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20 Alternatives To Legos

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There are other great alternatives to Legos out there. Legos are wonderful, but you don’t need to only have them to get creative in building stuff. Other cool things are out there and they sometimes offer a little more than what Legos do.

I like to look for ways to maximize usage and skill-building while still playing. What is also great about these alternatives to Legos is that they do have similar concepts, but also have their own characteristics as an individual and as you check out the list you will learn what they are.

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These will give various ways to use those motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative and critical thinking skills. And you don’t even realize all this is going on because you are playing and having fun! What a great way to increase STEM learning too. You also have the ability to have both structured and unstructured play, to be flexible in how they are used. 

If you like lego you’re also going to love the building toys on this list!

Unique Alternatives to Legos for Kids of All Ages

Check out this super builders list for alternatives to legos. Which of these have you heard of and or tried out before?

Magformers Basic Set (62-pieces) Magnetic Building Blocks, Educational Magnetic Tiles, Magnetic Building STEM Toy, Multi-colored, Model Number: 63070

Magformers Toy Building Set

Using triangles and squares you will be able to create some interesting builds while igniting all kinds of learning. Math, geometry and various other things are being learned all while building fun stuff.

You would need to do a little more testing and trying out different ways to build because you are using squares and triangles. But it is fun and you help build self esteem as you find out just how many builds can really be created.

MAGNA-TILES Classic 100-Piece Magnetic Construction Set, The ORIGINAL Magnetic Building Brand

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors

A different take on using different types of squares and triangles to make various builds. The unique bonus of these magna tiles is that they are magnetic which allows you to build flat, 2D and 3D builds!!

So get a couple of sets and spend hours coming up with all types of builds. Another great part is because the colors are transparent, you can use flashlights and other light sources to discover even more fun.

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Deluxe Building Set, Gear Toy, STEM Learning Toy, 100 Pieces, Ages 4+

Learning Resources Gears!

Gears are another excellent alternative become they interconnect with each-other. They are all circles which means you will have to get more creative using and improving more of your skills figuring out and completing various builds. The set also comes with axles and a few other items to expand the build capabilities.

Creating builds with moving parts makes you really get creative and helps improve even more skills because you would need to make sure the moving builds don’t come apart while moving. Great cognitive and problem solving skills are learned and improved.

ZOOB BuilderZ S.T.E.M. Challenge Moving Building Modeling System, 220 Piece Kids Construction Set

ZOOB BuilderZ S.T.E.M. Challenge

Let’s add some challenge to your builds. This set will help push your creative skills even further. Get together with a partner and see what you can come up with. With thirty-two challenges and over forty creations you will have plenty of fun while making some interesting builds.

Challenge your friends to join you for added laughter and a little competition to help your grow and improve more skills. We have more STEM gift ideas here. 

Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Monster Truck Building Set, 67 pieces

Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Monster Truck Lighted Construction Toy

These tinted construction bricks builds different versions of trucks so you get multi-usage from your bricks. With an added feature of light you can also use them in a darkened area. Create six different builds and use them with your friends to have little truck races.

Battat- Bristle Blocks- STEM Interlocking Building Blocks- 56pc Playset- Developmental Toys for Toddlers & Kid- Basic Builder Box- 2 Years +

Bristle Blocks

These building blocks interlock using bristles. They can be connected in many ways to make various types of builds. The bristles are great for sensory seekers too because of how they feel. The colors are nice and vibrant. Imagination plus skill building will help create some pretty interesting structures.

Kids Adventure Jumbo Blocks - (72) Piece Big Blocks - 4' x 4' Large ADD -ON KIT Building Blocks for Toddlers -Made in The USA - Add on to Any existing Jumbo Blocks

Kids Adventure Jumbo Blocks Learner Set

These large building bricks are easy to use and maneuver into nice structures. Create all kinds of imaginative builds, maybe even a small fort! How cool would your castle be with these bricks? Make a brick “tightrope” and practice balancing walking across.

Challenge the kids to see how many things they can build and have fun while doing so.

VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Set, Ages 3+, Interlocking Plastic Disc Toy for Creative Building, Educational STEM Learning, Construction Block Play for Kids, Teens, Adults, Boys, and Girls

Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

These interlocking discs are easy to connect and opens up lots of imaginative creativity for all kinds of builds. Create things like balls, trees, animals and more.

Challenge yourself to see how many various builds you can do. These discs help you with different skills and anyone can use them. Great for kids that need some help with motor skills, hand-eye coordination and other skills.

TOYLI 100 Piece Linking Cubes Set, Counting Blocks, STEM, Connecting Blocks, Math Link Cubes, Math Manipulatives, Educational Toys for 5 Year Old

Magic Cubes Set

Fun interlocking cubes can be made into various structures. Who can build the tallest tower or how many stories can your house be? Various build possibilities from a house, to a tree even a ferris wheel! Challenge yourself or a friend to see how many things you can build. Get a couple of sets and make larger builds with more options.

