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50 Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffers for Minimalists

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Ah Christmas – the time where we celebrate by giving each other loads and loads and loads of things. Many things – the anti-thesis to minimalists, who put deliberate thought into which things they do and do not own. That’s why I love these stocking stuffers for minimalists; they’re all clutter free while sill being fun and practical.

a minimalist guide to christmas - stocking stuffers

Whether you are a minimalist yourself, looking to eschew the overwhelming quantities of stuff often associated with Christmas, or you are gift buying for a minimalist, we’ve got your back. Here are over fifty clutter-free stocking stuffers to help you bridge the gap between celebrating a holiday with its traditions and filling your home with worldly possessions.

This is one piece of our gift guide for minimalists, aiming at a particularly troublesome spot: stocking stuffers!

Please visit our lists of Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Adults &  the Most Incredible Stocking Stuffer ideas for literally everyone on your list, if you don’t find what you need here! 

Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffers for Minimalists

Cause the last thing they need is “stuff.”

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists who like coffee and friends.

Coffee Shop Gift Card

Not just avoiding clutter, a coffee shop gift card is an excuse to spend time with a friend.

Gardening Seeds assorted

Gardening Seeds

Garden seeds are practical and encourage dreaming about summer in the midst of winter. We also have more gift ideas for herbalists here

japanese bbq sauce 3 pack

Gourmet BBQ Sauce

Gourmet BBQ will be put to good use and there are hundreds of amazing choices out there.

Cholula Hot Sauce 5 fl oz Variety Pack

Hot Sauce

Looking to spice up their life a little bit? Find a hot sauce with an entertaining name for their stocking.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists who like snacks.

Microwave Popcorn

This is one of my favourite-ever stocking stuffers... I am a popcorn addict. This is another clutter-free stocking stuffer – once it’s consumed, it’s gone! A whole box will give you stocking fillers for many people!

Chocolate is a yummy clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists

Chocolate Bar

Does this delicious idea need more explaining? Look for organic and fair trade to make this an even better gift.

Minimalist Earrings

It’s not always the most practical gift but earrings are compact enough that even an avid minimalist can keep a decent-sized collection. These ones are also minimalistic in style for a modern look.

They will never turn away granola bars for clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists.

Granola Bars

Be ready for tobogganing, skiing and generally adventuring by restocking everyone’s granola bar supplies.

Green Jay Gourmet Cherry Salsa


More delicious consumables to fill up a minimalist’s stocking this year.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists are definitely useful.

Mini Kleenex

Another great consumable that’s perfect for wallets and cars.

Money Clip Wallet

Minimalism extends to all areas of life including keeping a clutter free wallet. These are great for folks who don’t keep a lot of cards (hello digital wallets!) and need just a little room for carrying cash.

unisex sunglasses


You really can’t go wrong with sunglasses since even the most avid minimalist will appreciate having an extra pair or two to leave in the car or take on vacation.

Portable Hard Drive

Portable Hard Drive

This is one of my favorite stocking stuffers for minimalists because it’s so practical! If they reduce clutter by keeping things digital this is an additional storage option and great backup for important documents and photots.

Canvas Tote Bag

Tote bags are all-purpose making them a practical gift for a minimalist. They can easily be rolled up and stucked into a stocking too.

Sometimes the best clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists are just one less things for them to buy.


We all go through toothpaste, making it a perfect stocking stuffer. This will definitely get used up throughout the year, so no clutter left behind!

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists include stuff to help them cook.


The shelf life of spices is surprisingly short – renew the collection this year by putting spices into stockings.

Gum is great for clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists.


Gum is a great treat for a lot of people – especially for kids. If they don’t like gum thendelicious mints are a practical idea too.

Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Trail mix will be perfect for your upcoming snowshoe adventures or movie nights in.

Coffee is great for clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists to help get them going.


Will you have Bailey’s ready to go for Christmas morning? It pairs well with a gift of coffee beans!

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists to help them relax.


Sip on some tea and enjoy the holidays.

Pantry Labels

Part of why people are drawn to minimalism is because it’s so easy to stay organized. Help them take things one step further in their minimalistic pantry with these simple labels.

Socks to help keep their footsies warm are great clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists.


Raise your hand if you never lose a pair of socks to holes during the year. No one? New socks are practical and also in keeping with minimalist stocking stuffers!

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists include hair ties.

