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20 Best Gift Ideas for a Tween Girl in 2017

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If you’ve ever shopped for a Tween, you would know that it’s not an easy task. Their likes and dislikes change at the drop of a hat which makes it difficult to keep up.

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We’ve decided on 20 sure winner gift ideas for a tween girl in 2017.



Big sister necklace

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This will remind her and everyone else who the big sis is!

Funky Junque Cable knit beanie

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This funky beanie will keep your little tween warm and looking on point!

Tween Gift Pack

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Get a whole kit full of girl stuff, so she can pass the time without being 100% glued to her phone.

O-Riya believed inspirational stamped bracelet

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Just what little miss tween needs to remind herself to keep going.

Knitted camouflage military

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Get this outfit for G.I Jane in the making.

Selfie stick

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All tweens love a good selfie! Get her this and she’s like putty in your hands.

Best Day ever super Stationery

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Get her super cute stationery to keep her journal, letters and notes stylish.

Bluetooth headphones

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Not sure if she’s trying to block you out or actually listening to some awesome beats.

Mini canvas board

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Those selfies can be transferred into artwork on the mini canvas board.

Vinyl bean bag

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Supercool tween lounging in her beanbag will make her the envy of her crew.

Tween karaoke

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This karaoke CD will have her slaying these beats! It can be a great form of       entertainment when having sleepovers.

Party invitations

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Be sure to get these invitations, if it’s her birthday party.  She’ll have fun and take care not to get all emojied out! ☺

These Crystal chandelier earrings will have her singing like Sia.

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Peter Pan throw pillow

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Peter Pan is a very very very clever boy!

Custom ice skate ornament

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And if your tween is into ice skating or simply just love this ornament.

Nail polish set

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Every pamper party needs high quality nail polish! For everyday use too.

Da bomb Santa bomb bath fizzer

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Da bomb Santa bomb is the BOMB!!!! (Too many bombs in there). We really lurrrrvvvve the bath Fizzers, though.

Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake

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Don’t forget.. A party ain’t a party without Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake!

Fountain pen set case

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If your tween is an aspiring calligrapher, she’ll love you endlessly for this gift.

Keep calm and purr on

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And if you decide this is the perfect gift, keep calm and purr on too!

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