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20 Gift Ideas for a Long Distance Friend

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Do you have a friend who lives a million miles away? Show her how much you miss her with one of this 20 gift ideas for a long distance friend. She’ll totally appreciate these fun and thoughtful gifts!

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Gift Ideas for a Long Distance Friend

Miss You Mug

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Tell your long distance friend how you really feel with this cute but simple mug!

I Miss Your Face Candle

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This is a gorgeous soy candle with an important message! Give this gift to your long distance friend and whenever she lights that candle, she’ll think of you!

Always Under the Same Sky Bracelet

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This pretty, understated bracelet is a lovely gift to remind your friend that no matter how far away you are, you’re always under the same sky!

Love is Greater Than Distance Keychain

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Give your long distance friend this gift and each day she’ll leave the house and be reminded that you’re both two halves of a whole!

Cute Artwork

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Put a smile on your friend’s face with this nostalgic artwork.

Why You’re My Bestie Journal

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Your long distance friend will love opening up this book and reading all of the reasons why you love her!

Partners in Crime Necklace

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This funny necklace is a great gift that will remind your friend how great things are when you’re together!

Friendship is…

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Show your long distance friend how much you appreciate her with this lovely gift book.

Travel Fund Piggy Bank

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 Give your pal this gift and help her to start saving up for her next visit!

Carry On Cocktail Champagne Kit

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This gift will make your friend’s next flight over that little bit more fun.

Time Capsule for Two

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Fill out this Time Capsule together to capture the memories of your current lives. You’ll find out more about each other, and give yourselves a way to revisit this time years into the future!

Weekly Planner

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Give your long distance friend this gift so she can plan in your next visit.

Miss You Bear

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Show your friend how you feel with this super cute bear!


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Get this scrapbook, fill it with your favourite friendship memories, send it off and wait for her amazed reaction!

Letter Writing Set

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Go old school with this cute letter writing set! Your long distance friend will love getting pen to paper and writing you a long, therapeutic letter about her day.

Cocktail Making Kit

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Give her this cocktail making kit so she can start practicing for your next visit!

Phone Stand

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This phone stand is a great gift if you spend hours chatting to your long distance friend. Now she can Facetime you without her arms aching!

Journey Planner

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If you live far away from your friend, why not go on vacation together to get some quality friendship time in? This journey planner is a brilliant gift and your friend will have fun planning your next girl’s vacation.

Lindt Truffles

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Give her the gift of these delicious Lindt Truffles so she can make herself feel a little bit better when she misses you.

Serenflipty: 30 Everyday Adventure Cards

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These 30 Everyday Adventure Cards are a great gift for your long distance friend. She’ll be able to keep herself entertained when she’s bored without you!

Which of these fun gift ideas are you going to get for your long distance friend? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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