Hair Elastics / Bobby Pins

Hair elastics and bobby pins also have a tendency to disappear and break throughout the year.

Cord Organizers

Cord Organizers

Taming the chaos is a big theme in minimalism. As much as we’d love them not to, electronics come with a host of cords.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists who are environmentalists.

Compact Reusable Bag

Keep clutter out of the house by never needing a plastic bag. Reusable bags that fold up into a tiny pocket fit into handbags, cars and jacket pockets easily, so you always have one on hand.

A quality water bottle is better than 10 others. This is great for clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists.

Water Bottle

Eliminate the junky water bottles collected with free logos and get one, good quality bottle per person.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists include beef jerky.


Delicious! Plus, there are all sorts of fun types out there now, like bison jerky.

If they are always jotting notes down, this clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists is a good one.


The classic notebook, simple with clean lines, to hold all of their thoughts and dreams.

One great kitchen tool is better than several bad tools, so this is great for clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists.

Heat Resistant Spatula

They can toss out the old, crumbling, melted spatulas when they get a brand new, heat resistant one in their stocking this Christmas.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists for the kitchen that remove clutter.

Adjustable Measuring Spoon

Why have five measuring spoons when you can get by with one or two that are adjustable?

Chef's Knife

Chef’s Knife

THE culinary tool that everyone needs.

Mini First Aid Kit

Mini First Aid Kit

A mini survival kit is a clutter-free way to be prepared for the unexpected.

Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Furoshiki wrapping cloths are a wonderful invention, eliminating the waste and clutter of wrapping paper during the holidays. They come in dozens of styles and designs, so you can find the ones that suit you best.

Tile Tracker

Tile Tracker

Do you know someone who has a habit of misplacing their keys or their wallet? A key finder is the perfect way to solve that problem for good.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists that help them tell time.


Time for a new, long lasting time piece? They make an excellent stocking filler, too.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostats take science and technology to the unsexy things that affect our every day. These thermostats can be infinitely programmed, learn, and can be controlled from your smart phone.

Fitbit Versa 3

Fit Bit

Watch, fitness tracker, sleep tracker and bracelet all in one, this is a very handy piece of wearable tech.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists to help get your organized.

Bottle Loft

For those who wish their fridge was more organized, a bottle loft is the perfect gift. Use this magnetic strip to hold jars and bottles up off the shelf, stuck to the top of your fridge.

Mini Lunch Container

Mini Lunch Container

These lunch containers are perfect for storing things in your fridge and using up leftovers for your packed lunch.

lord of the rings audiobook

Audible Subscription

Audible is a perfect minimalist gift – it leaves no trace! Audible is the audiobook platform developed by Amazon, turning commutes and time at the gym into reading opportunities.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists can include chap ice!

Lip Chap

Whether you opt for Burt’s Bees or a bulk pack to give to everyone, it’s an affordable stocking stuffer idea that’s also practical.

You never know so these make great clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists.

Lottery Tickets

Know what a perfect minimalist gift is? Cash. Come close with some lottery tickets.

Bottle of Wine

Bottle of Wine

This is a consumable that I can really get behind. PLUS, one bottle of wine will fill up most of a stocking, so you can keep to a minimalist number of gifts!

Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

Try a good quality shaving cream on for size this year, or refill with a brand you know they love and use.

Soda Stream Cannister set

Soda Stream Cannister

The absolute highlight of purchasing a soda stream, for me, has been not carrying the heavy club soda bottles home from the store, keeping them on hand, then taking them to the recycling depot. All of that storage, hassle and mess eliminated thanks to a soda stream!

Minimalist Shirt

Minimalist Shirt

If you want to fill up a big stocking quickly a t-shirt is always my go-to. Love this minimalist design!

These clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists are great for those who love coffee!

Reusable K Cups

Eliminate the waste of making too much coffee and of making oodles of mess by purchasing reusable k-cups. They also let you enjoy your favourite fancy coffee brands.

Clutter-free stocking stuffers for minimalists for those who are fashionable.

Conductive Leather Gloves

Combine fashion and function with conductive leather gloves. The fingertips on leather gloves do not generally let you work your smart phone, but these gloves are treated, so they will keep you warm, stylish and still able to text.

With over fifty inspiring clutter-free minimalist stocking stuffer ideas, there’s more than enough things to help you fill a minimalist’s Christmas stocking but not leave them wishing they weren’t gifted with all sorts of “stuff” that they would rather not have. And if you need more, we got you

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