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20 Best Funny Secretary Gifts

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Secretaries are the unsung heroes of the office. Where would we be without him or her to take calls, keep track of paperwork, and generally make sure everything is running smoothly. Insead of getting some boring, mundane gift for your secretary I’m here with funny secretary gifts that will have everyone in the office chuckling.

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Funny Secretary Gifts That Make the Office More Fun

Choosing a perfect gift for your secretary can be challenging but these gift ideas will help make that a little easier and a whole lot sillier.

Funny Secretary Gifts: Cream colored  wooden sign that reads: Everyone bring joy to this office. Some when they enter, some when they love in dark brown font.

Everyone Brings Joy Sign

Sometimes it’s fun to have signs up for everyone. It’s even more fun when that sign is a little bit sarcastic.

White coffee mug with black font in a black line square that reads: Dear office, You people must be exhausted from watching me do everything. Sincerely, the secretary.

Dear Office Mug

Speaking of sarcasm, this mug is definitely full of it. Perfect for holding the morning coffee your secretary needs to get absolutely everything done.

Funny Profound Quote Rock

Sometimes it’s important to look good in the office. This profound quote rock is sure to impress your boss. Even funnier if you, the boss, give this to your secretary.

Red mini waving tub guy with box and book that goes with it beside it.

Mini Waving Tube Guy

Have you ever driven by a car dealership and gone “I wish I had one of those wavy guys on my desk?” Well so has your secretary, so give them this funny secretary gift.

Funny wooden desk sign that reads: A poem about work, coffee. blah, blah, blah Drive home wine. In black font.

Funny Desk Sign

This lovely sign will add some much-needed poetry to your otherwise dull workplace.

Light pink round mouse pad with various cartoon cats drawn in black around black font writing that says: I work hard so my cat can have nice things.

Funny Mousepad

If you’re looking for funny secretary gifts look no further than a mousepad! There are lots out there like this funny “I work hard so my cat can have nice things” option.

Black t-shirt with white font that says I'm multi-slacking today.

Multi-Slacking T-Shirt

We all know secretaries are hard workers, especially when it comes to multitasking. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day where you do the opposite, and this is the perfect shirt to wear while multi-slacking at the office.

White coffee mug with excel spread sheet in the background and black font that says Freak in the sheets.

Freak in the Sheets Mug

Your secretary is going to love this fun gift idea. If they’re an Excel wizard in the office (like so many office admin are) they’re going to love sipping coffee out of this mug while pouring over those cells.

Funny Secretary Gifts: Four funny secretary notepads.

Funny Secretary Notepads

Secretaries are always writing notes so naturally, they’re perfect funny secretary gifts. Of course, these ones are perfectly sarcastic.

Square lavendar colored mousepad with black font that says Stress reduction with red font below that says Bang head here. with a black mouse beside it.

Stress Reduction Mousepad

Is your secretary stressed out? Do you think they need some assistance finding a way to relax at work? Then this stress reduction mousepad is the perfect gift for your office secretary!

Best secretary ever note book.

Best Secretary Ever Book

Perfect if you want to be funny but in an office-safe way. Fill it out and give it to your secretary to show your appreciation in a fun way.

Darth Vader pen holder.

Darth Vader Pen Holder

One of the biggest problems facing secretaries today is not enough great places to store their pens. Help your secretary decorate their desk and always have a pen handy this Star Wars themed pencil holder.

Black journal with white font that says "Things to say at work that won't get me fired"

Things to Say at Work Journal

Giving this journal blank is a great gift idea for your secretary or to fill out with your own funny comments before giving.

funny Paper tantrum notepad.

Paper Tantrum Notepad

Help your secretary get over the worst days without having to throw a real tantrum.

Eight funny pens shown, two with yellow tips, two with green tips, two with purple tips, and red tip pens.

Funny Pens

These hilarious pens are my favorite funny secretary gifts. Each one has a fake, funny place that the pen is from so that if someone steals them it would be really embarrassing.

White tin sign with purple font that says Secretary parking only violators will take all calls with a woman on the phone with 8 arms.

Secretary Parking Sign

Great funny secretary gift idea to hang up and surprise your secretary with. You could even give them their own office parking spot!

Job stamp that says NOT MY JOB.

Not My Job Stamp

This novelty stamp is a great way for your secretary to non verbally tell everyone else in the office that the work they’re asking the secretary to do is not actually their job. Perfect time saver!

Black candle container that says WHAT (and I cant stress this enough) The F*CK.

Relaxing Candle

This candle pretty much sums up how it feels to be in an office. Your secretary can light it at home to unwind after a long day.

Womans hand holding a blockbuster $50 dollar joke gift card.

Prank Gift Card

If you want to give your secretary a gift card instead of a gift this is a funny idea. Tuck this into a gift card holder or regular card and wait for your coworker’s reaction. Once the joke is done hand them the real gift card.

butt tape toilet paper tape dispenser

Funny Tape Dispenser

If you want to get a small gift for your office secretary practical items are always welcomed. But we’re looking for funny secretary gifts here… Which makes this funny tape dispenser the obvious choice.

Whether you’re buying for secretary’s day or just because these funny secretary gifts are going to make your office’s administrative professionals day a lot happier. What’s the funniest gift you’ve ever gotten from a coworker or boss?

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