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20 Gift Ideas for Parent of a Sick Child

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Being a parent every day is a challenge in and of itself, but when they are sick, it takes a toll on them mentally and physically. While the focus is on getting their child, or teen, better, they also have needs too. It gets hard, but sometimes a gift will help boost them up to keep going. Oftentimes, they also end up sick too. Sending or dropping off a gift for them helps (even if from afar)  them see that they aren’t alone and gives them that push to keep going, even when they feel like there’s no hope for things to be normal again. 

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Thoughtful  Gift Ideas for Parent of a Sick Child

Knitted Slipper Socks

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With all the lying around and hanging around the house they are doing, these knitted slipper socks will keep their feet warm and cozy.

Ferrero Collection Fine Assorted Chocolates

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Chocolate is always a welcome gift for a parent of a sick child, unless they despise chocolate, of course!

Magical Mandalas Printable Coloring Book

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While their child is doing quiet activities to recover, they can join in with these coloring pages.

Banana Nut Bread

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One of my friends had a sick child recently and was wishing for banana nut bread. Send this to be delivered to them if they live far away.

Lavender Chamomile Soy Candle

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Sometimes something to soothe both them and their child is a good gift, such as the lavender chamomile soy candle.

PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

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If lighting a candle isnt something they do, and they prefer essential oil therapy, then the PureSpa deluxe oil diffuser is great for diffusing oils that will help them and their child feel better.

God is with her, she will not fail Bracelet

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Remind her that God is with her while they battle this illness, and she will not fail as long as she trusts Him and takes care of her child.

Every Breathby Nicholas Sparks

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Give them something to read while they are holding their child. Many times kids only want to be held when they feel really badly, but now they can read while they are holding them.

Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game

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A game neither of them have played before will help raise their spirits, yet keep them resting at the same time, like this Tall Tales Story Telling board game.

This mama needs a whole lot of Lysol & Jesus Shirt

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When illness strikes, the mom needs a lot of Lysol to kill the germs and Jesus to keep her going.

Hang in there Hanging Sloth Mug

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This hang in therehanging sloth mug is a great reminder to keep going, that it will get better with time and treatment.

Shower Steamers

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Taking care of their sick child, its very possible they will get sick themself and these shower steamers could help them breathe better while they take care of everyone else.

Road to Recovery Map Shirt

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If the parent gets sick too, or they want to keep their child resting, they can keep close by while keeping their child busy at the same time. This shirt and a toy car will do the trick.

I cant adult today Mug

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Adulting may seem even harder when there is a sick child in the house, or when they are sick as well. Many things can wait, but there may be some that cant, and this mug says it all.

Sorry! Board Game

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Another great board game to keep everyone resting, but having fun at the same time, when there is an illness in the house.

A Spark of Lightby Jodi Picoult

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They can read this book while holding a sick child, or sitting close to them, because it gives them something to do when they cant be up and moving around as much.

Spa Wrap Comfort Set

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After taking care of a sick child for however long it takes, they may be full of aches and pains. The spa wrap comfort set will help them soothe those aches.

Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer

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Help them clear the air in the house with a Himalayan salt lamp, and it even has a dimmer cord to dim if it is too bright.

Chakra Bracelet

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Some believe that these chakras have healing abilities, and even if they dont, it is a beautiful bracelet for them to wear or keep their sick child busy by naming colors.

Theres an oil for that Shirt

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For the essential oil loving parent, this there’s an oil for that shirt is great because they are likely helping their child heal with them.

Along with getting them one of these fabulous gifts, you could also bring them a hot home-cooked meal. When it comes to taking care of a sick child, they likely aren’t able to cook very much or very well.

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