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20 Gift Ideas for Fox Lovers

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From Fox and the Hound, to Robin Hood, there are many movies that spring to mind when you hear the word “fox.” When you know someone who loves the animal, or these movies, you might want to show them how special they are to you and how attentive you are, by getting them one of these gift ideas for fox lovers! If you’re at a loss for what to get them, check out some of these gifts below.

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Need more than just fox gift ideas? We’ve got gifts for all the animals under the sun – plus a few that aren’t even real.

Gift Ideas For Fox Lovers 

So what exactly does the fox say?

“Lucky Fox” Pendant Love Necklace

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The Lucky Fox pendant love necklace would be the perfect gesture for that special lady in your life!

Knee-High Fox Socks

Gift ideas for fox lovers include this cute socks!

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Not only will these knee-high fox socks keep your fox loving friend’s feet warm, but they will be one of their favorite pieces of footwear.

Fox Laser-Cut Wood Journal

They can keep track of all the notes in this gift ideas for fox lovers.

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Unique, crafty, and beautiful, this laser-cut wood fox journal will be the best place for your fox loving friend to write notes or something much more elaborate.

“Stay clever, little fox” Print

This gift ideas for fox lovers would be cute anywhere in their house.

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The little ones in their lives must always stay clever and on top of things, and this print will look great in their nursery or playroom!

Fabric Fox Tote Bag

This cute tote bag is just what gift ideas for fox lovers ordered!

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The fabric fox tote bag is great for carrying what they need, wherever they need to go!

Hand-Painted Fox Glass Mug

This gift ideas for fox lovers is a beautiful one!

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A one of a kind, hand-painted fox glass mug to drink a beer or another beverage of choice, will make a nice addition to their cup collection.

Fox Drop Earrings

Gift ideas for fox lovers include these cute earrings for sure!

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If they have a lot of places they go where they need to get dressed up, they will absolutely adore these lovely fox drop earrings.

Fox Microwaveable Heatable Plush

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This microwaveable heatable fox plush will come in handy when they have aches and pains, and may just bring a smile to their lips.

Drinking Sly Fox Wine Bottle Holder

This gift ideas for fox lovers is perfect for a wine lover.

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Everyone needs somewhere to display their wine bottles, and there isn’t a more interesting way to do so than a fox that looks like it is drinking from the bottle.

Fox Riding a Bicycle Throw Pillowcase

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Give your fox loving friend a whimsical pillowcase to sleep on each night.

Fox Shaped USB Drive

They need this gift ideas for fox lovers is perfect for a writer.

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For the writer or business owner who loves foxes, the fox shaped USB drive will help them back up their files and keep things safe.

Fox Coloring Book

This gift ideas for fox lovers is for the artist within.

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Adult coloring books are an excellent way to meditate, relieve stress, and practice creativity! They will especially enjoy the fact that this one has an abundance of foxes.

Personalized Fox Notepad

This gift ideas for fox lovers is where it's at.

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Another option, one that can be personalized with their name or initials, for them to keep track of their notes, is this fox notepad!

Wooden Fox Ornament

Gift ideas for fox lovers include this cute one for the tree.

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Perfect as a gift for Christmas, or for a time close to the holidays, that will look amazing on their tree!

Crossbody Fox Phone Purse

This gift ideas for fox lovers would be cute with any outfit.


For that special lady who doesn’t carry a lot of things in her purse, they will enjoy a crossbody fox purse that is specifically designed for a phone.

Fox Sip N Go Travel Mug

Gift ideas for fox lovers include ones to carry their coffee in.

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A lovely gift for the fox lover that is always on the go, to sip their coffee or other drink while going about their business.

“Read more books” Bookish Fox Shirt

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For the fox lover who also spends a lot of time with their nose in a book, a “Read more books” shirt with a bookish fox on the front will allow them to show both off to the world.

Welcome Fox Garden Mini Yard Flag

This gift ideas for fox lovers would be cute in a garden!

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Help them welcome people to their home and yards with a “Welcome” fox garden mini flag!

Magnetic Fox Bookmark

This gift ideas for fox lovers is perfect for a bookworm.

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Another one for the bookworm who loves foxes, a magnetic fox bookmark to keep their place in the book they’re reading. We have more gift ideas for bookworms here

Baby Fox Hat

They need this gift ideas for fox lovers for their baby.

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If they have a baby, or a baby on the way, they definitely need to have a baby fox hat to keep that little one’s head warm! If they are new parents, we have a great guide for gift basket ideas!

Foxes are certainly interesting to look at and observe. They look a bit like a cat, but also a bit like a dog. Perhaps that is why the Fox and the Hound movie was so popular!

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