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20 Gift Ideas for 5th Grade Teachers

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Teachers work hard, day in and day out. They always appreciate thoughtful gifts from the kids or their parents! Here are some ideas for that purpose, to help make your favorite teacher’s day and get them to smile!

You can shower your child's 5th grade teacher with gifts throughout the year - there's start of the school year gifts, teacher appreciation week gifts, Christmas gifts and finally a huge teacher thank you gift for the end of the school year. You can shower  your child’s fifth grade teacher with gifts throughout the year – there’s start of the school year gifts, teacher appreciation week gifts, Christmas gifts and finally a huge teacher thank you gift for the end of the school year.

Gift Ideas for 5th Grade Teachers

“Thank you for teaching me and helping me grow” Necklace

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A necklace is a nice way to say I appreciate all the work you put into teaching me! Your kid can get their teacher this nice necklace that says, “Thank you for teaching me and helping me grow,” for that special teacher that goes the extra mile!>

“Relax and Refresh” Coffee Mug

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For the coffee lover inside most teachers, get them this coffee mug that reminds them to relax and refresh as they drink their coffee!>

Medallion Necklace, “Shaping hearts & minds”

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Every teacher shapes young hearts and minds in their classrooms and this necklace is a beautiful gift for that special teacher in your kid’s life!>

“I have a teacher’s voice and I’m not afraid to use it” Tee Shirt

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Teachers have a special way of saying things that gets the kids to do what they need them to do, or to stay quiet during instruction or testing. This tee shirt is a funny spin on this for the teacher to wear in everyday life.>

Lavender Hand Cream

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Lavender is a relaxing scent and since teachers do a lot of work with their hands throughout the school day, they may need an especially relaxing and moisturizing cream to revitalize their hands!>

I before E Grammar Coffee Mug

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For the teacher who is very interested in grammar and spelling, with a humorous spin on it, “I before E, unless you leisurely deceive eight overweight heirs to forfeit their sovereign conceits.”>

Inspire Bracelet

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Your favorite teacher needs to be reminded that they are an inspiration to many, and you can’t go wrong with jewelry so get them this beautiful bracelet to wear!>

Personalized Bookmark

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A bookmark to keep their place in their school books or ones they read for leisure, and with their name on it which makes it more special!>

Whom Owl Shirt

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Another grammar gift. For that teacher who enjoys correcting or reminding when “whom” should be used in a sentence, with an adorable owl wearing glasses on the shirt as well!>

“Keep your apple, I’d rather have wine” Wine Glass

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After a tough day shaping hearts and minds in the classroom, a teacher doesn’t want an apple, they want a glass of wine!>

Lavender Bath Bombs Set of 3

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Bath bombs are a nice gift for that teacher who needs some quality downtime. The lavender scent is so pleasing and relaxing!>

Personalized Clipboard

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Clipboards are useful for anyone who needs to take a lot of notes or write for their job. This personalized clipboard is glitterized and pretty, with a sweet personalized touch.>

Personalized Tumbler

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Teachers need to stay hydrated throughout the day while they teach. They will appreciate this tumbler with their name on it, and then hopefully will be less likely to have someone take it by accident in the teacher’s breakroom.

Smile, Love, Joy, Hope, and Be Magnets

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A teacher can use magnets in their classroom or at home. These ones especially have positivity built right into them which is a huge bonus to help keep the mood and tones up in their lives.>

Heart Shaped Post-It Note Dispenser

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Post-its are useful to taking notes and keeping track of them, so why not get the favorite teacher in your life a post-it note dispenser for their notes?>

Personalized Manicure Set

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A manicure set is a nice way to say thank you or I appreciate you, and this one has the added bonus of being customizable with the teacher’s name!>

Five Artificial Flowers in Wood Base

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What a pretty decoration for the teacher’s classroom or their home! They will appreciate this and enjoy putting it on display!

Yoobi Smooth Assorted Gel Pens

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Teachers write a lot in their work, taking notes or making notes, and this set of assorted gel pens will make those notes that much more fun to write!>

Readers are Leaders Shirt

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Teachers and bookworms often go hand-in-hand. Snatch up this shirt for your kid’s teacher to show that you appreciate their leadership in their classroom!

A Big Thank You Cookie Jar

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Fill a big “Thank You” jar to the brim with cookies to say thank you for all that you do! Everyone loves cookies!

For that special teacher in your life, don’t forget to get them a nice gift to show your thanks and appreciation! Any one of these ideas would be a nice gesture!

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