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Best Gift Ideas for Horror Movie Fans

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We all have that friend or family member that just seems to be into the darker aspects of entertainment, and with so much merchandise pertaining to horror media, we know that it’s a bit overwhelming when trying to find that perfect gift for them. No worries! We’ve braved the dark and terrifying depths of the internet just for you with these gift ideas for horror movie fans.

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Horrifyingly Great Gifts for Horror Movie Fans

No matter what kind of horror your fan is into, we’re sure to have them covered when it comes to this list! From films to books, we’ve got all sorts of terrifyingly awesome gifts to please that horror buff, so you can relax and get ready to find that ideal present in this list of 40 gift ideas for horror fans!

Lovecraft Altar Statue

Starting the list out with a truly horrifying note, we present this wooden, handmade C’thulu statue! H.P. Lovecraft is one of the most renowned horror authors in the business, and this cool altar is a testament to his creepy creatures!

Horror Candle

Horror Candle

This All Things Spooky inspired candle would be perfect for sitting around a horror fan’s dungeon! With a options like “Trick or Treat” and “Here’s Johnny’s Candle” we can’t imagine a more suiting scent for their home!

Tarot Card Shoulder Bag

This awesome looking shoulder bag gives that creepy, gothic feel that goes well with any horror fan’s wardrobe! Handmade with designs of different Tarot card designs, it has plenty of pockets for storing away scary stuff!

Horror Monsters Wrapping Paper

We’re going to put this one early in the list because you’re going to need something to wrap that horrific gift with! This wrapping paper features classic iconic monsters from assorted horror movies and is bound to set the mood for the occasion!

Michael Myers Decal

One of the kings of horror films with a massive fan following, we’re sure that if the gift recipient is into horror flicks, there is a huge chance that they’ve seen the Halloween movies! If they’re a fan of them and of the slasher himself, this decal is for them!

Horror Movie Posters

This snazzy set of posters is perfect for filling that bare space on your friend’s wall! Ten different posters featuring movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and The Ring make for one great present!

Killer Clown Knife Set

We’re gonna go ahead and say that this is one of the coolest items on this list! A custom made knife set featuring killer clowns with the flip side of the knife showing their origin! What a sharp gift!

Jason hockey mask horror movie ring

Jason Vorhees Ring

This awesome ring is sure to be a fantastic gift for any fan of the Horror genre! Handmade from pewter, it’s a horrifically superb addition to a jewelry collection.

Cemetery Terrarium Kit

Hardcore horror fans usually decorate their home with all sorts of spooky decor, and this is an excellent addendum to that! These nifty little terrarium kits include everything you need to make your own tiny graveyard and even include headstones and real moss!

Vampire Teeth

What horror fan doesn’t fantasize about being a vampire? Help out the horror buff in your life with these sick looking, handmade, acrylic fangs!

Pennywise Bath Bomb

Pennywise Bath Bomb

Who said bath time can’t be a spooky experience also? These Pennywise bath bombs are sure to get a kick out of the gift recipient. Made out of natural materials and fashioned to be the visage of the killer clown, these bath bombs even “bleed” red as they fizz into the water!

You’ll Float Too Bracelet

This snazzy, stylish bracelet is perfect for the horror fan that likes to keep a low-key look but represents their interests at the same time! A charm bracelet featuring a paper boat, balloons, and a charm that reads “You’ll float too,” fans of the film and book will immediately recognize the significance!

House Of Horrors Sign

This sign is perfect for the outside of horror fans’ homes! Handmade and distressed to give it a weathered and retro look, this sign is even available with wood trim!

Edgar Allen Poe Book crossbody bag

Edgar Allen Poe Book Purse

Another excellent purse on our list! This one is for that bookworm that loves their horror authors and wants to display it with pride! Fashioned from recycled books, this one is a killer gift for sure!

Zombie Superman Bust

Zombie Superman Bust

Horror and comic heroes? Yes, please! This handmade statue features the Man of Steel as a zombie, and we think the only one that would be more excited about it than us will be the fan you’re buying it for!

