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20 April Fool’s Day Pranks You Can Buy

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I absolutely love pranks and practical jokes, so April Fool’s Day is always a big hit in my house. There are some things you can DIY, like my famous “freeze the kid’s cereal and watch them cry” prank, but these bought pranks are definitely going to get a few laughs at your house (if not from them then from you).

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Prank Gift Box

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You can put a gift inside this, or not. Either way there are tonnes of prank gift boxes to choose from so you can prank your friends and family over and over.

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

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This prank is perfect for at home or the office. Get them when they’re at their weakest with this talking toilet paper spindle.

Card Maze

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This is a great way to prank your spouse. Take their credit card, put it inside this contraption, and make them work extra hard when they go to buy something.

Broken Phone Screen

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Literally my worst nightmare, and with 5 kids this has happened to me more than once, so I would definitely fall for it.

Dehydrated Water

Buy Now

Leave this hilarious bottle lying around and puzzle everyone around you. Just add water!

Voice/Motion Activated Stickers

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Set these up somewhere and watch people yell and flail trying to get the non-existent sensors to activate. Maybe record it for future blackmail.

Roaming Cockroaches

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Absolutely terrifying because these cockroaches look pretty real, especially moving and from far away.

Prank Candle

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This candle starts off smelling nice and then changes to be terrible. Just when they were seeing you as a thoughtful person, too.

Spilled Pop Can

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Another one I would probably believe. Just leave this can anywhere people wouldn’t want a drink spilled for the perfect practical joke.

Fake Pregnancy Test

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I actually think this one’s kind of cruel, but also a little bit perfect if you prank the right person. The pregnancy test is always positive.

TV Jamming Remote

Buy Now

What’s more fun than quietly messing with the TV as someone else is watching it? Try to suppress your fits of giggles are they fumble with the remote desperately searching for what the problem could be,

Fake Outlets

Buy Now

Ever been desperately searching for an outlet only to find out it’s just a sticker? Well, you won’t be, but someone will with this prank.

Remote Controller Mouse

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Although this works best on people afraid of mice, no one will be too pleased with a little rodent running around the house or office. The remote control means you can chase your unsuspecting victims, too.

Stink Spray

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Ew. A squirt of this stuff will make everything smell terrible, so use it wisely. Like in a crowded elevator.

Pranklopedia Book

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Just in case you need some prankspiration, this book will lead you on the path to pratical joke genius.

Computer Prank

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Prank them good this April Fool’s using this nifty device. Plug it into their computer and it will immediately start messing with their mouse and screen, or pre-plug into yours before letting them use it.

Fart Modulator

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The classic, juvenile whoopie cushion prank gets new life with one of these fart modulators. You can control the pitch, volume, and obviousness of the fart.

Golf Ball Glass Prank

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So cruel. This prank makes it look like there’s a golf ball smashed into their car windshield. So, for April Fool’s day head on over to the golf course and stick a few of these babies on.

Green Screen

Buy Now

If you YouTube loving kid likes to make their own videos, why not get them a green screen to take it to the next level. Perfect for special effects or facecam videos.

Prank Pack

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Can’t decide what to get? Pick up a prank pack, or give it as a gift for a practical joker in your life. Either way it’s the perfect ensemble of gags.

With these April Fool’s Day pranks you’re definitely going to annoy impress your family and friends. Get shopping!

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