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10 Housewarming Gifts For When They Already Have Everything

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Unless you’re in your early 20’s and without a lot of basic household possessions, buying just the right housewarming gift for a friend can be a daunting task. Even when you think your friends have every little item you think that they could possibly need, here are a few creative ideas to get you on your way to a memorable gift!

I never thought to take my new neighbors flower seeds. These housewarming gift ideas are fun.


green wine bottle beside clear wine glass on brown wooden table

This is a gold standard when it comes to housewarming gifts. Even when you are unsure if your friend enjoys a red wine, it still usually makes a good gift. Wine is easy to re-gift, share with others, or serve at your next meal time; making it an easy and maybe even useful gift. Also, gifting a bottle of a local wine could be used as a way of introducing them to the offerings of their new community.

Label Maker

Label makers are useful for all kinds of things around the house. Someone can label shelves, laundry, storage crates, electronics – EVERYTHING can be labeled! Many people underestimate the power of a good label maker. The label maker can be an extremely practical choice, even if your friend isn’t a stickler for organization.

Homemade Baked Goods/Fruit Baskets

cookies brown cardboard box

This is another simple and easy housewarming gift. You don’t even have to use a basket! A decorative bag, box, or bin filled with goodies will work just as well! Fill up your gift with any combination of treats that you wish! Another possible combo: a wine, bread, and cheese basket! The possibilities are infinite!

Pre-made Meals in Jars

Breakfast Granola in a jar

These pre-made meals in a jar are not only cost-effective for you as a gift giver, but they also help the receiver create a fast & simple home-cooked meal. Jars are easy to purchase at any local store and you can creatively decorate each jar based on what ingredients you plan to use. Recipes could include: Beef Stroganoff, Turkey and Noodles, or even a Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. A simple online search will provide you with multiple recipes to choose from.

Year of Seeds

Planting seeds

A Year of Seeds is a more creative gift, but one that could appreciated by someone setting up a new home. This gift could be suited to those moving into a smaller apartment space to those moving into a larger home with room for a garden! Even if the recipient is new to gardening, this is a chance for them to try out a few potential plants or herbs. These are often sold in kits, but would also be easy to assemble on your own.

Gift Card to a Local Grocery Store/Store

Grocery store shelves

Don’t think that a gift card isn’t useful as a housewarming gift! Sometimes it can be hard to plan for all the things you need to hang pictures, or to decorate with, for example. Even a gift card to the local grocery store could be appreciated, saving them some time  and worry as they set up their new home.

Seasonal Decorations or Home Decor

Home decor

If they just moved in near a major holiday or season change (think Christmas, spring, fall/Halloween, etc) then it can be a nice gesture to bring something that they can add to their new home. Otherwise a regular home decor gift also works. You’ll want to make sure it’s something that suits their taste so don’t give this gift unless you know them well enough to pick a gift they’ll love.

Plants and Flowers

pink and white flowers on white steel frame

While this could (but doesn’t necessarily) mean a bouquet, better housewarming gifts include indoor plants, indoor centerpieces (especially seasonal ones), and outdoor planters or baskets. If their home has a yard with flower beds chances are there is some work to be done out there too so another great gift is a gift card to a local greenhouse or even Home Depot.

Tools/DIY Supplies

person holding blue and silver scissors

Yes, the title says “for people who already have everything” but you’d be hard pressed to find someone in your life that has absolutely every tool and DIY supply they could possibly need. For a small budget, drill bits, multi-packs of screws, and tape measures are always helpful when settling into a new home and if there’s more room in your budget a helpful tool is always a welcomed gift. If you know of any projects they have planned in the coming weeks/months you can also get supplies specifically related to that too.

Something For the Kids or Pets

white and brown short coated dog on brown bear plush toy

Moving is a difficult transition for everyone involved, so don’t forget about the other members of the family too. If there’s kids in the house something “new home” related (like a book) or to decorate their new room is a great way to make them feel special. Or if your pals are more of the pet parent type you can guarantee they’ll appreciate a little something for their fur baby too.

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    It can be difficult to choose a gift for the people who already have  anything and everything. Life gets busy and setting up a new home only adds to that busy-ness. Be creative and think of something that makes their lives a little more fun or a little bit easier. Even if your friends have everything that they need for their home, there are many possible gifts they still might enjoy.

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