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Best Resident Evil Fan Gift Ideas

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Resident Evil is one of the most successful franchises known to gaming considering it has spawned multiple movies and has been spewing forth games in the survival horror genre since the late 90s. Known to be some of the scariest games available to play, Resident Evil has its fair share of fans and chances are, you know quite a few of them. These are the best Resident Evil fan gift ideas for gamers! 

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Best Resident Evil Fan Gift Ideas for Any Occasion 

Finding that perfect gift for Resident Evil fans can be as terrifying as the games themselves but luckily we’re here to help you with that! We’ve searched all over to bring you some of the best things that Racoon City (among other sites in the Resident Evil world) has to offer and we’re here to rescue you! Relax and dive in as we take you through 40 gifts for Resident Evil fanatics!

Alice Red Dress Cosplay

Jill Valentine dress cosplay gift idea

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For that female Resident Evil fan in your life (or male players. We’re not judging!) that wants to go dressed up like Alice at the next convention that they attend. Dirt and blood splatter not included but would definitely make the outfit more realistic!

S.T.A.R.S. Baseball Cap

STARS Resident Evil cap Resident Evil Fan Gift Ideas

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You can’t go wrong with this baseball cap when it comes to gifts for a Resident Evil fan. Whether they use it for cosplay or just to wear around when they are out and about, it’s an awesome hat to celebrate their fandom of the franchise!

Resident Evil 2 Board Game

Resident evil 2 boardgame collectible videogame gift idea

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Playing Resident Evil isn’t just restricted to the television any longer! The fan in your life can invite one to four players (maybe even you, you lucky dog!) to come and join them on a horrifying adventure through Racoon City, via a board game.

Licker Plush

licker plush Resident evil character enemy plush toy

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One of the most disgusting creatures in the franchise has never been cuter with this adorable plush! Present your favorite Resident Evil fan this adorable Licker plush and watch their reaction for a fun surprise!

Racoon City Police Badge

Raccoon City PD police badge

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This is a pretty snazzy replica of the Racoon City Police badge from the Resident Evil games that any fan would be overjoyed to own. Usually reserved for cosplay purposes, we’re sure it would be alright if they wore it around every day. We won’t judge, although we can’t promise that other people won’t!

Knock Knock Poster

knock knock vintage movie style poster decor

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If you’ve ever played the remake of Resident Evil 2, you know how annoying, albeit terrifying, Mr. X is while he relentlessly hounds you around the entire police station while you try to make your way through it. We think that this poster slightly captures the essence of that. Slightly.

Umbrella Corporation Umbrella

umbrella corporation umbrella with logo from Resident Evil

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No, that’s not a typo. This is an umbrella with the iconic Umbrella logo emblazoned upon it. Your loved one will be hoping for rain when they’re packing this nifty bad boy around!

Resident Evil 2 Replica Keys

Resident Evil videogame prop from series  

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These items are instantly recognizable to just about any Resident Evil fan from the game! Grab them a set to make the perfect collectible Resident Evil gift idea. 

Umbrella Corporation Door Under Glow 

Umbrella corp car underglow logo lights  

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Want to feel like an Umbrella Corp higher-up? Grab a set of these logo glow lights to let everyone know Raccoon city doesn’t stand a chance. (Every time you open your car doors!) 

Jill Valentine Rubber Duck 

Jill valentine RE 2 rubber ducky  

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This adorable rubber duck will be an instant hit with any Resident Evil item collectors! It’s dressed up as Jill Valentine in her iconic RE 2 outfit. 

Racoon City PD Lanyard and Tag 


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This is one Resident Evil fan gift idea that’s perfect for cosplayers! It’s a Raccoon City PD tag, great for creating your own character in the RE universe. 

T-Virus/G-Virus Replica Set

T virus videogame prop collectible gift idea

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Want to start an apocalypse? Too bad. These replicas won’t start an apocalypse but they are a pretty spiffy replica of the viruses that wreak havoc in the gaming franchise. We’re certain that Resident Evil fans would be proud to display these on their shelves!

Umbrella License Plate Frame

umbrella corp license plate frame

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Honk if you love companies that cause zombie pandemics! This license plate frame is sure to present the love that your gift recipient has for the Resident Evil series to anyone that happens to be driving behind them!

