical lady either. Help you dreamer, dream big with this world map for her to go over her future endeavors and where to help next! We have some more map ideas for the travelers in your life here

Thug Kitchen Cookbook 

Gifts for aquarius women cause everyone needs to eat.

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The compassionate humanitarian will love this cookbook that carries not only delicious recipes, but they’re also all VEGAN.

Art Essentials Oil Diffuser 

When she needs some fancy air just like her, this makes a gifts for aquarius women.

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Help your Aquarian chill out with this oil diffuser. Wooden and aesthetically pleasing this will be out to great use to make any space peaceful and airy for your Aquarian to work, dream and play.

Aquarian Zodiac Necklace 

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Pleasantly minimal this is the perfect accessory for any Aquarian lady to rock.

How to be a Wildflower: Field Guide 

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A perfect coffee table book and conversation piece that’s one of a kind. Bonus: It’s signed by the author!

Rabbit Bookends 

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The quirky Aquarian will adore these vintage looking bookends that adds a whimsical touch to a bookshelf. We also have a list of art for book lovers for more gifts to choose from. 

Bear Salt and Pepper Shaker 

Gifts for aquarius women that include a little salt and pepper.

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Another quirky and adorable option for the Aquarian to have in her kitchen. This shaker set is sure to catch any visitor’s eye and is totally unique.

Chunky Knit Blanket 

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This chunky knit blanket will be sure to keep the gift recipient warm and cozy. Handmade and on trend, this blanket is a perfect gift for any Aquarian woman.

Mermaid Tale Blanket 

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Help your dreamer feel every bit as mermaid as she thinks she is with this gift! Comfortable and fantastical, it’s a perfect addition to any cozy corner.

Elephant Scarf 

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The bohemian pattern on this scarf is a sweet pick for the Aquarian woman to own. The color combination is sure to make this scarf wearable with just about any outfit.

Fairy Lights

Gifts for aquarius women that shine just like her.

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This will add a touch of whimsy to any room and something the Aquarian will love during her thinking sessions to help save the world.

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