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20 Gift Ideas for Your Wife’s 60th Birthday

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Like a great bottle of wine, women just get more awesome with age. That might make it hard for you to please her and life more difficult when it comes to getting the perfect gift for her 60th birthday.

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Our list of sensational gift ideas will have her breathless and you in her good books for a very long time.


Gift Ideas for Your Wife’s 60th Birthday

Adjustable desk easel

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Encourage her creativity to emerge when she’s retiring.

Laptop Canvas sleeve

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Any 60 year old would adore this adorable laptop bag.

Silver cuff bracelet

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This gorgeous set will warm her heart in a short amount of time.

Crystal pendant chains

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Give her this gift to help her balance and center herself.

Leather weekend bag

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This bag is perfect for your weekends away.

Bling passport cover

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This passport holder will help her be the envy ay customs.

Vintage round case

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We all know that the weekend bag is not enough for just a weekend, so this bag will give her more packing space.

Printable wall art

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Help her to keep focus with this wall art.

Bumper sticker

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This bumper sticker is sure to help her resist having to honk that horn.

Straight ankle jeans

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These pants will have her swooning for you as long as she wears it.

Shag Jacket

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Give her this jacket to keep her warm for when you’re not around.

White chocolate truffles

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These choccies are so delicious that it will melt her heart almost as fast as it melts in her mouth.

Vintage Astronomy book

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An avid Astronomer would revel at receiving this vintage book.

Personalized drumming sticks

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Your 60 year old drummer would be overjoyed at every jam session.

Active fitness band

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Give this gift to your action lover wifey to help her to keep active.

Leopard print cellphone case

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This cellphone case will make her feel like she’s Katy Perry, Roaring all the way to her friends.

Monogram mug

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This gift will keep her warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold. Aaaand a bit of flair with her own initial.

Cooking with plants Cookbook by Anja Cass

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This book will have her cooking up healthy meals for you in no time. Looks like you benefit too.


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Give your loved one these shades to keep her eyes protected and looking cool all at the same time.

Electric Corkscrew

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No more struggling to get the wine bottle open. Saving precious time that could be well spent sipping on some delicious nectar.

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