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20+ Non-toy Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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If you’re looking for non-toy Easter gift ideas for you toddlers that are perfect for giving or adding to baskets, you’ve come to the right place.

Toddlers are a difficult crowd come Easter time. They’re still a bit too small for much chocolate and small toys pose a choking hazard. Most parents are already drowning in toys at this age, anyway, so getting more is probably not a good idea.

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Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. These toddler-friendly Easter gifts are going to delight that little tot (and the parents too). If you need more ideas, you might find a few toddler friendly gift ideas in this list of 20+ Non-Toy Easter Gift Ideas for Kids too.

Non-toy Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Camelback water bottle for toddlers

Water Bottle

Summer won’t be far off so keep them hydrated on hot days with their own spill-proof water bottle. Something like this is easy for toddlers to open and drink from plus they’re going to love the cute designs.

Bubbles as non-toy easter gift ideas for toddlers


It’s a documented fact that you can’t go wrong when mixing toddlers and bubbles (unless they dump all of it on your hardwood…). This is a pretty safe, but really fun, gift idea.

Toddler sized sunglasses


Choose something that’s flexible and durable so toddlers won’t break them too easily.

Chunky sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

Give them a break from drawing on the walls with some outdoor chalk. Now they can create even bigger works of art and showcase them to the entire world.

Portable night light for kids

Portable Night Light

Little ones like having a light around at bedtime. This one is a nightlight that doubles as a lantern so they won’t get hurt in the dark on their way to tell you their socks fell off.

Cute toddler sized umbrella

Toddler Umbrella

Although giving a toddler an umbrella is dangerously close to offering a weapon, a toddler-friendly version will make it fun for both of you. Perfectly sized for little ones and no sharp edges.

Assorted crayons


It’s always nice to get brand new crayons as a present. The more colours, the better!

Easter shirts for toddlers

Cute Easter Shirts for Toddlers

Toddlers always look so cute in seasonal clothes. Add something adorable that your little one can wear all day on Easter in their basket for fun non-toy gift ideas.

Fun flower shaped soap

Fun Soap

Toddlers love the bath so why not get them something they can use in their. Getting washed will be a lot easier with fun soap that has a design or prize inside.

Personalized bowl for kids

Personalized Bowl

Everyone will know exactly which bowl belongs to the toddler (to avoid arguments from the toddler) and the little one will get an opportunity to learn their name. Win-win.

Giant floor coloring book for toddlers

Colouring Book

Toddlers are still a bit wild when it comes to colour so a giant floor pad is a good choice.

Toddler sized socks


Maybe this is just my toddlers but we seem to forever be buying socks. These ones are adorable cats but anything that suits your toddler’s interest would be a perfect sock choice. Bonus is that they fit in those fillable eggs.

Bubble bath for kids

Bubble Bath

Is there really anything more exciting than having a bath full of bubbles?

PLay-doh filled Easter eggs for little kids

Play-Doh Easter Eggs

Play-Doh is a great gift for toddlers. They love the sensory aspects of squishing it and older ones can try their hand at making creations. Always a good gift pick.

Fairy garden stamps


Stamps are easier for the under 5 crowd to create pictures than drawing and colouring. They don’t need the skill level and will delight in making the pictures appear on the page.

Wooden Bunny Lacing Practice

Wooden Bunny Lacing Practice

Montessori style “toys” like this are great for helping toddlers develop their hand-eye coordination. Love that they’re little colorful bunnies; it’s perfect for Easter!

Assorted reusable straws

Reusable Straws

Most toddlers can use straws a lot easier than drinking from a cup. Choosing reusable is a lot better for the environment.

Pete the cat big easter adventure book

Toddler Book With an Easter Theme

Pick something toddler friendly like a board book about an Easter adventure.

Spring hair accessories for toddlers


Toddlers love dressing up. Hair accessories, necklaces, and even watches are a great gift idea. Choose something that’s child-safe and non-toxic.

Toddler slide


A small slide is perfect for toddlers who are still learning to navigate outdoor play structures. This one will work indoors and out depending on the weather where you live.

Spring sneakers for toddlers

Spring Shoes

Toddlers always seem to be either losing or growing out of their shoes. Help lighten the burden of shoe shopping and get a new pair for Easter. It’s great that toddlers are happy with pretty much any gift.

Toddler sized backpack with a dinosaur shape

Toddler Backpack

Little kids love having all of their stuff with them wherever they go. A toddler sized backpack is the perfect place for them to store it all. Toddlers also really like wearing backpacks for some reason.

The good news about shopping for toddlers, especially younger ones, is they pretty much like everything you give them. Just use some tissue or pretty paper in your gift and they’re sure to be delighted.

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