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I never thought to take my new neighbors flower seeds. These housewarming gift ideas are fun.

What to Bring Someone as a Housewarming Gift When They Already Have Everything

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Unless you’re in your early 20’s and without a lot of basic household possessions, buying just the right housewarming gift for a friend can be a daunting task. Even when you think your friends have every little item you think that they could possibly need, here are a few creative ideas to get you on your way to a memorable gift!

What to Bring Someone as a Housewarming Gift When They Already Have Everything

  • Wine

    • This is a gold standard when it comes to housewarming gifts. Even when you are unsure if your friend enjoys a red wine, it still usually makes a good gift. Wine is easy to re-gift, share with others, or serve at your next meal time; making it an easy and maybe even useful gift. Also, gifting a bottle of a local wine could be used as a way of introducing them to the offerings of their new community.

  • Label Maker

    • Label makers are useful for all kinds of things around the house. Someone can label shelves, laundry, storage crates, electronics – EVERYTHING can be labeled! Many people underestimate the power of a good label maker. The label maker can be an extremely practical choice, even if your friend isn’t a stickler for organization.

  • Homemade Baked Goods/Fruit Baskets

    • This is another simple and easy housewarming gift. You don’t even have to use a basket! A decorative bag, box, or bin filled with goodies will work just as well! Fill up your gift with any combination of treats that you wish! Another possible combo: a wine, bread, and cheese basket! The possibilities are infinite!

  • Pre-made Meals in Jars

      • These pre-made meals in a jar are not only cost-effective for you as a gift giver, but they also help the receiver create a fast & simple home-cooked meal. Jars are easy to purchase at any local store and you can creatively decorate each jar based on what ingredients you plan to use. Recipes could include: Beef Stroganoff, Turkey and Noodles, or even a Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. A simple online search will provide you with multiple recipes to choose from.

    • Year of Seeds

      • A Year of Seeds is a more creative gift, but one that could appreciated by someone setting up a new home. This gift could be suited to those moving into a smaller apartment space to those moving into a larger home with room for a garden! Even if the recipient is new to gardening, this is a chance for them to try out a few potential plants or herbs. These are often sold in kits, but would also be easy to assemble on your own.

    • Gift card to a Local Grocery Store/Store

      • Don’t think that a gift card isn’t useful as a housewarming gift! Sometimes it Β can be hard to plan for all the things you need to hang picturesHousewarming Gifts for when they already have everything, or to decorate with, for example. Even a gift card to the local grocery store could be appreciated, saving them some time Β and worry as they set up their new home.

    It can be difficult to choose a gift for the people who already have Β anything and everything. Life gets busy and setting up a new home only adds to that busy-ness. Be creative and think of something that makes their lives a little more fun or a little bit easier. Even if your friends have everything that they need for their home, there are many possible gifts they still might enjoy.

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