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20 Birthday Gifts For 17 Year Old Girls

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Have you ever shopped for a 17 year old girl? They’re impossible and most of the time you end up turning to a gift card or some cliché bath gift set that she probably doesn’t even like. It’s her last birthday before adulthood so make it count with these unique gifts.

Top Birthday Gifts For 17 Year Old Girls

Portable USB Charger

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She probably has her own cell phone and if she does chances are good that it’s dead or going to die all the time. Get her a portable USB charger for her birthday so she’ll never have an access to not answer your call or text.

Ice Cream Notebook

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Not books are ever handy accessories for teenage girls. This one is laser cut with an ice cream cone so it has a cute but still a bit more grown up look.

Almost Adulting Book

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A 17 year old is almost an adult so get her a book to help bridge the gap. This book has everything your teen girl needs to know to help get it together (sort of).

Bento Lunch Box

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She’s still going to school, maybe work too, and will sometimes need to pack a lunch. This sophisticated bento set let’s her bring her food in style and will last years.

17 Years Mug

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A cute way to celebrate a 17th birthday. This mug lists the number of years, days, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds she’s spent being awesome.

Travel Wallet

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Hopefully 17 will also bring upcoming school trips and vacations. Get her ready to jet set with a travel wallet that can hold her passport and other important documents. This one’s cool because it comes in so many colour options.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

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Just because she’s 17 doesn’t mean everything needs to be mature and grown up. Besides, who doesn’t want to be warm and a mermaid?

Cat Stud Earrings

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Jewellery is a classic gift for young women but try thinking outside the box when gifting to a teenager. These cat earrings are a purrfect idea for her 17th birthday.

Cookie Jar

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It’s fun to give teenagers things that they can enjoy around the house and then take with them when they move out. This cookie jar displays a fortune that is likely to come true.

Cactus Tealights

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I’m not going to pretend I understand what’s with teen girls and candles but they seem to love them. These cute cactus are all the rage right now so pick her up a set.

Glitter Water Bottle

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Everything’s better with glitter. Even water.

Dancing Queen Sign

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She is the dancing queen, young and free, only 17…

Gym Bag

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If your 17 year old girl is sporty a gym bag makes a great birthday gift. Get her something off the wall like this one that says “after this we’re getting pizza”.

Elf Earbuds

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You can never have too many pairs of headphones. Have her show off her unique personality with these fun headphones that will make it look like she has elf ears while they’re in.

Mud Mask

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There’s nothing wrong with getting a 17 year old girl beauty products but don’t go for the cheap drugstore gift sets. Instead pick something special, like this organic mud mask.

Name Sign

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If you really can’t decide on a birthday present go with a customized gift. This sign is made to order with the letters of her name.

3D Printing Pen

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It’s fun to be creative! This cool pen will let your teen 3D print anything she wants using her own art skills.

Books You Love

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It’s kind of a general idea but now is a great time to introduce your 17 year old to a book you love. She’s probably old enough to read most adult fiction, or you can give her a classic like A Wrinkle in Time that might become her next favourite story.

Motivational Print

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Everyone needs a little motivation in their lives, including teenagers. Give her something that’s going to look great in her room and keep her inspired all the way until 18.

Cool Sunglasses

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There’s nothing like a cool pair of sunglasses to make you feel confident in yourself. Get her something that reflects her personality, she’ll appreciate it.

If you’re still out of ideas for what to get a 17 year old girl for her birthday plan an activity together instead and enjoy her being a “kid” a little longer!

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