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Welcome Gifts for an Au Pair

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If you’re about to welcome an au pair, it’s nice to offer them a welcome gift as they’ll become a member of your family for up to the next year. As an experienced au pair, I know any au pair would love these thoughtful welcome gifts. If you are stumped and need help finding an appropriate gift, let me help! I have wonderful ideas below.

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Appropriate Welcome Gifts for an Au Pair

City Guide

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Welcome your new au pair to the country with a city/region or country guide for your area. If you do not live in an area where a guide book is available, stop by your closest tourism office to see what you can pick up for them. Also make a list of relevant Facebook groups, community websites, etc that will help them find more people their age, or activities aligned with their interests.

Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs

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Whether your au pair is live in and might hear your crying baby or lives out and has noisy neighbors, it’s always nice to have help sleeping in a new environment.

Language Learning Book

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This book teaches you how to learn any language and never forget a helpful resource to an au pair dealing with a new language.

Au Pair Advice Guide

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New au pairs can get overwhelmed, and this book is packed with advice to help them settle in.

Travel Journal

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Encourage your au pair to travel and get outside of his/her comfort zone with this quirky travel journal.

Do Not Disturb Sign

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If your au pair will be living in, this sign is a nice touch of privacy for when they need to study or take a nap.

Wifi Hotspot

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Living in a new country can be scary, but being able to contact home whenever is comforting. This wifi hotspot ensures your au pair will always have wifi, even when the home network is slow or when they’re out and about.

Netflix Gift Card

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On a night off, nothing is better for an au pair than their own Netflix account.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Whether your au pair is live in or live out, it’s always nice to have your own coffee maker.

Twinkle Lights

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When you’re going to be living in a room or apartment for 6-12 months, you want it to feel homey, and twinkle lights are the homiest!

Stroller Cupholder

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PLEASE if you have a stroller with no cupholder, get this for your au pair.  It’s a necessity. Pair with a gift card to your local coffee shop to make this gift extra special.

Twin Bedding Set

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I can’t tell you how much an au pair will enjoy new bedding that is cute and age appropriate. No one wants to sleep in hand me down kids bedding.

Travel Backpack

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An awesome way to encourage your au pair to travel is to give him or her a bonus and/or a practical travel carry on sized backpack.

House Slippers

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If your house has a no shoe rule, these slippers are a nice gesture to your new au pair.

Personalized Jewelry

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Whether you put a phrase in your language or your new au pair’s name on this necklace, she’s sure to love it.

Amazon Gift Card

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Sometimes certain things that bring you comfort from home can only be ordered online!

Rosetta Stone Subscription

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Either in addition to in-person classes, or if classes in your area are expensive, unavailable, or just not compatible with your au pair’s schedule, this Rosetta Stone subscription is a great practical gift for your new au pair.

Restaurant Gift Card

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Treat your au pair to a night out with one of his or her new friends at a restaurant in your area.


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If your au pair is living in, she’ll appreciate having some snacks all to herself, and if she’s living out she’ll need to fill her pantry!


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During a welcome dinner or after a long day, every au pair (of legal drinking age) deserves a glass of good wine.

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