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20 Gift Ideas for Hyena Lovers

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You’ll have that special hyena lover in your life howling for these wonderful gift ideas! Hyenas are a very distinctive species, known for their depiction in The Lion King. Their fans are too, with a wide selection of unique and individualized gift ideas you’ll be well on the hunt for your next pick!

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The Best Gift Ideas for Hyena Lovers

Hyena T-Shirt

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This shirt is a no brainer for any hyena lover! It features a hyena print and the warning that you’ve got one on guard at all times. Coming in both men’s and women’s sizes, this is an easy pick for a holiday stocking stuffer or quick and easy gift idea.

Hyena Masks

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These adorable handmade kids costume masks will be the life of your hyena birthday party! These masks are truly a unique piece you won’t find at the costume shop, inspired by the Lion King these are sure to get the little hyenas howling!

94’ Shenzi Hyena from The Lion King

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This classic Disney collectable is straight from the 90’s era of plushies and is sure to get any hyena fan excited! Makes a great gift idea for collectors, as well as those looking to add a touch of charm to their room. Can’t go wrong with a Disney toy!

Hyena Mask

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This vintage hyena mask is designed in a distinguished African art style. It represents the hyena, and would make for an excellent decor piece which easily compliments any modern design style. Wow your favorite animal lover with this truly one of a kind piece!

Enamel Hyena Pin

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This hyena pin is like no other! Set in enamel, this handmade pin is actually a Uniyena, (a unicorn-hyena!). In an adorable art style this pin is a quick and easy stocking stuffer pick, perfect for the accessory loving hyena fan out there.

Hyena Keychain

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Speaking of accessories, you can hardly go wrong when looking for a cute item! This hyena keychain is absolutely adorable, and makes for the perfect final touch for a gift basket or gift exchange present!

Unique Hyena Art Print

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This handmade art print is a truly classy way to show off your hyena pride. Grab one for a friend, paired with a simple frame this print would add a touch of personality to any room or office space!

Fitted Hyena Shirt

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This women’s shirt has a lot of character! Featuring a hilariously illustrated cartoon hyena, it brings nothing but joy and laughter! Everyone knows hyenas love to hoot and howl with laughter, and this tee shows it off!

Hyena Bottle Opener

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This wood and stainless steel bottle opener is the ideal stocking stuffer for the hyena loving friend or family member who just loves to party! Card sized, this bottle opener can easily be taken on the go, and has a stylish engraving of their favorite animal!

Hyena Documentary

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Celebrate your favorite hyena lover with a National Geographic DVD that will take them on a wild adventure with their beloved mammal! This timeless documentary takes an exciting look at the conflict between lions and hyenas in the wilds of Africa!

Hyena Christmas Stocking

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This traditional christmas stocking comes with a twist, an amazing hyena pattern! Surprise that one hyena lover in your life this holiday season with an adorable hyena mantle stocking for all of their hyena themed gifts!

Handmade Wool Hyena

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This needle felted hyena statue is a rare and unique handmade item you won’t see anywhere else! Perfect for ornaments, collectibles and decoration this felted hyena is rich in detail and charm.

Silver Hyena Jewelry

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This silver hyena pendant is available with a chain and finish, making it a truly unique and customizable piece of jewelry. Independent jewelry makes for an amazing gift, as it’s not something you’ll see at the department store. Get your hyena fans jumping for this eye-catching piece.

Hyena Baby Bib

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This cute blue baby bib is perfect for the little hyena fans out there! Pick one up for a young family gift, or a baby’s stocking stuffer this year!

Hyena Birch Bookmarks

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Great for animal loving bookworms, this set of three unique bookmarks are an excellent present idea. Made from engraved birch, they really make a statement, and will hold up as a memorable and touching gift for your favorite hyena lover.

Hyena Ornament

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This wood carved hyena ornament is perfect for the holidays! Ideal for an office gift exchange, hand made gifts like these are sure to knock people’s socks off. When in doubt, go with handmade items, they can really make a great impression!

Iron on Hyena Patch

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Accessories are great for animal lovers! This patch is perfect for the crafty animal lover, or as a stocking stuffer for any hyena fan. Rich in detail and charm this patch makes for the perfect gift.

Hyena Turquoise Ring

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Jewelry is great for all occasions and make for simple and charming gifts! Hyena lovers will love seeing their favorite animal cast in silver set with a turquoise stone. This handmade ring is sure to do the trick, make your favorite hyena fan’s gift memorable with this piece!

Handmade Hyena Hat

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This fleece hat is handmade and features a set of hyena ears! Perfect for the winter season this hat makes for a hyena lover’s dream gift; practical and fashionable! Let them show off their wild side with this expertly designed hat!

Embroidered Dish Towel

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This hand towel is embroidered with a hyena image and makes a great gift for any hyena lover’s kitchen. Available in a variety of colors this kitchen towel is perfect for the hyena fan with some serious cooking skills, remember: there’s no hobby that can’t be accessorized!

Thanks for prowling by our hyena lover’s top unique gift picks! Howl at us if you picked any of these up this year, and let us know how it went over!

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