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20 Gift Ideas for Preppers

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Well, this might be a great time to be a prepper! The Doomsday Clock just got moved forward to the scariest time since the early 1950’s. For those of you who just want to be prepared for the worst-this is the list for you!

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Gift Ideas for Preppers

Cards Against Humanity

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Sometimes it’s easy to freak out. Instead, take some time to have some fun while playing a card game. It does get a little ruthless but so does prepping for a catastrophy.

Orange Glow Sticks

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In dystopian novels people are always struggling to have enough light. These glow sticks are perfect for those moments when you don’t want to light a fire.

Ready America Emergency Kit and Backpack

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Never go walking around without a good emergency kit and backpack for carrying all. the. things.

Portable Generator

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Keeping things running during a crisis is a real issue. This portable generator will keep the savvy prepper drinking cold drinks with the lights on.

Jerky Spice Works

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Everyone loves jerky but it doesn’t always taste good. Get some great spices to use when you make your next batch of home cured meats.

Food Dehydrator

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There is nothing better than being able to make your own fruit roll-ups. Have fun testing out different recipes.

Amazon eGift Card

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Sometimes it’s just easier to give a gift card because it’s hard to know what to give your favorite prepper.

Emergency Food Rations

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Preppers are always prepared and food, after safety, is the number item to set aside. This yellow squares of goodness don’t resemble any food ration shown in the movies.

Lifestraw Water Filter

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Would the this filter have worked in the Allegiant movie when the main character is walking through a desolate dried up landscape? We’re not sure, but it will work when you go hiking next time!

Hand Cranked Solar Powered Radio

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Stay connected with what’s happening with the outside world in the event of a loss of electricity.

Dehydrated Grab and Go Food Kit

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Just add some hot water and your favorite prepper will have some great meals in their future.

Lasercut Wood Journal

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Sometimes it’s nice to write things down. This journal is great for sharing your thoughts, writing lists, or using as a firestarter.

Go Away Doormat

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Don’t want to be bothered by other people while prepping? This doormat gets that message across loud and clear.

Game of Thrones Board Game

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Preppers totally get the phrase “Winter is Coming.” This board game will help the Game of Thrones obsessed geek out during a tough day of prepping.

Steampunk Sunglasses

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Are a great gift because they’re cool. Period.

First Aid Kit

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Every prepper has a well-stocked first aid kit because one never knows when they have to give a friend epiniphrine. Watch Pulp Fiction if you need tips. Just kidding!

Snugpak Poncho

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This oversized poncho does a great job of covering everything as people trudge through a downpour.

Waterproof Three Season Tent

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Tents are great, but easy to put up tents are even better. This tent is great for newbies to camping.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Hammock

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Everyone needs a great hammock in their life. Enjoy swinging in the breeze while taking a break from preparing for the worst.

Military Sighting Compass

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In the event that the electrical grid goes down, know how to get to where you’re going with this compass. Next, figure out your East from West.

Preppers can be a serious crew but their motto is to always be prepared. Almost like the Boy Scouts.

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