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Thank You Gift Ideas for Mentors

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Show how much you care by giving one of these thank you gift ideas for mentors. You may be lucky enough to have great mentors in your life. These are the people who guide you and help you realize your path in life; and when it comes to rewarding them, you need to think of thank you gift ideas for mentors that will reflect your relationship.

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Amazing Thank You Gift Ideas for the Mentors in Your Life

Find out the dimensions of your mentor’s laptop before getting this bag. It is purely handmade, and its simplicity makes it look great. The bag can accommodate other items like a notebook, pens, wallet, and phone. It is uniquely designed, and its appearance makes it noticeable.

What gift do you give the person who means so much to you?

Mentors are the people we look up to for many reasons. Maybe they taught you lots of things, gave you support when you needed it most, someone you simply look up to or an individual who has listened to you when you needed someone. Either way, your mentor is someone special, or you wouldn’t be looking for that perfect present. Take a look at these fantastic gift ideas for some inspiration.

If you are close enough, you will know what you need to purchase based on their likes and hobbies. Figuring out the best gift may be tough, but whatever it is, it needs to express your gratitude. Here are some ideas:


Planner thank you gift ideas for mentors

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This planner looks trendy, and your mentor can easily slip it into a laptop bag. It comes with all the great features that make it suitable for planning, and it will help your mentor stay organized.

Thank you mug

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The cup can have your custom designs or photos. A mug is used daily, and when it has a customized message, it will put a smile on the giftee.

Glass cookie jar thoughtful thank you gift ideas for mentors

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The jar can have a personal monogram or a family name depending on your preference. Also, it can also have little quotes if you like. People are always in need of this kind of jar.

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

flash as a perfect thank you gift idea for your mentor

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This bottle can keep drinks hot for a maximum of 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. It is made using high-quality stainless steel and will keep your beverage of choice at your preferred temperature. The bottle has a high-quality powder-coated finish and has an insulated double wall vacuum. It is light enough to be used in most outdoor activities.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags thank you gift ideas for mentors

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Old bags wear out and need to be replaced often. Bags are regularly used and can be great gifts if they are easy to carry around, like this one. This messenger bag is comfortable and can easily be used for traveling and various other activities. It has enough compartments to keep most portable items.

Personalized pillow

Say thanks to your mentor with a personalized pillow

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The options are endless with the wordings. You can include your mentor’s name or initials if you wish. This is one of the sweetest ways to say thank you.

Handmade Wood Desktop Organizer

Your mentor will love this desktop organizer as a thank you gift

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This organizer will help your mentor keep the desktop organized. It is stylish and is made out of selected larch wood. It has compartments where you can place keys, tape, paper, scissors, and various other items.

Personalized mentor necklace

Personalized mentor necklace thank you gift idea for a mentor

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The pendant can be made with a pearl or Swarovski crystal. It makes an excellent gift because it has a lovely message for your mentor. The options are not limited: you can add a name charm, a birthstone crystal, or a gift box.

An enlightening book: Who Says You Can’t? You Do

Book thank you gift ideas for mentors

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An enlightening book is a mind opener and a stress reliever. It is a piece of material that can transform the lives of people and help them embark on a psychological and emotional journey. Your mentor is going to love this rewarding book.


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This gift basket is filled with delicious handcrafted cookies. The cookie combination comes in a beautiful basket that has a hand-tied ribbon. This is a chance to let your mentor experiment with the skills of gourmet bakery experts.

Thank You Card

Thoughtful card as a thank you gift for your mentor

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Send your mentor a note that expresses your appreciation. Get this card because it looks ‘delicious’ even though it is not edible.

Gift Basket

Gift basket for mentors to say thanks

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This is a personalized gourmet gift that comes filled with favorite treats. The basket is then wrapped with a ribbon of your choice to communicate your intention. When in doubt, get your mentor this gift basket. Fill it with plenty of treats that will leave a lasting memory.

Inspirational Quote Print Wall Art

Inspirational quote thank you gift ideas for mentors

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Words are powerful if they can evoke emotions. Get your frame and attach a powerful message for your mentor. The message should be inspirational enough to catch your mentor’s attention. That is when you will know your gift has been delivered to the deserving person.

Personalized desktop pen set

Personalized pen set thoughtful gift ideas for mentors

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It is made from solid maple wood and will undoubtedly make a memorable gift for that extraordinary mentor. It looks professional and will look beautiful when placed on top of any desk. Engraving it with a personal message makes it even more valuable. This is a safe bet that will be received well.

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

great thank you gift idea for mentors - online cooking course
great thank you gift idea for mentors - online cooking course

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For a more substantial mentor thank you gift, Rouxbe Cooking Courses may be just the ticket. These self-paced courses are available on a variety of topics, or a membership model, and make an excellent gift. Say thank you for the learning they’ve provided you by allowing them to develop their own (cooking!) skills.

Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

Custom Personalized Keychain

Personalized keychain thank you gift ideas for mentors

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Get a customized keychain that has a bottle cap pendant. The bottle cap makes the keychain look classy and unique.

Glass Timer

glass timer thank you gift ideas for mentors

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Its timing is 60 minutes, and it has been made using elegant glass and the most beautiful wood. It will make any desk look great. It is ideal for timing when exercising, cooking, or playing games.

Laptop Bag

laptop bag to say thanks to your mentor

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Personalized wine glasses

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It is believed that wine tastes better when taken with the right glassware. These stemless wine glasses are ideal for adding flair and fun, especially when they are personalized with your mentor’s names or initials. They have been made from beautiful European glass.

Custom Engraved Baking Dish with Lid

Custom engraved dish perfect thank you gift idea for mentors

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This baking dish will come engraved with the recipient’s name to make it more personal. It makes an ideal gift and will show your thoughtfulness and keenness when gifting.


wine chiller gift for a mentor

Fine ladies and gentlemen love themselves some wine. So wine will make a marvelous gift; especially when your mentor is a wine lover.

“Thank You” Gift Box

thank you gift box thank you gift ideas for mentors

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You get to choose which items go in your gift box. Choose from bath bombs, soap, bubble bath scoop, candles and much more.  Also, you can add a note to the recipient too.

“Yoda Best Mentor” Coffee Mug

Yoda best mentor gift idea - funny mentor thank you gift

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If your favorite mentor is a Star Wars fan, then this cup is precisely what they need! It is adorable, and they are sure to get a chuckle out of it!

Willow Tree

willow tree statue thank you gift ideas for mentors

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Sometimes a sentimental gift means so much! This Willow Tree Angel is an excellent way to say, “Thank You.”


candles are the best all around thank you gift ideas for mentors

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This beautiful candle smells amazing! This is a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed for a while.

Tickle Me Plant

Tickle me plant thank you gift ideas for mentors

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This is literally one of the coolest plants I have ever seen. I had no idea there was a plant you could tickle and watch move.

Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Gourment coffee sampler thank you gift ideas for mentors

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Any coffee lover is sure to be thrilled to try the delicious flavors of gourmet coffee in this sampler box. There are four rich flavors to try.

CooCu Sand Art Moving Picture

Coocu sand art moving pictur gift idea for your mentor, cool thank you gift

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You will be mesmerized by the sand as it moves through the art piece. It is excellent for sitting on desks or bookshelves.

Wine Cork Monogram Letter

thoughtful thank you gift idea for mentors

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Wine enthusiasts usually get an extensive collection of corks and need a place to store them. Why not give a monogram wine cork holder as your next gift to them?

Dandelion Paperweight

nice paperweight thank you gift ideas for mentors

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It is a dandelion and paperweight. The style would look chic on anyone’s desk. You can’t go wrong with desk accessories and other office items as thank you gift ideas for mentors.

Wine Tumbler

wine tumbler as a gift for your mentor - great way to say thank you

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These stemless wine tumbler glasses are gorgeous! There are several different color options available, and each set comes with four glasses.

Art Plaque

art plaque gift

You can personalize this gift for your mentor. You can change the song to something that means a lot to both of you and even include a QR code to play it.

Cutting Board

cutting board thank you gift ideas for mentors

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Customize a cutting board for a unique and useful gift idea. They have tons of different options for you to choose from to make yours extra special.

Goodbye Gift

Give your mentor a goodbye gift as a way to say thank you

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This is an ideal gift if your mentor is leaving for retirement or another job opportunity. Each person can put a message on it. 

Leather Journal

Leather journal thank you gift ideas for mentors

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A beautiful high-quality journal makes a wonderful gift for just about anyone. You can use it so many different ways too.


Tumbler thank you gift idea for your mentor - the best practical gift!

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24 different designs to choose from. They also have many color choices available too.

Photo Puzzle

Photo puzzle thoughtful thank you gift ideas for mentors

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You might have to be a little sneaky to get a photo that means something to your mentor, but when you turn it into a puzzle, they are going to love it!

Essential Oil & Diffuser Set

Diffuser set to help mentors relax - say thank you with this present

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This set comes with eight essential oils along with a diffuser. The diffuser even has seven colors, LED lights and an auto shut-off feature.

Succulent Planter

Cute succulent planter gift ideas for mentors

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These planters are hilarious and go great on some bookshelves or even your desk. You will have to put in the succulent plants, but the planters are adorable.


Calendars are practical thank you gift ideas for mentors

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This calendar has the appearance of being a chalkboard, but it isn’t! You get all the beauty without the mess. You can use this calendar over and over again because it easily wipes clean.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Help your past mentor relax with a Himalayan salt lamp - perfect as a thank you gift

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This lamp helps purify the air, relieves stress, and is soothing.

Thank you gift ideas for mentors are unique just like the individual you have been looking up to all this time. 

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