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Best Gift Ideas for The Emperor’s New Groove

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BOOM baby! This movie may have been considered a flop by the studios, but it is beloved by many. It’s got it all- a talking llama, a chase scene, a maybe not-so-evil henchman. What more do you need? These gifts are sure to inspire. Bring it on!

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The Emperor’s New Groove Gift Ideas

All of these gifts are awesome and will make a fan of the movie be so excited! 

Emperor’s New Groove Inspired Flask

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The poison. Kuzco’s poison. The poison to kill Kuzco. You get the point.

“Extract of Llama” Necklace

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Who though poison would be so cute? This adorable necklace is one of a kind!

Yzma Mickey Ears

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I think Yzma would fully approve of these ears! Glittery and perfect for the parks.

“No Touchy” Onesie

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Great for new parents who aren’t too sure about their great aunt holding the baby. Also, very relatable.

Yzma Kitty Iron On Patch

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Mwahahaha! Yzma is a kitten is too sweet- and a good reminder that cute things can be evil also.

Emperor’s New Groove Dog Bandana

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Have your best friend rep your favorite movie too! You could try to put it on a cat too, though I wouldn’t suggest it.

“Pull The Lever, Kronk!” Doormat

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Is there a better way to greet someone at your house? Works for college dorms and apartments too!

Emperor’s New Groove Yoga Leggings

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Get your groove on with these leggings. Great for the gym or a Disney+ marathon!

“No Touchy!” Sticker

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Put it on your laptop or water bottle or coffee mug! Rightfully claim your stuff.

Emperor’s New Groove Movie Magnet

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Keep it on your fridge with your favorite recipe. Maybe spinach cream puffs like Kronk?

Kuzcotopia Poster Tank Top

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The ultimate paradise on the top of the hill. Rep this genius idea by the man himself.

Emperor’s New Groove Wine Tumbler

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Another extract of llama item. Classic. Don’t know if Kuzco would approve after his ordeal, though.

Kuzco Llama Baseball Cap

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A llama? He’s supposed to be dead! This dad hat is perfect for fans, young and old.

Emperor’s New Groove ID Badge

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The perfect gift for your favorite co-worker or boss! Make sure they don’t lose their ID.

Kuzco Necklace

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An adorable accessory that goes with any outfit! Works for a casual outfit or a Disneybound.

“No Touchy” Mug

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Make sure your co-workers keep their paws (or hooves) off your mug. Comes in two different sizes.

Emperor’s New Groove Handmade Zippered Pouch

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A unique pouch for makeup or pins or anything, really. It has all your favorite characters from the movie on it!

“Beware the Groove” Pin

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A funny little pin to add to your collection. Put it on your backpack or pinboard!

“I’m Gonna Lead You Down the Path That Rocks!” Kronk Vinyl Decal

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Kronk is the most underrated character of all time. So keep him close on your car!

I hope you have found all the Emperor’s New Groove Gifts you could ever need! I know I have. Now all I need is a real-life version of Yzma as a kitten. Or baby Kuzco as a llama. Wish me luck and let me know which present you like best in the comments!

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