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20 Awesome Map Gifts for Travelers

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Is your bestie a travel enthusiast? Does your mom go to France every summer? For friends or family who love to travel or even just love to think about travel, these map gifts for travelers are sure to please this holiday season!

These are great for my friends, whether they are traveling or just dreaming of traveling! Heck, I want most of them too.


Map Backpack

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If your friend attends classes of any kind or frequently backpacks, this bag is perfect! What traveler wouldn’t want a backpack that proclaims their fondness for maps? This map-print backpack is the perfect carry on for any journey!

Long-Distance Heart Pillow

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In a long distance friendship or relationship? Get a customized pillow with each your city/town/state/country maps connected in a heart.

Scratch Off World Map

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Help your friend keep track of the locations of their crazy adventures with this scratch off world map! Your friend will be able to remember all the places she’s been without repeating that story about Buenos Aires for the seventh time.

Shower Curtain Map

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Give your friend a (hopefully) daily reminder with this world map shower curtain!

Map Wall Cling

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Don’t want to tell your friend her apartment walls are boring? Buy her this world map wall cling! It’s colorful and way easier than sneaking into her house to paint her walls while she’s asleep.

USA Beer Cap Map

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Is your friend addicted to travelling and alcohol? Get this beer cap map of the US for your boozy friends who actually want to remember their drinking adventures.

Kindle Map Case

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If your friend loves to read while on vacation, this is the perfect gift! You can’t go wrong with a Kindle case that looks like a map.

Map Umbrella

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Travelers are often caught in the rain, so an umbrella with a map on the top is sure to be pretty and practical.

Crumpled City Map

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Do you have a friend who can’t fold a map and always rips them? Get them this durable map that doesn’t need to folded; just crumple it and put it in your pocket!

Map Crop Top and Skater Skirt Set

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Want to give your girlfriend a hot outfit with a map of the Middle East on it? Of course you do! But seriously, for the right friend, this gift will make their day.

Subway Map Socks

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Is your friend always cold or just obsessed with cute socks? Get them a pair of NYC subway map socks! This is perfect for a friend who loves New York or public transportation.

Heat Sensitive Day/Night World Map Mug

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If your friend is a normal human being and loves coffee he’ll love this day and night heat sensitive world map mug! An added plus is that you can ask them to make you both coffee to try it out.

Whiskey Map of Scotland

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Friends who drink together stay together, or so I’ve heard. Hopefully this map will convince your friend to take you to Scotland for some highland shenanigans.

Scratch Off USA Map

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Let your Great Aunt Barb brag about her ongoing US RV road trip with this strictly ‘merican scratch off map. If you have a friend without a passport, give them this and show them how great America is.

Garmin GPS

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This present is for your “no sense of direction” friend, or more likely, parent. Help your friends stay safe on the road with a GPS that’s less likely to die or lead you to a haunted corn field than your phone’s GPS.

Map Wrapping Paper

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This can be a gift or used to wrap a gift. You can wrap your friend’s present in this gorgeous map wrapping paper or gift your friend with the ability to culture others through wrapping paper.

Transit Maps of the World

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This gift could be thought of as a coffee table book, but if your friend is truly obsessed with travel, these maps could be very helpful. If your friend prefers books to the internet, this gift is golden.

Treasure Map Lunchbox

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If your friend is young or young at heart this treasure map lunchbox with brighten their day. Your friend’s coworkers won’t say it, but they’ll be super jealous.

World Map Paper Luncheon Napkins

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Pair this gift with the above lunchbox for a cute travel themed lunch kit. If your friend loves throwing dinner parties or fancy schmancy napkins they’ll love these world map napkins…or they’ll blow their nose in them, but either way, they’ll get used!

Globe Barometer

If your friend is a hipster, collects weird things, or loves globes, they’ll love this! It’s so unique they’ll think you went to multiple stores looking for it…or that you’re crazy. This gift is interesting and is actually practical if your friend is a weatherman.

  • Bonus: Chocolate Mini Globes

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Everyone loves chocolate and we all live on earth, so this could really be gifted anyone. Put these in your friend’s stocking or just hand her a wrapped package of one pound of chocolate, I promise it will be a hit either way.

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