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30 Best Gift Ideas For Someone Obsessed With Unicorns

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Unicorns have become more and more popular over the last few years, and good for them! Why shouldn’t they be loved? They’re awesome! Even if you’re shopping for someone who isn’t as obsessed as some of us, I can almost bet they still like them and would love the gifts in this post!

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Magical Gifts For Unicorn Lovers

Let’s find the perfect gift!

Wine Holder

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This mature unicorn is perfect for anyone with a more sophisticated magical horse kind of taste.

Affirmation Cards

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These are the least corny affirmations ever made! Who wouldn’t feel more positive looking at the adorable art on these cards?

Betsey Johnson Purse

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Betsey Johnson makes the most adorable purses and this one is no exception! We all need more purses and unicorns!


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As corny as these commercials are, it’s an awesome product. And this unicorn version makes it even cooler.

Ceramic Mug

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This has got to be the most perfect coffee mug in all existence. The quote is really sweet and the colors are amazing! The only thing better than one of these mugs… is two of them!

Magical Charm

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This beautiful charm would be perfect for a unicorn lover’s rearview mirror or keychain! Or both!

Oversized Hoodie

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This hoodie is more of a blanket, but it’s awesome anyway! It’s super soft, there’s no way they won’t fall asleep in this thing.

Adult Coloring Book

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Coloring can be relaxing. And what better way to relax than using the brightest colors on the coolest unicorn art?!


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These fluffy feet warmers are a perfect gift all year round. They’re incredibly soft and so cute!

Jewelry Dish

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The best thing about this kind of gift, besides the fact that it’s a unicorn, is it’s great for any occasion!

Keyboard Wrist Rest

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Why limit which things in their life are unicorn themed? This wrist rest is probably the best thing on the planet.

Effing Magical T-Shirt

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Well, this shirt isn’t lying that’s for sure! Just don’t buy this for your 8-year-old niece.

Charm Bangle

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Add a little charm to their life with this super cute bangle bracelet!


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This bright-as-the-sun rainbow unicorn bathrobe is a must-have for everyone, everywhere! It’s super absorbent and warm, too!

Fleece Pajamas

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Just because you’re cold doesn’t mean you can’t still be cute! These pajamas are made of fleece and they even have pockets!

LED Photo Frame

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This pretty painted LED frame would look great in their bathroom or bedroom! The second best thing about this is it also makes an adorable night light!


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Go ahead and order enough pairs of these cuties so that they have some for every day of the week! Trust me, they’ll love it!

Taco Plush

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If your unicorn lover also loves tacos, (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?!) I have great news! This chubby little guy does too and I think him and your taco loving unicorn freak will get along great!

LED Lamp

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This lamp is so gorgeous! You can choose between 16 different colors and it looks 3D!

License Plate Frame

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This license plate frame is all the “I don’t wanna brag, but…” your favorite unicorn lover will ever need.


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This planner all they’re gonna need until the end of 2023, and it will be their constant reminder to get sh*t done every day!

Taco Holder

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The thing they didn’t know they needed. Grab enough to make sure all their tacos are secure, though! Each order only comes with two.

Light Up Headband

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These can be used for more than Halloween! Imagine a cool photoshoot with these cuties! It comes with two so you can both match!


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They’ll never want to leave the kitchen with this apron sitting in there waiting for them!

Canvas Tote

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This tote would make the most adorable new beach or shopping bag! Others will be green with envy for sure!

Makeup Brushes

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Now they don’t have to use those plain ol’ boring black makeup brushes! We finally have something that’s cute and works great!

Wind Spinner

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If your unicorn lover has a beautiful yard, this wind spinner is something they are going to love! These catch the sun and are so colorful!

Crochet Coasters

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They’ll be able to fool everyone (except you) that they’re crafty themselves with these handmade crocheted coasters!

Coin Bank

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This bank is as beautiful as it is useful! Makes a great decoration and nobody will even know it’s a bank!

Rear View Mirror Ornament

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This cute as heck rearview mirror ornament is just what their car needs! It adds just the perfect amount of magical charm to an otherwise boring environment!

After all that cuteness, I’m sure you found something your unicorn lover would go crazy over! Heck, maybe you even found something for yourself. If you grabbed something off my list, give Unique Gifter a shoutout over on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and show us what you got!

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