Ada Wong Figure

Ada wong figurine Resident Evil 4

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One of Resident Evil’s most memorable, although mysterious, characters, Ada Wong is here in action figure glory to grace your Resident Evil fan’s shelf with her presence. She’s sure to be that addition to their collection that they’ve been craving!

RPD Steel Coffee Cup

RPD Steel coffee mugs

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Even the hard working officers of the RPD need coffee and it doesn’t matter if you looted this from their corpse after a zombie apocalypse. All that matters is that you managed to snag this gift for that special someone!

Claire Redfield Necklace Replica

claire redfield prop replica necklace

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Claire Redfield is one of the most favorite characters in the series, so there was bound to be a replica of this necklace, right? It’s pretty slick and we’re pretty sure that any Resident Evil fan would love to own it, so lucky for you, here it is!

Umbrella Cufflinks

Resident evil umbrella corp cufflinks

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Who said that zombies and style don’t go together? You can easily link the two together with these Umbrella cufflinks! The company that brought you the T-Virus also bring you these cufflinks with the classic Umbrella logo!

Zombie Bookends

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Zombies may yearn for brains but there are a lot of Resident Evil fans that yearn for knowledge! These bookends will be sure to hold their books up with undead delight!

Resident Evil Ps4 Skin

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What’s better than playing Resident Evil on the Playstation 4? Playing Resident Evil with a Resident Evil skin on the console! This chic skin features the Umbrella logo emblazoned upon it for that classic Resident Evil appeal.

Umbrella Watch

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What time is it? Umbrella time! Celebrate every gamer’s favorite world ending company with this nifty looking watch! Sure to please any gift recipient!

Leon Kennedy/Claire Redfield Pins

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These two are as cute as they are determined with the looks on their faces! Whether the fan in your life is out slaying zombies are just running around town, these are sure to convey the love they have for this series!

Leon Kennedy Cosplay

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Ever wanted to cosplay as Leon Kennedy? Okay, maybe you haven’t but maybe the person you’re buying the gift for has! Available in a multitude of sizes, this gift is sure to help them be a hit at the next convention they attend!

Umbrella Rearview Mirror Decal

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With this very sleek looking decal, any fan of the series can make their favorite mode of transportation, ranging from cars to bicycles, look like an official Umbrella ride! Very cool!

Umbrella Retractable Badge Holder

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To give that final and official looking touch to a cosplay outfit or to maybe even spice up their current badge holder at work, this gift will definitely do the trick! Very nifty looking badge holder featuring the Umbrella symbol.

Resident Evil Fliptop Lighter

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Know a fan that needs a new lighter? You’ll nail it with this gift! Displaying the iconic zombie that introduces you to the true horror of the outbreak in the first game, it’s a piece of art in their pocket.

Spencer Mansion Print

print of spencer mansion from Resident Evil 1

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This awesome artistic portrayal of the mansion from the first Resident Evil game would look great hanging above any fan’s mantle. It’s a classic shot of the recognizable mansion with a dab of class!

Resident Evil Pub Glass Set

Resident Evil pub style glasses set

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For the more mature fan, these stylish glasses are going to look great the next time they decide to have a nice cold drink. This set even includes a shot glass for the wilder times!

Umbrella Corp Beanie

Umbrella corp beanie hat

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There’s nothing wrong with a minimalistic approach to headwear even when it comes to a series about zombies and mutant monsters. This slick black beanie is perfect for an every day wear!

Mansion Key Keyholder

handmade mansion keyholder from Resident Evil 1

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Definitely a favorite on our list, this keyholder includes one of the classic queries from the game whenever you find a key or item. Will you take it? Also comes with engraved keychains that fit right into the keyholder!

The franchise may be scary but we’re pretty certain that shopping for that perfect gift isn’t nearly as terrifying now that we’ve presented you with some of the most awesome gifts this side of Racoon City! Did you find anything that would be perfect for the fan in your life or that maybe you yourself just have to have? Also, which of these Resident Evil fan gift ideas was your favorite? Feel free to let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter)!

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