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Gift Ideas For a Large Group

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If you are looking for the perfect large group gift idea or bulk gifts for a large group this list has both! Coffee mugs to hot tubs it covers everything you need to have the perfect gift. Whether you are buying for a wedding, corporate event, or even for an office group we are certain you will find something that’ll be perfect. Check out our complete gift ideas for a large group below!

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Bulk Gift Ideas for a Large Group

These bulk gifts are perfect if you’re shopping for a large group. With budget friendly options and bulk packs, you’ll definitely please everyone in the crowd when you give them their own individual present. Great for thank yous, corporate gifting, offices, events, party favors, and more.

Gift Ideas For a Large Group - Personalized skinny tumblers in yellow, orange, pink, black, white, teal blue, and purple.

Personalized Skinny Tumbler

Tumblers are always a classic bulk gift idea perfect for weddings, group events, and even work functions. You can select any color and place your brand name, personal name, or even just a company logo on it.

Camping Survival Compass

Gold Compass

Twelve beautiful golden compasses. Perfect if you are planning an outdoor group activity. Maybe a team building event or just a group company trip. These would be prefect!

Gift Ideas For a Large Group - Glass candles in a box with a black bow.

Thank-You Candle Gifts

Candles are always a welcome gift idea. Not only do they come in handy but they are an easy bulk gift to grab. These ones can be personalized to say whatever you wish on it as well.

Gift Ideas For a Large Group - two logo coolers sown. one green and one blue.

Logo Cooler

Everyone loves a good cooler bag! Depending on your event and group you are buying for throw some drinks or snacks inside. These ca be customized with names, companies, or brand on it.

Rainbow Cosmetic Bags

Rainbow Cosmetic Bags

Planning a woman’s retreat or needing gifts for a large group of Women these inspiration rainbow cosmetic bags would be perfect! You can toss in a few goodies as well.

Soft Bulk Fleece Throw Blankets

Soft Bulk Fleece Throw Blankets

Who doesn’t love a soft blanket? Even better when its a gift. These come in a rainbow of colors and are ultra soft! Perfect for outdoor group events or even to throw in a swag bags at corporate events.

black notepads with a pen

Executive Notebooks Set with Pen 

Handy notepad and pen combos are always a total win. Perfect to toss in swag bags, have at company meetings, or even to give away at weddings. Notespads are always needed.

Gift Ideas For a Large Group - White mugs with different inner color.

Custimizable Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are always a great bulk gift options, especially if you can customize it like these ones. Select the interior color and have any logo, name, or design added to it.

Gift Ideas For a Large Group - Eight sets of hotel style slippers, each a different color with a differnt print on them.

Personalized Hotel Slippers 

Slippers, everyone needs a nice pair of slippers! These can be given out to wedding guests, corporate events, or just a bulk Christmas gift to everyone. Add whatever you want to them!

Gift Ideas For a Large Group - Box with rose spa gifts in it, bath bomb, salts, and more.

Rose Spa Gift Set

These beautiful Rose Spa Gift Set are sold in bulk orders making them as easy group gift idea! Who doesn’t appreciate a little spa set to help them unwind after a long day.

Large Group Gift Ideas

These gifts are great group gifts for a bunch of people. Whether that’s giving to a family, office (think for the staff room), team, or organization these bigger gifts are meant to be shared by a large group of people.

espresso machine

Espresso Machine

Okay what group wouldn’t want one of these? It’s an Espresso Machine With Grinder, Milk Frother, Barista Espresso Coffee Machine With Removable Water Tank for Cappuccinos or Lattes! Offices, corporate places, or even a large family would LOVE one of these.

mini beverage refrigerator

101 Can Beverage Refrigerator

Whether you are buying for an office, group space, or even a large family everyone could use this 1010 can beverage refrigerator. If you plan to purchase for an office definitely grab some drinks to toss in there!

arcade game miss. pac man

Arcade Game

How amazing who it be to own your own personal Pac man game?! Any office or group area would love to have one of these to blow off some steam in their spare time.

 4 in 1 Multi Function Game Table

 4 in 1 Multi Function Game Table

Foosball table, air hockey, ping pong, and pool table! This multi function tale would be great in a staff room!

Instant Hot & Cold Filtered Water Dispenser

Instant Hot & Cold Filtered Water Dispenser

Having hot and cold water on hand is essential for any workplace or group gathering location. Have some tea bags, coffee, and other items near by and trust me staff moral will be higher.

5-Container Ice Cream Topping Candy Wall Mount Dispenser

Candy Wall Mount Dispenser

Can you imagine having one of these in your business or office? You can use these candy wall mount dispensers for more than candy. Cereal, trail mix, and even ice-cream toppings! Think of how the moral would instantly go up having them.

large popcorn machine

Popcorn Machine

Is there anything better than the smell of freshly popped popcorn? Imagine having one of these in your office, event space, or even in your home for your family. This would make a great gift for a large group.

Electric Square Hot Tub

Electric Square Hot Tub

This may just be the ultimate group gift idea. Who hasn’t always wanted a hot tub? No one would say to no to having one of these available.

Projector and Screen Combo

Projector and Screen Combo

Offices, corporate events, or even large family gatherings would love to have one of these! A projector and screen can make presentations, and movie nights way better.

bar cart with many types of booze, drinkware and more

Bar Cart

Haven’t you always wanted a bar? This ones on wheels so it can easily be put away and brought out during office parties, corporate events, or if it’s for a family gift; holidays and parties. Make sure to fully stock it!

Hopefully our list of gift ideas for a large group helped you find the perfect gift! If you still need some ideas check out these ideas for office exchange gift ideas and boss gift ideas.

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