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My son will love these gift ideas for minecraft fans. He is obsessed with the game.

20 Gifts for a Minecraft Fan

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For a fan of Minecraft, for the fan of any videogame, really, there’s nothing better than having a tangible version of the props or characters. The following gift ideas are a surefire opportunity to provide that:

20 Gifts for a Minecraft Fan

1. LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Playset

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If you think it’s time to know what Minecraft can be like in real life, give it a shot with this Lego playset!

2. Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

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Want to show off but also protect your figures? This collector case is perfect for that.

3. Minecraft Animal Toy (6-Pack)

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Love the little critters in the game? Now they can be yours in this six pack!

4. Minecraft Think Geek Wall Torch by Think Geek

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Make your room look more Minecrafty with this wall torch.

5.Minecraft Creeper 7″ Plush

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If Creepers are something you want around the room, this is the plush for you!

6.Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements

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Build the world of Minecraft or build a new world with the elements!

7. Minecraft Creeper Face Leather Wallet

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If you can’t beat them, make them your friends. Your money-guarding friends especially!

8. Minecraft Plastic Creeper Face Mug

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…or use them to drink coffee out of them!

9. Minecraft Cookie Cutters

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Bake your cookies in Minecraft style with these cookie cutters!

10. Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

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Somedays there’s no grass or rocks to pick, but how about a bottle? This is where this Pickaxe comes in handy!

11. 3 Pack of Minecraft Socks


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Make your buddy or loved one actually happy they got socks with these!

12. Creeper Anatomy – Minecraft Youth T-shirt

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What’s a Creeper really like? Find out and then let your friends know with this shirt!

13. Minecraft Career Opportunities Big Boys Youth T-Shirt – Yellow


Buy from Amazon

Show off the job possibilities of the world of Minecraft with this shirt!

14. Minecraft Collectible Figure Mystery Blind Box (Styles May Vary)

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What’s in the box?! Find out when it’s time to open it!

15. Minecraft Card Game

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Take the game out of the TV and the computer, and onto the table, with new ways to challenge your Minecraft friends!

16. Minecraft Diamond Pendant Necklace

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Your sweetheart has a soft spot for Minecraft too? This is the best gift!

17.  Minecraft Diamond Earrings

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Let yourself shine in the most Minecraft-y way with these earrings!

18. Minecraft Creeper Backpack

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Take the spirit of Minecraft when in school or when you travel with this backpack!

19. Minecraft Grassy Block Case (Ipod Touch 5)officially Licensed Thinkgeek

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Minecraft your music with this case for the iPod Touch 5!

20. Minecraft Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo Set Of 2

Buy from Amazon

Get two of the best Minecraft in one combo!

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