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Creative Gift Ideas for the Letter G for Adults

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The letter G can be a fun letter to work with, if you are considering a gift that starts with it! That’s why we made our gift ideas for the letter G gift guide. There are so many possibilities to come up with a thoughtful and nice gift for someone you know! Read through and try out some of these gifts for your next gift giving opportunity!

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Gift Ideas for the Letter G

Because it’s more fun that way. If you need more letters, check out this one for the letter H or our ultimate guide here

Garden Guide by Sarah Olver

A gardening guide is perfect for gift ideas for the letter G.

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For that friend that has a green thumb… or not. This garden guide can help either one start a garden or help their existing one thrive.

Glass Cat Figurine

A glass cat is perfect for gift ideas for the letter G.

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A glass cat figurine for the cat lover in your life. It is so pretty to look at and makes for a good piece of decoration.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Hat

Glow in the dark ghost hat

Ghosts and glow-in-the-dark go so well together. This hat is so awesome that it’s not only perfect for Halloween, but also just for fun!

Gold Ball Stud Earrings

A lady needs some of these for gift ideas for the letter G.

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These gold ball stud earrings are a beautiful gift for that special lady in your life. She will feel so pretty and elegant when she puts them on!

Gravity Movie

Gift ideas for the letter G has this movie definitely on the list.

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The Gravity movie was a huge hit in theaters. If you have a friend who enjoyed the movie or likes space movies, snatch this one up and give it to them!

Green Moose Print Infinity Scarf

Green moose infinity scarf

Scarves are pretty and versatile. This one has a moose print and is perfect for that outdoorsy or animal lover friend in your life.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The 5th edition of this game would make a wonderful gift ideas for the letter G.

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Know someone who loves to play the Grand Theft Auto games? Get them the 5th edition to play on one of the gaming systems they own.

Grey Slipper Socks

Gift ideas for the letter G for the friend who likes to stay cozy.

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Slipper socks are cozy and nice to wear around the house without worrying about slipping on the tile or wood floors. Your friend will appreciate these to keep their feet warm around their house.

Groundhog Day Tee Shirt

groundhog day tee shirt

If you want to get your friend a Groundhog Day shirt, either as a gig gift or because they enjoy the day itself, this one is a wonderful choice!

Galaxy Poster Fantasy Earth Print

Galaxy poster that starts with the letter g

This galaxy Earth poster is a beautiful piece of art and decor for your friend to put up on their wall.

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Galavant Season 2 Artwork T-Shirt

Galavant for gift ideas for the letter G

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Is your friend a fan of Galavant? Get this season two artwork t-shirt to proudly wear as a gift from you.

Gazebo Canopy Sun Shelter

Gift ideas for the letter G for the people who love the outdoors.

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Spending time outdoors when it’s warm is an enjoyable pastime. Your friend will need shade to protect them from the heat of the sun, and this is a great choice just for that!

Gelato!: Italian Ice Creams, Sorbetti, and Granite by Pamela Sheldon-Johns

Gift ideas for the letter G for the people who cook.

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For those that enjoy eating gelato and other Italian desserts, get this recipe book so they can put something tasty together at home!

George Foreman Grill

For your healthy friend you need a gift ideas for the letter G for.

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Grills are great tools for cooking up healthy meals or just cooking in general. These George Foreman grills are small and don’t take up a lot of space which is incredibly useful for those who are crunched for space.

Germany: A Guide to the Must-See Cities in Germany! By Sam Spector

Gift ideas for the letter G for your friend who likes to travel.

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A good choice for a friend who is about to visit Germany, or plans to in the future. That way they won’t miss all the must-see cities while they’re there!

Guess Who? Board Game

Guess who? Gift ideas for the letter G, that's who!

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Board games are fun to play and the Guess Who? Board game is a classic! It can be a fun party game or just for family nights too.

Guinness World Records 2017

Gift ideas for the letter G probably include a few world records!

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The Guinness book of world records is a fun book to read, to see what amazing feats others have accomplished and maybe even to challenge yourself or a friend to beat a record that is in there.

Goldfish Watercolor Painting

Goldfish waterercolor painting

A goldfish watercolor painting might be a better choice than actually getting someone goldfish, as it requires no maintenance and is just pretty to look at!

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Glasses Case with Floral Print

Glasses case with floral pattern

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Anyone who wears glasses has to keep them safe from getting broken or scratched when they’re not wearing them, so this floral print glasses case is a pretty place to put them to keep them safe and whole.

Giraffe Wall Art Print

Giraffe art print

This giraffe wall art print is pretty and elegant. If you have a friend who enjoys giraffes, you should order this print for them to hang up on their wall.

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As you can see, there is such a wide variety of “G” letter gift ideas to choose from. So if you go that route, be sure to check out some of the ones listed here!

For more inspiration, here is the ultimate list of gifts that start with every letter of the alphabet.

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