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20 Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend’s 40th Birthday

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Everyone knows that 40 is the new 30! Spoil your amazing boyfriend as he celebrates this major life milestone. Fortunately for you there is still plenty of life left in your guy. Show how much you love him on his special day.

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Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend’s 40th Birthday

Echo Dot

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Treat your boyfriend to the newest edition of the Echo Dot. Pass of answering questions to Alexa instead. Don’t forget to connect your other electronics to the Echo Dot when you set up.

Echo Dot with Bose Sound System

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There is nothing better than the Bose Sound System. Amplify Alexa’s voice throughout your home.

Luckiest Guy Mug

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This mug reminds your guy about how lucky he is to be with you every time he drinks from it!

Victronix Swiss Army Knife

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Does your guy always seem to be searching for a tool at random times? Swiss Army knives are the gift that connect your guy with his inner McGyver.

Laser Leveler

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In your household your boyfriend always hangs up the pictures. But, he they are always a little crooked. This laser leveler will straighten him out!

Polarized Ray Bans

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Let’s face it, Ray Bans will make your guy look even hotter!

Ray Ban Case and Cleaning Cloth

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Ray Bans aren’t cheap, protect and care for them with a case and cleaning cloth set.


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Your boyfriend has expressed an urge to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. You’re not so excited about it but this backpack will be ideal for short treks closer to home.

Sorel Boots

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There is nothing worse than having cold feet during the winter. These Sorel boots will keep your boyfriend’s feet nice and warm throughout winter.

Mens’ Leather Wallet

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His wallet is being held together by duct tape and every time you look at it the sight of the tape makes you shudder. This well-crafted wallet will serve him well for years to come.


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Every one loves a man in a well-tailored suit. These cufflinks will make him look even sharper!

Duffle Bag

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In an effort to battle the middle-age spread, your boyfriend has increased his time at the gym. Support his new obsession with a new duffle bag.

Leather Boots (hipster style)

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Hipsters always wear the leather shoes. These boots are a stylish addition to a casual outfit.

Under Armour T-Shirts

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Gift your guy with some well-made t-shirts from Under Armour.

Marvel Wallet

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Your boyfriend is adorably geeky! Celebrate his geekiness with this stylish wallet. Everytime he goes to the grocery store he will be reminded the he is a hero in your eyes!

Marvel Encyclopedia

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Let’s face it, there are too many plot lines and characters to follow for the obsessed Marvel Comics fan. This encyclopedia will help the most obsessed fan up to date on all of the story lines in his favorite superhero or villain’s story.

Apple Watch

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Help your boyfriend keep track of his steps, the time, and more with the Apple Watch. If he dislikes carrying a phone around this watch will help you keep in touch whenever he is running errands around town.


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Your boyfriend has decided to lose weight and run a marathon to celebrate his 40th birthday. This FitBit will help keep him focused on his fitness related goals.

Fun Socks

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Men’s socks aren’t boring anymore! These fun action hero socks will perk up even the most staid outfits.

Star Wars Socks

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Star Wars is the gift that keeps on giving! Celebrate the release of Star Wars the Last Jedi and your boyfriend’s birthday with socks that give a nod to “The Force.”

There is nothing better than spoiling the man in your life. He may drive you crazy from time to time but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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