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20 Inspired Gifts for the Host

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Sometimes you just can’t decide on what gift to get for any party, whether it’s a holiday get-together or not. But there are actually quite a few interesting items that, even if they happen to not see much use, are still pretty neat gifts to own.

Tired of always arriving with a bottle of wine, especially when the host is pregnant? Here are 20 inspired gifts for the host that will spice up your gifting. The hostess will love them.


Inspired Gifts for the Host

Melted Wine Glass Cheese tray

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– A recycled wine bottle melted down into a neat little cheese tray. Pretty cool, actually.

Cheese Marker Set

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– You could even double up and give this with a cheese tray so they can have a place to server their cheese, and mark it too!

LED Tealight Candles

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– Some neat flameless candles great for some mood-lighting. Or if your power goes off and you don’t want to burn your house down with actual candles.

Gold Pendant

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– A potentially good gift for any Christian (and religious) host!

Watch Box

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– Perfect for anyone who owns more than one watch for some reason.

Double Hinged Corkscrew

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– You might not be drinking, but that doesn’t mean your host never does. Always a cheap, handy gift if you’ve got nothing else.

Just Tasting Appetizer Spoon

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– Exactly like the item’s name, they’re spoons for appetizers, in case you want to be sophisticated instead of grabbing things with your hands.

Klutzy Kitty Wine Holder

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– An adorable kitty cat that’ll hold (and drink!) a bottle of wine. Also comes in a moose, bear, or dog variety. Even if your host isn’t a huge drinker, it’s still an adorable gift.

Slate Stone Coasters

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– No matter what, you can’t go wrong with coasters for a host gift. They always need coasters, not that everyone will use them either way.

Kitchen Bib Apron

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– Just like a coaster, an apron is a pretty standard gift item if you can’t think or find much else. They do come in a variety of options, though, and some are hilarious as gifts.

Christmas Wine Bottle Covers

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– Spice up your spirits with some Christmas cheer!

Cheese Knives

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– Chances are your host probably doesn’t have a set of cheese knives. Did you know cheese knives were a thing? Now you do.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

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– Forget the party, just grab the host and go roast some marshmallows with these. Plus, they don’t even need to be used only for roasting delicious marshmallows!

Mustache Pacifier

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– If the host has (or is about to!) a kid, this is a hilarious gift for them! Pretty much anyone should get a kick out of it, even without a kid. Of course, they might be a bit confused if you give them this and they don’t have a kid.

One Bottle Accessory Gift Set Box

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– A finely crafted, beautiful box for any connoisseur of wines. Also just a nice box.

Premium Dark Chocolate

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– You can’t go wrong with chocolate, unless they’re dieting. Then you probably don’t want to go with chocolate.

Hammered Copper Moscow Mug

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– Everybody needs a cool-looking mug to be drinking their morning coffee (or whatever) in!

Just Desserts Parfait Glass

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– A great gift, especially if they actually use them to make a parfait.

Penguin Shaped Corkscrew

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– Since you can’t go wrong with simple gifts like a corkscrew, why not also make it shaped like a cute penguin?

Outdoor Mat

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– Another simple gift for the conservative gift-giver. A cute and funny outdoor mat to greet all the other guests, just as long as you don’t arrive fashionably late!

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