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20 Robotics Gifts for Kids

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If you are shopping for your child, you have to see these robotics gifts for kids! Have a little robotic engineer in your house? Robots are not just fun toys; they’re a great way to get kids interested in robotics and practice their STEM skills in a fun way. These kid-friendly gifts are perfect ideas for robotic enthusiasts of all ages.

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20 Imaginative Robotics Gifts For Kids

Any child that receives one of these presents is sure to smile from ear to ear! 

Mecca Spider

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Probably one of my worst nightmares since I’m arachnophobic, but kids will delight in constructing this robotic spider and terrorizing their housemates with its eight remote-controlled legs. Yikes.


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How about a robot tank that you can build yourself using modular pieces? You can make a self-balancing robot, racing car, and even an amphibious vehicle.

DIY Smart Robotic Car

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Not your regular toy car, that’s for sure! What I like about this one is that the code is open source so you can modify the programming yourself.

Future Robotics Engineer Shirt

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Sometimes the future is already planned out for you. A perfect shirt to wear while they tinker with and program their robots.

Doodling Robot

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Why draw when a robot can do it for you? This one is a fun toy for kids who are just getting introduced to the world of robotics.

Robotics Workshop

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Instead of getting a specific robot this kit has a bunch of pieces that kids can use to assemble their own creations. Open-ended activities like this are great for scientific creativity!

Lego Gadgets

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Low-tech toys are a great start to building robots. This Lego kit will get kids who are too young for complicated wiring and programming making all kinds of machines – no batteries required.

BB-8 Droid

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For the Star Wars fan on your list, this BB-8 is a perfect robotic gift. With a remote control, kids can make their favorite droid move around just like in the movie.

Robotics Kit

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Everything they need to build eight different robots is included in this kit. There’s also detailed step by step instructions so kids can build all on their own.

Nintendo Labo Robot

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If you’re gifting to a kid who owns a Nintendo Switch, this is perfect. The kit comes with a cardboard robot suit and a game. Kids wear the suit they build while playing to become a giant robot!

How Things Work Book

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If you want to get, them studying how robots work a book like this makes a great gift. Perfect for inquisitive minds.

Tin Can Robot

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How about making robots out of recycled materials? This kit is really inexpensive to get started with robotics and is both cute and simple.

Builderblocks Kit

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If your kid is into building toys like Lego this kit can push them into the field of robotics. Snap the 303 piece kit together to make a working grabber or digging robot that kids can then control from their device.

Snap Circuits

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One of my favorite engineering toys, these kits give kids an easy way into learning about electricity and circuit boards. A fundamental toy that will help them work with robotics later.

Little Bot Building Kit

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Kids can assemble this cute, 3D printed robot themselves and then remote control it via Bluetooth. There are also accessories you can buy!


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A more open-ended choice, this kit comes with reusable pieces and a series of challenge cards to get kids being creative and exploring their STEM skills.

80 Piece Construction Set

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Why have just one project when you can have 80? This kit comes with glow-in-the-dark marbles, UV keychain, and instructions so kids can make a glowing marble run.

Fighting Robot

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Perfect if you have two kids (or in my house twins) to buy for. Why not make a robot fight your battles for you?

Unicorn Robot Kit

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Building your own mythical creature is now possible! It uses Blockly coding to program the robot and has a tonne of movement options.

Makeblock Robot

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This little guy might look cute, but he’s full of functionality. Built it by the instructions or however you want and then program him to play games, solve puzzles, and even follow lines.

Robotic gifts are also an excellent present for interested parents as well – now you have a project to do with the kids!

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