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Best Gift Ideas for the Marvel Universe Fan

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Gifts To Cure Marvel Madness

There’s a craze that’s been sweeping the nation for a few years and it’s known as “Marvel Madness”. This condition is extreme and can be cured with the perfect gift and, lucky for you, we’ve traveled across the galaxy to assist you in helping your loved one!

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Such Marvelous Gift Ideas

We know that Marvel has really enthralled countless people with their franchises and with their latest movie release, it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon! If you’re scratching your head when it comes to finding that perfect superhero souvenir, you don’t need to fret! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of presents here with these 40 gifts to cure Marvel Madness!

Captain America Waffle Maker

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Yep. It’s a Captain America waffle maker. This is one of those gifts that you get for someone that they didn’t know they ever wanted and they instantly fall in love with it. You’re probably asking yourself if it puts stars on the waffles? It totally does.

Infinity Gauntlet

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Thanos is likely one of the coolest villains in the entire Marvel universe and now you can own his cherished gauntlets. Just be careful not to snap your fingers while you wear it, alright?

Spider-Man Through The Ages Print

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Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel franchise and this sweet looking print shows the changes and progression in his look throughout the years since his first appearance. One of the most ultimate editions to a fan’s wall!

Captain America Coasters

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We always thought that his shield would probably make a nifty coaster and we’re glad that someone with a creative side thought so as well! These handmade wooden coasters are going to be perfect to keep water rings off of that Marvel lover’s tables.

Avengers Baby Bodysuits

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If you have an admirer of Marvel that also has a mini fan in the making, make sure they’re prepared! This set of 5 bodysuits for baby boys has a different suit for each of the avengers featured!

Groot Desk Organizer

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Let’s face it: Everyone loves Groot! This snazzy organizer is a replica of the baby tree creature himself, ready to store your fan’s pens and pencils or it can even double as a mini flowerpot to really give it that earthy look!

Iron Man Leather Bracelet

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This fashionable leather bracelet allows that certain someone with Marvel Madness to represent their adoration for iron man with style. Available in multiple colors and sizes as well!

Tesseract Replica

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This amazing looking replica is built to scale and can even include a remote-controlled! It can be changed to multiple colors and also includes a strobe setting!

Marvel T-Shirt

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Sometimes, you just wanna keep it simple. This subtle yet awesome t-shirt speaks volumes with just one word: “Marvel”.

Deadpool Glass Tumbler Set

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This marvelous tumbler set features the merc with a mouth himself! Four different glasses showcasing different poses from Deadpool, it’s sure to please even the most hardcore Marvel fan!

Avengers Decal

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This low-key decal is perfect for sticking anywhere that needs some Marvel love. The superfan in your life can show off in a subtle yet powerful way with the Avengers logo locked and loaded!

Maybe Thanos Has A Point Coffee Mug

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Some people are absolute villains in the morning before their daily dose of caffeine and this gift is for them! Touting the words “Maybe Thanos has a point”, it makes it clear that you shouldn’t bother them before their coffee.

Deadpool Bob Ross Funko Pop

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Deadpool. Bob Ross. Two amazing things brought together with the Deadpool 2 trailer. Every fan adored this and you can give the gift of your loved one being able to display it on their mantle or shelf!

Mjolnir Bottle Opener

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The fan in your life doesn’t have to have the might of Thor to open beer bottles but they can look just as righteous as him while they do it with this bottle opener! Give them the gift of wielding Thor’s hammer during drinking time!

Bucky Winter Soldier Bear Plush

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The winter soldier in bear form! Complete with the bandages on his left arm. Bionic arm not included!

Black Widow Cosplay Costume

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Help that Marvel admirer in your life dresses up like the famous assassin from the Avengers team with this spectacular cosplay costume. Customizable with different sizes and parts of the costume.

Spider-Man Toaster

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What is it with Marvel and kitchen appliances? We don’t know but we love it and we’re certain that the person you give this gift too will appreciate it just as much. It even leaves the Spider-Man emblem on the toast!

Black Panther Wood Notebook

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This nifty notebook features Black Panther’s visage on the front, laser-etched onto a wood cover. Perfect for that Marvel fan that loves the personal touch of writing things as opposed to typing!

Gambit Neon Playing Card

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For cosplay or just for having around to show off, these playing cards are absolutely legit. Created to give the appearance of the slowing, energy-packed cards that Gambit from the X-Men flings around like weapons, it’s perfect for any Marvel fan!

Infinity Gauntlet Cookie Jar

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The coolest way to store cookies that we’ve seen yet! This cookie jar is absolutely perfect for a fan’s collection but we can’t promise that half of the cookies won’t disappear with the snap of a finger!

Captain Marvel Apron

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When you’ve got that fan that wants to show off their Marvel pride even when they’re preparing dinner, we’ve got you covered! This Captain Marvel apron is bound to please any fan when they’re flying around the kitchen wearing it!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Pet Collar Charm

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These pet collar charms would look absolutely stunning on that loving sidekick’s collar! With a choice between any of the Guardians Of The Galaxy heroes, you’re bound to find one to please that picky fan!

Hydra Flag

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We all have that friend who roots for the bad guy, right? Maybe the bad guys just have the cooler emblem sometimes! Either way, we’ve got the gift for them as well. This Hydra flag sports the recognizable logo and is guaranteed to look great flying from any flagpole!

Groot Chia Pet

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What’s better than a Chia pet? A Groot Chia! Your fan can give that adorable little tree a lovely green afro with this gift!

Deadpool VS The World Card Game

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Created with more mature Marvel enthusiasts in mind, this card game is definitely a hilarious gift. Filling in the blanks to face off against friends, winning the game is achieved by describing the odd situation in which Deadpool has found himself in the best way!

Subpar Frank Castle Print

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Not all people are artists and not all gifts are serious. This artist knows that his drawings aren’t the best and it really gives you the opportunity to give a hilarious gift to the fan in your life with this subpar illustration of The Punisher!

Marvel Comics Wallet

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Carrying currency in the greatest of geeky fashion, this wallet is covered with various comic book images from the Marvel Universe!

Marvel Trivia Card Game

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How much knowledge of the Marvel Universe does your friend of the family have anyways? You can test it out with this card game that boasts hundreds of questions spanning several franchises!

Punisher Throw Pillow

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It’s not always about shooting guns and smiting your enemies. Sometimes it’s about laying around and snuggling up to a comfy and trendy pillow. We’re sure the fan in your life knows this and would cherish this gift!

Groot Cutting Board

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While we will admit that this is a really cool gift, we’ve gotta kind of ponder the moral implications of slicing and dicing veggies across poor Groot’s face. Either way, it’s a rad gift that’s certain to be appreciated!

Marvel Comics Dice Bag

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Even dice bags can be hit with that Marvel flair! This gift is perfect for that Dungeons and Dragons lover that is also a big fan of the Marvel Universe!

Deadpool Riding A Unicorn T-Shirt

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There’s only one fitting steed for a character as magical and wonderful as Deadpool and that’s the illustrious unicorn! This shirt features him and his equestrian friend in all of his deadly glory!

How To Draw The Marvel Way (Paperback)

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We’re going to end this list with a gift for that fan in your life that longs to be an artist. This book that was done by the man himself, Stan Lee, has more than enough tips and tricks to get that future artist on their way with a quickness!

See? We told you that we had the perfect gifts to cure that Marvel Madness! We can’t promise that it won’t creep back upon them but we can promise that this will keep it at bay for a while! There is bound to be a gift or three on this list that’s going to bring a serious smile to that comic lover’s face. If you happen to find one that they particularly enjoyed, feel free to let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter)!

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