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20 Best Drool Inducing Gifts For Bacon Lovers

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Bacon. Does it really need an introduction? It’s so good even vegans have their own! If you have someone in your life that’s obsessed with bacon as much as we are – great news! We’ve lined up 20 brand new gift ideas to save you some shopping time!

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20 Ways To Say “I Love You As Much As You Love Bacon”

If you’re not hungry after this list, there’s something wrong with you!

Bring Me Bacon Socks

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Let these socks do all the talking for your bacon lover.

Bacon Brittle

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Less sugar and more bacon is what your grandma’s brittle recipe was needing!

Bacon Gift Set

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Now your bacon lover can have their favorite meat with every meal with this awesome gift set!

Bacon Shirt

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Hey man, we’ve all had a snaccident. It’s no biggie and it will probably happen again!

Bacon Salsa

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Sometimes it’s fun to try something new! This one will quickly become a favorite for any bacon fiend.

Bacon Master

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Make cooking easier for any fan with this awesome cooker! It’s like a crockpot for bacon!

Bacon & Bourbon Candle

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This candle is perfect for any room in the house! It has a fantastic combination of scents.

Bacon Bookmark

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The only problem I see with this bookmark is them not being able to pay attention to what they’re doing because all your bacon-obsessed readers can think about is bacon!

Gourmet Bacon

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Buy your bacon lover the item that makes their world go ‘round. Three pounds of different flavors! Yum!

Bacon Candy Bars

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Bacon bits, potato chips, and milk chocolate. Who would have thought those three ingredients would sound so good together?!

Bacon Lollipops

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These meat-free lollipops are perfect for even your vegan friends and they taste like the real deal!

Bacon Scented Oil

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When you want their home to smell like bacon without actually having to cook it. They’ll probably end up cooking some anyway.

Bacon Floss

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Now your bacon fiend can pick the bacon bits out of their teeth with more bacon!

Bacon Press

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Every kitchen needs one of these. Help your bacon lover have an easier time at home with their very own bacon press!

Bacon Grease Can

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Show your bacon fan the best-kept secret in the cooking world: saving bacon grease to season everything else they’ll cook!

Bacon Air Freshener

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Eliminate all odors in any area with this yummy alternative to strong household chemicals!

The Three B’s Decal

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This decal is perfect for a vehicle. These are the wisest words to live by!

Bacon Lotion

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Now your bacon lover can stop moisturizing with bacon grease and use lotion instead!

Bacon Pajama Pants

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Any bacon aficionado can attend breakfast in style with this yummy pants!

Bacon Costume

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Because who doesn’t want to be drooled over at the next costume party?

Bacon Playing Cards

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No tricks here – just regular ol’ playing cards with the most delicious theme ever!

And there’s the newest edition of bacon-themed gifts! We hope you found something awesome for your loved one! Give us a shoutout over at Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and tell us what you grabbed!

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