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Toys that Begin With the Letter V Grouped By Age

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If you’re looking for ideas or going with a theme, we’ve got you covered! Here are the best toys that begin with the letter v – and they’ve been grouped by age from 2 to 12 to make shopping a breeze.

From v-tech toys to volcanos, there’s a surprising mount of fun that can be had when it comes to toys starting with v. Your kids will have a very vigorous verity of vibrant v toys with this vehemently varied list. Whew.

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Find more toys for the rest of the alphabet:

Toys that Begin With Letter V For Ages 2-5

Looking for some toys that will be engaging and fun to play with for your toddler? If so, you have come to the right place. This list has toys that are educational, imaginative and just plain fun! There will be lots of giggles and excitement when your child or grandchild opens a package containing one of these items. The hard part will be deciding which one to get first, but don’t worry you can buy as many as you would like!!

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VeggieTales Coloring Book

Calling all VeggieTales fans! This fun coloring book will provide hours of entertainment for your little one.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, Yellow

VTech Flashlight

I am pretty sure that all kids love flashlights and this one has lots of fun features. This flashlight is great to help your kiddo that is afraid of the dark too!

Clear bag of plastic play food with a yellow apron.

Vegetables Play Set

Okay, so you may not be able to get your kids to eat their vegetables but they will love to at least play with them! Plus, they will use their imagination while playing too!

Vtech drill and learn toolbox with plastic tools and screws.

VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

Don’t worry your child will be fixing all your household problems with this toolbox. It comes with a drill, hammer, wrench and more. Loads of fun!

JOYIN 25 Pieces Pull Back Cars and Trucks Toy Vehicles Set for Toddlers, Girls and Boys Kids Play Set, Die-Cast Car Set, Kids Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers, Kids presents Toys


There will never be another dull minute again with this vehicle set! Planes, trains, and automobiles galore!

Viva topo box mouse and cat game.

Viva Topo

Hours of laughs and giggles are sure to happen with this crazy cat and mouse game. This is geared towards your 4-5 year olds. Just be prepared to have a blast!

Vtech touch and learn table.

VTech Touch And Learn

A fantastic interactive toy that helps teach kids about math, science and social studies. They won’t even realize they are learning!

peppa pig visits Australia van

Van from Peppa Pig

Peppa pig and friends visit Australia in this fun camper style van! Such a cute playset for little ones who are a fan of this popular tv show.

Vtech drop and go dump truck with three balls to place into truck.

VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck

Technically this is geared (pun intended) for the younger age range, but can a person ever really grow out of playing with a dump truck?

cute vinyl cat rubber duckies

Vinyl Cat Rubber Duckies

These are literally the cutest rubber ducks ever! Bathtime will for sure be playtime!!

Purple girl puppy with buttons to press on hands and arms to learn.


Sweet and cuddly Violet is the perfect gift for any kid. You can even teach Violet your child’s name!

Vtech touch and swipe phone.

VTech Touch & Swipe Phone

It’s totally cool for your toddler to have their own phone! Especially, if it is this VTech phone! Bonus points for being fun and educational.

Very hungry caterpiller themed blocks with numbers, colors, and animals.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Blocks

Let’s be real…The best part about building a tower is knocking it down and building it again! Your child will never get tired of building, knocking down and repeating!

kid sized electric violin toy


Awesome gift for the music enthusiast in your life. This violin is child size and even has demo sounds built in. Your youngster will love it!

Purple themed vtech Doc Mcstuffins clipboard drawing doodle board.

VTech Doc McStuffins Clipboard

Little Sally is going to feel like a big-time doctor with this adorable talk and trace clipboard. She will love that it is fun and you will love that it’s educational. Win Win.

vTech pull and sing black and white puppy.

VTech Pull And Sing Puppy

Every little kid needs a puppy! Plus, this one gets bonus points because it won’t tinkle on the floor!

vilac apron set for kids

Vilac Apron Set

Imagine how much fun your child will have playing with this chef set! Perfect for their play kitchen or helping in the real one.

vtech smart shots sports center, soccer net, basketball hoop and more.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Is your kiddo a little baller in training?? This is such a fun toy that will help your child learn numbers, shapes and more!

Vtech MusicalBook.

This adorable musical book teaches kits instruments, colors and rhyming words. .

Green vtech learning watch themed pj masks characters.

VTech Learning Watch

Little kids love to wear watches and this one is fantastic! It has 4 games that are actually a blast and educational too!

Whether it’s shooting some hoops, pretend to vacuum or enjoying some time playing with a castle your child is going to have a fantastic time with any of these awesome toys! Which one is your favorite?

