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Best Big Hero 6 Gift ideas

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Ba la la la. Greetings from the city of San Fransokyo! Big Hero 6 was released only a couple years ago, but it seems to have hidden in the shadow of the blockbuster Frozen. I didn’t even see the movie myself until a couple years after its release, but boy did I miss out! In fact my favorite character to meet in Walt Disney World is Baymax. He gives the best hugs! Here are the best Big Hero 6 gift ideas to inspire you. 

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Best Big Hero 6 Gift Ideas for Any Occasion! 

We love these adorable Disney Pixar themed gifts, which one will make it onto your shopping list this holiday season?

Baymax Cookie Cutter

Baymax themed cookie cutters creative gift idea

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Perfect for the Disney fan who loves to bake as well. Sugar cookies would taste even sweeter shaped like Baymax

“I Am Not Fast” Baymax Decal

baymax friendly car decal sticker Big Hero 6 gift ideas

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Put this on the back of your car and maybe people will stop tailgating you! No promises, but he will look adorable nonetheless.

Big Hero 6 Playset 

Big Hero 6 figurine playset  

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These adorable figurines are perfect for diehard fans looking for a new collectible, and younger fans alike! 

Baby Baymax Passport Holder

Baby Baymax adorable wallet custom fan gift idea

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Ideal for that friend who has the travel bug. Baby Baymax deserves to see the world!

Baymax Big Hero 6 Bedding 

Baymax Big Hero 6 themed bedding pink sheets  

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Celebrate Baymax with this super cute bed set featuring some iconic Disney accessories you might recognize! 

“Would You Like A Hug?” Baymax Mug

Would you like a hug? Baymax head coffee mug

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Because everyone knows a good cup of coffee feels like a warm hug. And Baymax gives the best hugs!

Big Hero 6 Record Clock

Big Hero 6 Record Viynl record clock

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A truly unique and one of a kind gift. Comes with a couple different backlighting colors!

Big Hero 6 Graphic Tee 

Big Hero 6 gift ideas tee shirt apparel gift  

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Baymax is recognized in this adorable and stylish tee. Gift it to a fan of the film so they can wear him everywhere! 

Baymax Planter

Cute Baymax head white planter

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This item is 3D printed and hand painted! Great for the office or bedroom window.

Hiro and Baymax Art Print

Adorable Baymax and Hiro art print wall decor pixar decorations

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A great way to showcase the beauty of this film. Would look amazing in a screening room or kid’s bedroom.

San Fransokyo Institute of Technology Hoodie

San Fransokyo hooded jacket

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A cute way to lowkey rep the movie. Perfect for the friend who is always cold or thinks a hoodie is acceptable to wear to any function (it’s me, I’m that friend).

Baymax and Hiro Enamel Pin

enamel pin Big Hero 6 gift ideas featuring baymax and hiro

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This gorgeous pin is perfect for any Big Hero 6 fan! A stunning addition to any pin board or jean jacket.

Big Hero 6 Icon Button Pack

Big Hero 6 gift ideas collecting buttons

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This set not only has Baymax, but other icons from the movie. The quintessential gift for your favorite healthcare professional.

Tadashi Baseball Cap

Tadashi baseball team cap

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An identical copy perfect for cosplaying! Also looks great with any outfit day to day.

Baymax and Mochi Necklace

Baymax and Mochi pendant cameo picture

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“Hairyyy babyyy.” Baymax hugs and a chonky cat- what more could you want? A beautiful silver cameo necklace that is sure to please.

Baymax Stud Earrings

Studded baymax fan merch apparel gift

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Add these to any outfit for a little bit of a pick-me-up. Has great reviews, so what are you waiting for?

Crochet Baymax Beanie

crochet handmade baymax beanie

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This comes in newborn to adult sizes, so make sure to get one for all the little ones. Use this to convince your kids to wear a hat in the winter!

Big Hero 6 3D Printed Ears

Big Hero 6 themed minnie ears

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Has both versions on Baymax on it which I like to call “you versus the guy she tells you about”. Amazing attention to detail and comes with your choice of sequin or metallic bow.

Magnetic Microbots

Magnetic microbots from Big Hero 6 movie

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Mesmerizing magnetic toys! Pair with the movie for a fun afternoon activity. Even works for a cosplay or halloween costume.

Big Hero 6 Armored Baymax Action Figure

Big Hero 6 gift ideas baymax action figure with removable armor

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Suit up Baymax for some kick butt action! Recommended for ages four to eight, but I think we both know there’s no age limit on loving Baymax.

Though the movie is about Hiro’s journey, I think we all know who the real star is: Baymax. He’s clearly not just my favorite, but many others’ favorite from looking at this list. I don’t know about you, but I could use a big ole hug from him right about now. And though I can’t do that, these gifts hopefully have the same effect. Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below!

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