Pentagram Earrings

Pentagram Earrings

There’s plenty of horror fans out there that sport that dark look, and when it comes to that fashion, it’s hard to find the right accessories. These handmade pentagram earrings can definitely help with that problem!

Horror Movies Collectibles | Horror Mystery Collectors Box | Collector’s Edition

Horror Looksee Collector’s Box

When you’re looking to give an entire bundle of gifts instead of just one, this collector’s box hits the nail on the head! Featuring items from franchises spanning from Nightmare On Elm Street to The Walking dead, the box even resembles the cube from Hellraiser!

Horror Trivia Card Game - Test Your Knowledge of Horror Pop Culture Facts with 300 Scary Fun Trivia Questions

Horror Trivia Card Game

How knowledgeable is the horror buff in your life, really? This gift is the perfect way to find out! With over 100 different game cards and questions, this present is sure to put a test to their horror fandom!

Funko Horror Classics Pop! Movies Collectors Set: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers Action Figure

Funko Pop Horror Classics Bundle

These terrifying villains have never been so cute! Classic villains Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Vorhees get that snazzy Funko makeover with these horrifying bobbleheads!

BigMouth Inc Shining Gnome Garden Gnome - Funny Gnomes for Outdoor Spaces - Weatherproof Redrum Scary Yard Statue - Horror Movie Lawn Gnome for Halloween Decorations - 9.5'

The Shining Lawn Gnome

Heeeeeere’s Gnomey! If you’ve got that fan that digs the darker side of things but also has a wonderful sense of humor, they’ll love this creepy, yet cute, little gnome for their front yard!

Sinister Nightmares: Horror Adult Colouring Book: Stress Relieving Horror Colouring

Sinister Nightmares Coloring Book

Who said that coloring was just for kids? Massive spiders, possessed toys, vampires, and other assorted creatures make their horrific appearance in this adult-themed coloring book!

IntroWizard The Original Bloody Bath Mat - The Official and Authentic Mat That Turns Red When Wet – Medium Size - Blood Mat Footprints Disappear Like Magic – Great Novelty Prank Gifts (28'x17')

Bloody Bath Mat

At first glance? A simple white bath mat. After you step out of your shower and get your wet feet on it, the bath man sports bloody red footprints! This cool bath mat is perfect for someone that wants a minimalistic styled bathroom but still wants to flex a horror flair!

Ebros Love Never Dies Skeleton Wedding Couple Small Water Globe Figurine Day of The Dead Wedding Gift Decor Dias De Los Muertos

Love Never Dies Snow Globe

If you’ve got that lovely couple in your life that loves all things horror, they will undoubtedly appreciate this gem! Featuring a skeletal couple in full wedding attire, it’s a snow globe that shows that love truly never dies!

No products found.

Horror Movie Killers Clock

From Pumpkinhead to Captain Spalding, the gang is all here with this nifty clock! With a square retro feel, it features multiple villains from an array of films and even glows in the dark, so it stays spooky with the lights out!

Walking Dead Zombie Undead See Hear Speak No Evil Set of Shelf Sitters Computer Top Statue Figurines

Zombie See, Hear, Speak No Evil Figurines

These zombies are created to resemble the types of walkers from The Walking Dead, and we think they look fantastic! Made to sit on the edges of shelves or desks, these 3 undead figurines sport the classic “See/Hear/Speak no evil” poses!

Unik4art - Halloween horror movie characters leather handmade men's wallet, gift for men - Horror Characters - 3LE

Horror Characters Wallet

This leather wallet has the classic plain leather wallet feel with a horrific twist! Available in blue, chestnut, and classic leather colors, it features villains from assorted horror movies for that fan that has to have the genre infect all of their things!

I Run on Coffee And Horror Movies Shirt - Horror Fan T-shirt

I Run On Coffee And Horror Movies T-Shirt

When you’ve got that fan that loves their coffee as well as their slasher flicks, we’ve got that perfect gift! Proudly declaring the fuel of their existence, this t-shirt is sure to be a beloved staple of their wardrobe!

