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20 Gift Ideas Nerdy Enough For Sheldon Cooper (and Big Bang Theory Fans)

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For many people buying a present for Sheldon Cooper presents the ultimate challenge in gift giving. However, if you have this list of epic gifts Sheldor will be obligated to you for the rest of his life.

I love these gift ideas that are nerdy enough for Sheldon Cooper. They'll make perfect birthday gifts for my uncle who loves Big Bang Theory!

Big Bang Theory Roommate Agreement

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The is nothing better than a well-thought out roommate agreement. In addition to the roommate agreement there is also a wonderful rubik’s cube tissue box as well. Have fun ironing out the particulars of your agreement.

Mini Arcade Machine

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This mini arcade machine is for that day when you’re feeling a little nostalgic and don’t want to play games on your Xbox. It’s super small and looks similar to Tron.

3D Writing Pen

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There’s nothing better than creating 3-D creations with a 3-D pen. You and Sheldon will be the talk of your friends as you craft molecules for fun.

Holy Stone Mini Drone

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Not everyone is excited about drones, but for those who are this mini drone may be a great addition to your awkward friend’s Christmas bag. Of course, make sure to impress upon your friend the importance of using their drone safely.

The Flash Bendable Action Figure

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Sheldon has an undisputed love for the Flash. For those moments when you’re feeling a little stressed The Flash bendable action figure will get you through those moments.

Purell Hand Sanitizing Kit

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Sheldon has a well-documented dislike of germs and love of hand sanitizer. The Purrell hand sanitizing kit will get the most nervous germaphobe through a difficult day of shaking hands with strangers.


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This one is a bit awkward but so is Sheldon. There are no limits to Sheldon’s concerns and bathroom etiquette is not his strength.  The next time you have guests over have a nice can of Poo-Pourri to keep the commode smelling fresh and clean.

Yogi Stomach Ease Tea

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Any fan of Sheldon’s knows that he is a nervous mess. Drinking Yogi Stomach Ease will keep the nerves at bay.

I Am Spock By Leonard Nimoy

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Is the perfect coffee table book for the true Star Trek fan. No super geek would have a home without one.

I Love Coitus T-Shirt

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Nothing more needs to be said.

Flash T-Shirt

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Sheldon wears his Flash t-shirt often and you will feel one with Sheldon wearing the same shirt.

Couch Reserved For Me T-Shirt

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There is nothing better than a well thought out spot on your couch. Having a t-shirt that shows where your reserved spot is=priceless.

Einstein’s Dice and Shrodinger’s Cat

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A book beyond what most of us will ever think about. For those individuals who spend a lot of time thinking about quantum physics this is book of relatively heavy reading is for you.

Star Trek Big Bang Theory Belt

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Be more at ease when wearing your skinny pants. This heavy built made out of the same black material as your seatbelt also has the entire cast’s images and Bazinga printed on the outside.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Mug

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There is nothing more soothing than the Soft Kitty song. Think of it as you drink a soothing cup of Yogi tea.

Robot Evolution Hoodie

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Robots are in the process of evolving. Check out the different phases illustrated on this cozy hoodie.

I’m Not Crazy, My Mother Had Me Tested T-Shirt

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Sometimes people need to be reassured that someone isn’t crazy. Fortunately, there is this t-Shirt that is both stylish and reassuring for the rest of us.

73 T-Shirt

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Sheldon’s favorite number is 73. Check out The Alien Parasite Hypothesis episode to find out why. Until then, enjoy wearing this t-shirt.

T-Rex Tote Bag

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Enjoy toting your mini arcade in your T-Rex tote bag. If you’re not into mini-arcades then carry around your day-to-day purchases.

Rock Paper, Scissors, Lizard Spock Rock Mug

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Instead of doing rock, scissors, paper enjoy an invigorating game of Rock paper, scissors, lizard, Spock Rock while drinking from this mug. It may take you a couple of practice runs but you’ll be rocking this game with your closest friends.

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