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90th Granite, Diamond or Emerald Anniversary Gift Ideas

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When it comes to celebrating a 90th wedding anniversary, it is one of the rarest ones to be able to celebrate. The gifts for this wonderfully momentous occasion can be granite, diamond, or emerald. This list is full of plenty of ideas from each type of gift. You will find some stunning gift ideas that fit the classic items for anniversary gifts.

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Special 90th Granite, Diamond or Emerald Anniversary Gift Ideas

Customized Granite Name Plate

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This customized granite name plate can have their last name on it and be a keepsake to keep, and then pass on to their children or grandchildren.

Triple Raw Blue Diamond Ring

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A stunning triple raw blue diamond ring for a stunning wife who has stuck by your side for nearly your whole life.

Raw Emerald Necklace

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If she loves emerald, then a raw emerald necklace is a great choice. It is not “perfect,” just like your marriage is not perfect, but your lives together have been amazing.

Nauvoo Brick & Salt Lake Temple Granite Ring

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This lovely nauvoo brick and salt lake temple granite ring is great for either the husband or wife, or both of them.

14K White Gold Diamond Wedding Band

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With diamonds all around the ring, it is unique and beautiful!

Solid 9ct Gold Small Emerald Stud Earrings

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Her ears will look so lovely with these gold small emerald stud earrings displayed on them!

Light Granite & Rose Gold Dipped Triangle Stud Earrings

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Wow! Artsy and unique earrings that match her personality!

Diamonds Pi Necklace

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If either of you is a math whiz, or loves “pi,” this necklace is for you.

Emerald Morse Code Necklace

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Give your spouse a secret message in morse code, with your very own emerald morse code necklace to do it with.

Marble Granite Minimalist Bauble Bubble Circle Earrings

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These marble granite minimalist bauble bubble circle earrings are simply stunning and artistic. Plus, they will go with whatever outfit she chooses to wear.

Diamond Shaped Brooch

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The diamond shaped brooch is great for the wife who doesn’t care much for jewelry. She can clip it to her blouse or blazer, and forget about it but look great with it on at the same time.

Raw Emerald Bracelet

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This beautiful raw emerald bracelet is one of the most stunning things to grace her wrist.

Kolob Salt Lake Temple Granite & Opal Glow Wedding Ring

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Now, this is the kind of ring I would love to have, so simple yet so beautiful! And either one of you can wear a design like this!

Diamond Heart Locket Necklace

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Put some meaningful pictures of the two of you inside this diamond heart necklace and she can hold it dear to her heart, wherever she goes.

Emerald Climbing Earrings


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These emerald climbing earrings will grace her whole ear when she wears them.

Black Granite House Number Plate

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It is about time you get a black granite house number plate to replace the old one!

14K Diamond Cross Ring

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For the couple of faith, a diamond cross ring is the best gift you could give!

Raw Rough Emerald Necklace

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A raw and rough emerald necklace for a raw and rough, but amazing, spouse.

Neutral White and Granite Ring Dish

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Your spouse can keep their rings, watches, and other jewelry or keepsakes safe on this neutral white and granite ring dish.

Herkimer Diamond Choker Necklace

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If a regular length necklace isn’t their thing, then a diamond choker necklace might just be the right fit.

Granite, diamond, and emerald gifts are not hard to come by, but the ones in this list are some of the best ones!

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