Toys That Begin With Letter V For Ages 6-8

Time to start your voyage to find a very pleasant and exciting toy for your child or grandchild. I know that your value your time so I have created a vast list of marvelous gift ideas that cover almost all areas of likes and dislikes. These toys are specifically for children between ages 6-8, but you will want to play with some of them too! You will be surprised by the variety of toys that actually start with the letter V! Have fun shopping for that special child in your life.

Toys That Begin With Letter V For Ages 6-8: black star wars themed watch.

Vtech Star Wars Smartwatch

Now your kiddo won’t have to ask you what time it is every few minutes! They can learn how to check the time all by themselves. It’s perfect for the Star Wars fans out there!

Purple vamprina coloring and activity book.

Vamprina Coloring & Activity Book

Vamprina is the cutest little vampire ever! She is friendly and not scary at all! This adorable coloring book also comes with stickers for decorating with!

Voltron Ultimate 14' Electronic Figure

Voltron Action Figure

Black Lion is ready to for battle at any point in time! It is poseable and has lights and sounds. Lots of hours of playtime will happen with this action figure!

Velcro paddle game themed like two sunshine's.

Velcro Paddle Game

Super amusing way to increase your hand eye coordination! This game is great for kids and adults. The paddles are adjustable to fit anyone. Encourages active playtime too.

Vtech kidizoom camera that's blue, orange and grey.

VTech Kidizoom Camera

All the kiddos need their own camera! How else are they going to get really good at taking selfies! Whether they are taking selfies or photos of the environment they will have a blast!

Grey and blue velociraptor mask.

Velociraptor Mask

Pretend play just got a little more adventurous with this awesome mask. It even has moving eyes and some scary sound effects.

Build your own vehicles.


You can build several vehicles with this set! Pick-up, Fire Truck and forklift are just a few. Don’t tell the kids, but these are totally adorable too!

HEXBUG VEX Hook Shot Ball Machine, Blue, Black

VEX Robotics Hook Shot

Fantastic robotics toy that is easily put together and keeps your child engaged. They will be able to learn about how things go together and operate too.

vet clinic play set

Vet Clinic

Do you have an animal lover in your house? This is such a great toy that your 6-8 year old is going to go crazy over!

Red view master boxed set, with view master and container.

View Master Boxed Set

Having a view master is like a right of passage when you are growing up. You are missing out if you don’t have one! You won’t regret buying one for you child.

Graffiti wolson brand volleyball.


This isn’t your typical volleyball. It’s vibrant, fun and decorated in graffiti. You can’t really play with it without exercising too! So its a double win!

velociraptor toy


You can’t be a dinosaur collector without one of these guys! So cool and you better plan on hearing lots of “roaring” out of our child!

educational valcano set.


Education and a complete blast! It never gets old watching the volcano erupt. Your child is going to be learning about science without even realizing it.

Schleich Wild Life, Animal Figurine, Animal Toys for Boys and Girls 3-8 years old, Vulture, Ages 3+


This toy vulture looks like the real thing! Your child’s zoo can’t be complete without one! Especially, if they are trying to have a stuffed animal with every letter of the alphabet.

Lego friends van and camping set.


This LEGO set is the cream of the crop! With 488 pieces and other amazing features your child is going to love this! Besides, you can never go wrong with LEGO sets.

Vaction bingo playing cards.

Vacation Bingo

Long car trips will never be the same once you introduce vacation bingo! It’s so amusing to hear the giggles when they find the next thing! I bet your child would even let you play!

Pink and white Barbie card clinic.

Vehicle: Barbie Care Clinic

Barbie is out taking care of all the sick people…or other toys nearby! This kit comes with some wonderful accessories too. They thought of everything!

Wooden basket of play plastic vegetables.


Your child’s toy box can’t be complete without a set of vegetables. Your kiddo is going to love pretending like he or she cooked for you and their stuffed animal friends.

Video game hero Barbie doll.

Video Game Hero Doll

This Barbie has super awesome pink hair, a helmet, knee pads and roller skates! She is going to fit in with all the other Barbie’s your child has!

No products found.

Video Games For Kids

This video game device has 182 games built-in! Easy to take anywhere and great for entertaining your child while at the grocery store or waiting at the doctors office.

Which toy is your favorite? Which one or two do you think you child is going to like? There are so many enjoyable choices!

Toys That Begin With Letter V Ages 9-12

Finding a great variety of toys and games that start with the letter v can be difficult. Thankfully, it was remarkably simple to find some incredible toys that your child between the ages of 9-12 would be thrilled to receive. You will hear giggles and laughs galore when your child plays with some of these toys and games! One benefit to several of the toys is that they can also aid your child in learning and they aren’t even aware of it! That is a parent win. Without further ado it’s time to start checking out all these awesome ideas.

VTech Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone, Pink

VTech Kidi Star Magic Microphone

This magic microphone has over 50 songs and you can remove the lead singers voice in the songs you like the best! There are also voice changing options for a different sound.