Clip Connect 100 Pieces | Diameter 1.5', Interlocking Solid Plastic Building Blocks Set Early STEM Educational Toy for Preschool Kids Boys and Girls, Promotes Fine Motor Skills & Sensory Development

Mighty Molecules Big Size, Interlocking Pieces

Create colorful and interesting builds from nature such as flowers and trees, to birds, people and various other structures.

Challenge yourself to make different things such as little houses and other 3D builds. Help kids learn things like physics and other important skills, they won’t even know their brain is learning. Get a couple of sets and increase the possibilities of what you can make.

Guidecraft IO Blocks Minis - 900 Piece Set, Miniature Building STEM Educational, Learning Toy for Kids

Guidecraft IO Blocks

These interesting interlocking pieces also have some that are curved. You can make some interesting builds from automobiles, aircrafts, boats, people, animals and many other fun structures. This set comes with 1,000 pieces giving ample opportunities to make many things at a time.

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set - 18 pieces, Blue/Red/Yellow

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set

Get your toddler started with all the fun of building with these fun and colorful easy to interlock waffle shaped blocks. These are big enough that when combined with a couple of sets you can configure toddler forts and tunnels too. Lots of fun indoors and outdoors for the little ones.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit, Over 100 Projects, Full Color Project Manual, 28 Parts, STEM Educational Toy for Kids 8 +

Snap Circuits Jr.

Get more detailed with building and snap up some interesting structures. These have an electronic bonus for added fun and adventure. Build more intricate things from flying saucers, lasers, even fans. Get really creative and challenge your ability to see how far you can push yourself.  

Geniteen Building Blocks Set, London Tower Bridge Model Micro Mini Blocks, 3800 PCS Architecture Model Kits

Geniteen Micro Blocks, British Tower Bridge Model

Want more of a challenge. These micro bricks are your answer. The bricks are for more advanced builders with more details. Build your British Tower for fun or to keep as part of a collection, either way, you will love these micro bricks.

Nanoblock - 2 Sets Bundle - Hitokage and Bulbasaur (Fushigidane) - Adjustable Pokemon Characters (Japan Import)


Nano-Blocks are really interesting because they create a 3D mini world. This is a set of two fun Pokemon characters. Get into details and create your own model that also looks great displayed on a shelf!

PLUS PLUS - Open Play Set - 1200 Piece - Basic Color Mix, Construction Building Stem Toy, Interlocking Mini Puzzle Blocks for Kids

Plus-Plus Basic Assortment

Rubberlike bricks allow you to make all kinds of builds in flat, 2D and 3D. With the bricks having a rubberlike material the pieces easily fit together and you can create builds that have some curve to them.

How tall can you make your building, how about a dump truck for more challenge, what type of bridge or fort will you make? The possibilities are limitless get as detailed and creative as you like.

Qubits STEM Construction Set - 100 Pieces: an Open Play Engineering and Building Toy (Alternative to Blocks)

Qubits Mega Kit – Interlocking Building Toy

You can create various types of builds from small structures to large towers and bridges. What will you challenge yourself to build, a drone frame, a motorcycle even monster trucks. Get a couple of kits and have challenges with friends and connect builds together. If they are into building a robot, check out this cool list of robotic gifts

Guidecraft Better Builders 60 - Piece Magnetic Ball and Rod Construction Set, Stem Educational Building Toy

Better Builders Set First Magnetic Construction Toy

These magnetic rods and balls will get your little one started in the life of being a builder. With curved and straight pieces they can easily build various things. They will learn many skills as they build different things like towers, forts, bridges and many other things.

EverBlock 24' x 48' Colorful Desk Kit

EverBlock 24″ x 48″ Colorful Desk Kit

Make life size things like a unique desk, a cool fort or castle and various other lifesize structures! With these large bricks you can build wall partitions, seats and other fun things that can be let up for a fun and unique design or change out some bricks and make it into something else. Get a couple of sets to add more possibilities and build longer or larger structures.

ITSPHUN 104-Piece Geometric Construction Kit

ITSPHUN Geometric Construction Kit

These colorful interlocking pieces can create interesting 2D and 3D builds. You aren’t limited to block style builds, you can easily make curved structures including balls. It is a softer food grade plastic making them really durable too. Use the guide to follow how to make pre-guided builds or use your imagination and creativity to make whatever comes to mind.

There you have it, 20 different alternatives so that Legos aren’t your only building options. With the variety of types of materials you can get more creative with your builds. You will still benefit from many educational aspects such as math, science, physics and many other things. Improve skills as well.

Foster a new hobby, a love for building things. Help children learn so many things and they won’t even notice because they are having fun playing. Great addition to family nights, have mini competitions with friends and more. What intricate things can you make with each of these sets of building materials? Which sets are you adding to your builder’s hobby?

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