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Care Package for Family in Hospital

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When your family member is hospitalized it’s nice to have a little pick me up, whether it’s just a broken bone or a more serious illness.. One of the best ways to do that is to put together a care package for family in hospital.

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Care Package for Family in Hospital

If you’ve ever been in the hospital you know how special the little things can be. These ideas are perfect alone as gifts or part of a care package. I will add that, on a personal level, I’ve been in the hospital many times and I know I’d have appreciated these gifts. 

A nice pillow

There is absolutely nothing worse than hospital pillows! Bring them something a bit more comfortable for their hospital stay. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

Healthy snacks

Check first to see what they’re able to eat so they’re not disappointed! (I know from personal experience how much it sucks to stare at a tasty treat you can’t eat.) Make sure snacks are allergy free, not messy, and easy to eat.

Something fun to do

Portable game consoles are a great way for family in hospital to pass the time. Or if games aren’t their style, give them a puzzle book, Rubik’s cube, or something else that they’d enjoy playing with.

Positivity journal

If they’re undergoing a long hospital stay it’s nice to bring something to keep their spirits up. A guided positivity journal, like this one, is a nice way for them to process feelings and stay positive.

A funny get well gift

If you’re putting together a care package for family in the hospital that have a sense of humour something like this is a perfect addition. There’s a lot out there or check sites like Etsy for custom ideas.

Hospital socks

Grippy hospital socks are really nice to have during a hospital stay. Get them something that suits their taste so they can at least enjoy wearing something fun, even if the rest of their attire is a hospital gown.

Books for the kids

If there’s kids involved try looking for hospital related books to give to them or the family that’s in the hospital. It can help explain things and not make it seem so scary to have family in hospital.

A cozy bath robe

Hospitals are cold and hospital gowns are revealing. A nice cozy robe solves both those problems. You could even get one that’s personalized with their name or an encouraging message. Make sure to check beforehand that they can wear one, though.

A comfy blanket

Really the whole point of a care package for family in hospital is to make them more comfortable during their stay. Include cozy additions like this fun sherpa blanket to keep them warm.

Face mask for sleeping

A lot of people are used to sleeping in the dark and unless you have a private room hospitals are anything but pitch black. A face mask will help them sleep better during their stay. You could also include ear plugs.

Books or a Kindle (or gift cards for ebooks)

Hospital stays are a great opportunity to catch up on some reading. Give them a new book, an e-reader, or a gift card to their favourite service so they can enjoy.

An extra long charging cord

Hospital plugins aren’t exactly designed to power your phone while laying in bed. Find out what type of phone or device they have and include an extra long charger in the care package.

Lip balm set

Hospitals are usually really dry. Adding some kind of lip balm to the care package will help prevent cracked lips and make them feel a bit more “normal”. Sometimes hospitals don’t allow patients to wear make up so this is a great alternative to that too.


If they were hospitalized on short notice they might not have any of their necessities with them. Pick up a travel bag of toiletries and even a shaving kit to add to your family member’s hospital care package.

Family photos

If they’re going to be staying in the hospital for a little while bringing a frame family photo can really help cheer them up when they’re missing everyone.


If they’re allowed to eat regular food give them some gift cards to places that will deliver food to the hospital. Or pick some up and bring it along on your visit for a nice, and much welcomed, break from hospital food.

Dry shampoo

If showering is out of the question for your family member in the hospital include dry shampoo in the care package. That way they can make themselves look a bit better, which in turn will help them feel a bit better.

Face wipes

Just like the dry shampoo, a nice face wipe can be a pick me up for someone who’s in the hospital. They’re great to clean up after a snack or just as a way to feel refreshed.

A hospital bag

This is great for family who’s planning to go into the hospital (for surgery or to have a baby). Use the overnight bag as the care package gift bag and put everything inside!

Something personal

There really isn’t much that will cheer up someone in the hospital like a personal gift. For example, if they love sports you could get some memorabilia to decorate their room with or maybe they’d like a cute headband to keep their hair in place while they lay in bed. Even little things can make a big difference!

A premade care package

Maybe you don’t live nearby or you just can’t put together a care package. Send them something instead! There’s lots of pre-made care packages out there that are lovely, thoughtful, and sure to brighten their day!

Hopefully with a care package for family in the hospital their stay will be a lot brighter. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery!

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