VTech Kidi Secrets Selfie Journal with Face Identifier, Pink

VTech Kidi Secrets Selfie Journal

The journal can recognize your child’s face and then it will unlock. If your child loves taking selfies, then this will be a huge hit.

Bandai Tamashii Nations GX-71 Voltron 'Voltron: Defender of the Universe' Soul of Chogokin Action Figure

Voltron Legendary Defender

This set comes with 5 individual lions that can be combined into an insanely awesome giant figure. Your child is going to love you for this one!

4M KidzLabs Volcano Making Kit, DIY Science Kit STEM, For Boys & Girls Ages 8+

Volcano Making Kit

I don’t think you can ever get too old for making a volcano and watching it erupt. The paint dries fast so you can get the real action started sooner!

EuroGraphics Vincent Van Gogh Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzle Set: Three 100 Piece Puzzles for Adults - Vincent Van Gogh 12 Sunflowers, Cafe Terrace at Night and Almond Blossom

Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzles

Each puzzle has 100 pieces and replicates a painting from Vincent Van Gogh. Puzzles are great for keeping your mind working and spending time together.

25' Pops, Peach Grandfather, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet

Ventriloquist Puppet

Imagine the plays your kiddo will put on for you with this puppet. I am sure there will be an abundance of laughs too!

LEGO City Volcano Explorers 60120 Volcano Starter Set Building Kit (83 Piece)

Volcano Explorers LEGO Set

This fun LEGO kit has a volcano that will erupt! How fun is that?! This kit pairs nicely with other LEGO sets also.

No products found.

Video Game Console

Handheld gaming console has so many games that will take you back to your childhood! Your kiddo can enjoy all the games you grew up playing.

nanoblock - Instruments - Violin, Collection Series Building Kit


This is a miniature nanoblock violin that has over 150 small pieces. It’s adorable and loads of entertainment to put together.

Spalding Extreme Pro Wave Volleyball, Blue/Orange, Official Size


Encouraging sports and exercise is even easier with this adorable volleyball. There will be many hours of play spent with this ball.

Marvel Venom, Venom and Carnage Action Figures, Collectible Action Figure Toys- 6 inch, 2 Pack

Venom & Carnage Figures

These two naughty little villains are ready to cause some trouble! These figures encourage creative and imaginative play.

Kids Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns Series with Refill Darts,Reload Clips,Dart Pouch,Tactical Mask,Wrist Band and Protective Glasses,Toys for 8 9 10 11 12 Year Boys


This tactical vest is a must have for the dart gun player in your life! It comes with 100 pieces of ammo for your dart gun, protective glasses and the vest is adjustable. Let the fights begin!

LEGO Super Heroes Beware The Vulture 76083 Building Kit

Vulture LEGO Building Kit

375 pieces of pure entertainment in this LEGO building kit. There will be lots of explosions and sound effects made by your child!

US Sense Our sensory 36 watercolor pencil set -artist pencil, soft lead, water solution, solid storage tank and brush -very suitable color, sketch and painting

Vibrant Colored Pencils

Do you have a little artist living in your household? These brightly colored pencils are a must have. They can turn an ordinary picture into a work of art.

Monster High Music Festival Venus McFlytrap Doll

Venus McFlyTrap Doll

She is creepy and cool all at the same time. Did I mention she has fantastic pink hair and a rocking fun outfit!

Vers: The Rap Game - Party Game for Freestyle Rap Lovers, College Parties, and Creative Young Adults

Vers: The Rap Game

Rappers unite! It is time to test your rapping skills with this wildly entertaining game. You will never run out of freestyle and rapping variations.

Taito Hatsune Miku Figure 2nd Season Autumn ver (re-Sales) Prize Figure, Multiple Colors (T83541)

Vocaloid Figure

Grab Hatsune Miku or their favorite vocaloid if your tween likes this style of music or the Miku video games. There are a tonne fo cool, collectible figures out there!

Star Wars E3 DF12 Vulture Droid

Vulture Droid Toy

This toy based on the Star Wars vulture droid will be ready to soar through the air and win the war!

Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe 12' Fabric Safety Dart Board Set with 6 Hook & Loop Balls (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

Velcro Dart Board

Dart board set that has balls that can be thrown instead of darts. It takes away the danger factor, so you can hang this anywhere you want and not have to worry.

Will Work for V-Bucks Cool Gamer T-Shirt (Youth Medium (10-12), Red)


It’s not quite a toy but trust me, if you get a 9-12 year old who loves Fortnite some v-bucks it’ll be a much better gift than any toy you can find. This shirt makes a fun gift to package with it!

Which letter of the alphabet do you think has the best toy options? Hopefully you found the perfect toys that begin with the letter v for the kids of every age in your life!

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