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Fashioned to look like a blood transfusion bag for that cool, creepy feel, this awesome shower gel even has a rope for it to hang from! Cherry-scented with what is likely the coolest design for shower gel, this one is a must-have for horror fans!

Cardboard People Pennywise The Dancing Clown Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup - It (2017 Film)

Lifesize Pennywise Cardboard Cutout

Not all gifts have to have a practical use, right? This righteous Pennywise cardboard cutout is actually life-sized and realistically detailed. Perfect for setting up in their home to scare unsuspecting victims!

The Complete Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft (Volume 2) (Chartwell Classics, 2)

The Complete Fiction Of H.P. Lovecraft (Hardcover)

H.P. Lovecraft was one of the most influential horror authors of all time, inspiring such authors as Stephen King and Clive Barker. If the horror fan hasn’t read anything by them, it’s about time that they have! This hardcover book includes Lovecraft’s novel, four novellas, and all fifty-three short stories!

The Overlook Hotel Inspired Key Tag Red/White Room 237 Keychain

The Shining Key Tag

The majority of horror buffs have seen “The Shining.” Likely multiple times! With that being the case, this keychain is likely to be an outstanding gift! With a throwback to the classic horror film, this red key tag looks like it belongs to Room #237 from the movie!

Horror Walking Undead Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

Everyone has that itch that they just can’t scratch without help. Help the fan in your life scratch that itch while simultaneously scratching the itch for awesome horror merchandise!

Warner Bros. Freddy Kreuger Collectible Bust Bank

Freddy Kreuger Coin Bank

This highly detailed collector’s piece of the iconic character is sure to be a beloved gift for any lover of the genre! With his classic, menacing look, this awesome item doubles as a bust and a coin bank!

Zombie Breath Survival Mints - Zombie survival design mint tin - Novelty candy for boys - Wintergreen breath mints, sugar-free - Halloween Gifts for Teens - Halloween Gifts Bags Goodies

Zombie Breath Mints

For a neat little addon gift or stocking stuffer, these mints are absolutely ideal! No worries, they don’t actually smell like zombie breath; they are actually wintergreen!

NECA 4-Inch Scale Ultimate Chucky Action Figure

Chucky Action Figure

No list would be complete without the terrifying doll killer from the “Child’s Play” series! This detailed, 4-inch tall action figure comes complete with multiple heads and attachments to give it an assortment of looks and poses!

Horror Sounds Instrument Waterphone Movie Weird Sound Effects Unusual Instrument

Waterphone Instrument

The final item on our list is for true horror fans! This waterphone makes the iconic and terrifying noises that accompany horror flicks, and now your fan can create their own or just use it to punctuate events that happen around their own home! Awesome!

Bioworld Friday The 13th Jason Hockey Mask Die Cut Lunchbox

Friday The 13th Jason Mask Lunch Box

Scare all your friends with this incredible lunch box! What’s cooler than a replica of this mask?

Creepy Scary Hallway Twins Horror Film Movie Parody Laser Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board - Wedding, Housewarming, Anniversary, Birthday, Father's Day, Gift

Scary Hallway Twins Cutting Board

Pretty much everyone needs a cutting board with these creepy twins on it. This is a must-have for horror flick fans. 

No products found.

Hooded Blanket

Warm-up in style with these scary hooded blanket. It’s complete with 2 USB’s as well. This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to chill all day watching horror flicks. 

Top 100 Horror Movies Scratch off Poster - Large Cinema Scratchable Poster - Horrors of all Time Bucket List - Must See Movie Challenge - Essential Horrors Scratch off Calendars - Films to Watch

Scratch Off Wall Poster

Now you will never have to struggle deciding what to watch again. This scratch-off gift is fantastic and has all the best horror flicks on the list. 

We’ve made it to the end of this terrifying list, and even though you may have been scared that you wouldn’t find the perfect gift, we’re sure that you got the happy ending that you deserved! Did you find anything on here that was just too horrifying to pass up? Did you find that gift that absolutely shocked and amazed the fan in your life! Let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter), and thanks for checking out 40 Gift ideas For Horror Fans!

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