30+ Clock 1st Anniversary Gifts | Modern First Anniversary Gift Ideas

30+ Clock 1st Anniversary Gifts

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Looking for a fun way to incorporate traditional anniversary gifts into your relationship, without them seeming stodgy and old fashioned?

Woohoo! We've made it through the first year of marriage as newlyweds. It's time for anniversary presents. I love the idea of following the traditional anniversary gifts list. The modern 1st anniversary gift is a clock. This post has so many great ideas, definitely visit to check them out!

We’ve got you covered! There are three systems for gift ideas, the Britsh traditional anniversary gift list, the US traditional anniversary gift list and the Modern anniversary gift list which was created by librarians at the Chicago Public Library.

We have dozens of paper first anniversary gift ideas, to give you even more ideas.

What is the modern first anniversary gift?

A clock! Now, not all of us need a new wall clock, so what sort of variations on the theme can we find?

Read on for lots of great and creative ideas.

Clock 1st Anniversary Gifts

Paper Clock Kit

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

These two options will give you a two-for-one anniversary present. You can incorporate both the traditional paper and the modern clock. These are perfect for someone who likes to tinker, or someone who will really appreciate the dual-significance of the gift.

Apple Watch

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Apple watches are still the leaders in wearable tech in the watch category. They’re also a pricey piece of tech, which makes them an awesome gift.

Grandfather Clock

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Are you looking for a long lasting gift? The grandfather clock is absolutely a legacy gift that will be with you for decades.

Grandmother Clock

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Looking for a marginally smaller clock do adorn your house? Go for the grandmother clock, the slightly smaller relative of the grandfather clock.

Wooden Clock Kit

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Another gift for the project-maker, this clock is assembled out of wooden pieces, which remain visible so you can watch the time pass, tick by tick.

Mantel Clock

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Not quite ready for the statement of a grandfather clock? A mantle clock keeps the classic-look of a formal living room as well as the longevity, without needing to devote the space or weight requirements of the grandfather clock.

Desktop Clock

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There are a multitude of gorgeous desktop clocks, fitting all of the decor styles that you can think of. Look for a combination that works for your spouse’s aesthetic while still fitting your budget.

Bicycle Computer

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Let’s get more creative on the theme of “clock” now, shall we? A nice bike computer provides a ton of very helpful information for a cyclists. I can’t live without mine!

Speed Gun for Baseball

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Perhaps your spouse is more into baseball than cycling; if that’s the case, have they always dreamed of owning a speed gun? This anniversary can be their chance!


Buy from Amazon

There are a lot of different sports that thrive on the use of a high quality stop watch. Help your spouse up their game, or pay it forward as a coach by getting them a good stop watch.


Buy from Amazon

Count the time spent enjoying your backyard with a sundial. Half of the fun will be installing it in the correct direction and learning how to read the time correctly. Once that’s done, pull up a chair and a glass of wine to enjoy relaxing in your yard.

Solar Clock


Buy from Amazon

Combine a love for eco-friendly gifts with your first anniversary gift in the form of a solar clock. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, from clocks for the garden to window-mounts that utilize the daylight inching its way into your home.

Multi Time Zone Watch

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Do you need to keep track of the times that your mother in law might decide to call from overseas? Perhaps the opening of the Nikkei always needs to be at your fingertips. If so, a multi time zone watch is what you want to be gifted.

Multi Time Zone Clock

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Do you secretly wish that you lived in a hotel? Give yourself the same feeling by purchasing your spouse a multi time zone clock. Slightly more seriously, these make a perfect gift if your relationship spans multiple time zones. Label each clock with a city or locale that is important to your history together.

Projection Alarm Clock


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There are a whole series of alarm clocks that will project right across the room or onto your roof!

Countdown Clock

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Does your spouse have a big goal coming up? Perhaps a retirement? There are a whole serious of countdown clocks out there, including clocks that countdown until the next election.

Egg Timer

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Looking to drop a hint that you’re wanting breakfast in bed? Try to set the stage by picking up an egg timer for your spouse.

No guarantees it will work!

Kitchen Timer

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Perfectly time the searing of a steak with a handy kitchen timer. The way to the heart is through the stomach!

Shower Clock

Buy from Amazon

Rock out to some jams in the shower in the morning with this waterproof shower clock that is also a bluetooth speaker. Extra handy if your spouse has a tendency to day dream about winning $10 million dollars so they don’t have to go to work, resulting in them being late to work.


Buy from Amazon

If your spouse has a penchant for the traditional, or black tie events, a pocket watch may be just the thing. If they;’re into steampunk, they probably already have a collection, as well as a nice one they’ve been eyeing up for awhile.

Time Lapse Tripod Head

Buy from Amazon
If your spouse is a photographer, they will love playing with this new toy, a time lapsed panoramic tripod that slowly rotates. This one is also adaptable to a GoPro.

Handmade Wooden Desktop Clock

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This gorgeous wooden desktop clock also has a silent alarm function in it. It’s also handmade, which is always a nice touch.

Cube LED Display Alarm Clock

Buy from Amazon

This very modern looking LED display would fit well in a minimalist decor scheme.

Novelty Googly Eyes Clock

Buy from Amazon

Got a jokester for a spouse? Perhaps a school teacher who would love this addition to their classroom? These moving googly eyes are actually a clock!

LED USB Clock Fan

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Another two in one, this flexible USB powered fan is also a clock!

Water Powered Clock

Buy from Amazon

Similar to the solar clock, this clock doesn’t require batteries… but instead of sun, this one powers itself for up to three months on water!

Bicycle Desk Clock

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This clock is absolutely adorable and many a wife would love it as a desk accessory.

Mini Fish Tank Clock

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This puppy is the Swiss army knife of clocks… it’s got a light, plugs into a USB, displays the time amongst other things, AND it’s a fish tank. Yup, a fish tank.

Retro Flip Clock

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This stylish desktop clock is fashioned off of vintage flip clocks, like grandpa’s old alarm clock or the flip boards in a railway station.

Weather Station

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Get the time and a whole heap of other useful information in the form of a weather station.

There you have it, more than thirty clock 1st anniversary gifts to help you pick the perfect modern-themed gift.

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