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20 SFW White Elephant Gifts That are Safe for the Office Christmas Party

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White elephant gift exchanges are getting super popular in the workplace, but not every gift that you see recommended is appropriate for work. Whether you want to be sure you don’t ruffle any feathers or have a conservative workplace, these SFW white elephant gifts are totally safe for the office Christmas party, but still hilarious.

Fun White Elephant Gift Ideas that are Safe for the Office Christmas Party | Coworker Joke Gifts | Fun Christmas Presents for Work | Gifts to Take to the Company Christmas Party

SFW White Elephant Gifts That Won’t Offend Anyone

It’s important to know your audience when making a joke. Is your boss going to appreciate a cutting board shaped like male genitalia? Even if they do, will HR? These gifts help take that guessing out of the equation. No offensive gifts – just fun and funny SFW white elephant gifts!

They’re also mostly gender-neutral, perfect for all kinds of gift exchanges at work.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter - The Tour de Pizza Bicycle Pizza Cutter has Dual Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheels - White Elephant Gifts - Funny Gifts - Kitchen Gadgets

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Drive that bike right over the pizza! It’s just practical enough to not be totally useless, but super silly as a SFW office white elephant gift too.

Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages

Bacon Bandages

You never know when you might need a bandage! Besides, bacon solves everything.

Jar of Ducks

They can keep it on their desk. Or, they can share ducks with everyone. They can even laugh about getting a jar of ducks at the office Christmas party. So many possibilities will be theirs once you gift them a jar of ducks.

JEDIST White Elephant Gifts, Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner, Rechargeable Desktop Vacuum Sweeper with USB Brush as Present to Suck up Fine Particle Bread Crumbs Dust Ash Pet Fur Eraser Waste(Blue)

Mini Desktop Vacuum

This is actually kind of useful! Great for that coworker who always has crumbs or other debris on their desk. Or the one who likes to keep things clean.

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Toilet Paper Puzzle, TP Hoarding - Funny and Unique Puzzle

Toilet Paper Puzzle

Ah, toilet paper. The best puzzle motif! Actually, this would be pretty tough to be honest – so much white.

White Elephant Gift Mug

Sometimes you just don’t know what to get! This mug understood the assignment.

French Fry Holder for Car , Funny Novelty White Elephant Gift or Stocking Stuffer for Men and Women

Car French Fry Holder

OK this is another practical and safe for work white elephant gift that’s great for the office gift exchange! Anyone who’s been through the drive through knows the struggle of finding the perfect place to put their fries. Pair it with a gift card if you can.

FreeNFond Funny Animal Paw Socks Gag Gifts for White Elephant Gift Exchange

Funny Animal Paw Socks

Imagine some of your coworkers wearing these!

Demotivational Pens

Too much positivity these days. Instead, gift your colleagues these hilarious DE-motivational pens this Christmas. Bonus points if they reflect the workplace you’re in.

Hold on Let Me Overthink This: 6x9 Lined Funny Work Notebook, 108 Page Office Gag Gift For Adults | Secret Santa Card Alternative & Coworker White Elephant Gift Idea

Let Me Overthink This Notebook

Finally a notebook that accurately displays its intended purpose.

AQKILO® Boxing Gloves Mini Finger Puppets, Knock Out Your Stress! Weird Stuff Random White Elephant Gifts, Red - 2Pcs

Mini Fingertip Boxing Gloves

You could even give two sets so the lucky recipient can pick a sparring partner to help burn off some steam. So funny.

Mini Desktop Kids’ Sandbox

Remember these as a kid? Well now that childlike zen can be yours with your very own desktop version! It even comes with sand and tiny toys.

QiyI Pizza Blanket for Adult Kids, Double Sided Giant Food Throw Blanket, Funny Pizza Gifts, 60' Novelty Round Blanket, Warm Soft Tortilla Blanket

Novelty Pizza Blanket

Warm and cozy, just like a pizza. Great easy white elephant gift that pretty much anyone will like.

Cafurty 2 PCS Apple-shaped Cute Memo Pad Set, 3D Fruit Shape Non-Sticky Memo Notes, Creative Practical Three-dimensional Table Decoration Post Notepads, Office Decorations Office Supplies

Silly Sticky Notes

Themed sticky notes can brighten up the office and be fun around the home. From apples to Finding Nemo, there are lots of options.

Positive Potato

Gotta stay positive! This potato can help with that. (Almost) totally useless gifts like this perfectly embody the white elephant gift spirit.

Boston Warehouse Lobster Claw Oven Mitts, One Size, Red

Funny Oven Mitts

Oven mitts are boring and practical But these ones? Hilarious.

Chicken Wing Soaps

Chicken Wing Soaps

No, that’s not a tasty bucket of chicken. These soaps are designed to look like fried chicken, which is both funny and also kind of useful. Give someone this gift and they’ll be able to say “get out the fancy soaps!” with confidence.

White Elephant Gift Candle sfw office gift exchange gifts

White Elephant Gift Candle

Another gift that understood the assignment. This one’s great for even the most conservative of offices, perfect if you want something silly and not too provocative.

UNIMV Dino Chicken Nugget Plush, Realistic Fun Dino Fried Chicken Nuggets Pillow Stuffed Toy for Gift for Boys and Girls (Mini Dino-5pc)

Dino Nuggies Pillows

These pillows are super trendy right now and are sure to be hit a at white elephant gift parties, especially in the office. So cute too!

Rackynass Nicolas Pillow Covers Sequin Pillow Cases Funny Gag Gifts White Elephant Gifts Reversible Sequin Pillow Cover Decorative Throw Cushion Case 16 x 16 Inches

Nicholas Cage Pillow

Ah, Nicholas Cage. This pillow will never not be funny. If you have a younger workplace or are gifting to a young person, they’ll definitely appreciate this hilarious gift.

The best office White Elephant advice seems to be know your audience (a little research goes a long way) and combinations of different items often cover your bases if you are really stuck.

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