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20 Best White Elephant Gifts

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Sometimes White Elephant gifts can go horribly wrong. A little too crass, a little too gross, and not too well thought out. Give your family, friends, and favorite colleagues a gift that they will have fun with and not donate to Goodwill when the holiday party is over.

The Best White Elephant Gifts

Unicorns Are Awesome Hoodie

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Everyone loves Unicorns and thereโ€™s nothing better than giving a hoodie that declares this truth.

Super Hero Socks

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You can never have enough socks. These Super Hero socks are great for the person who needs to be encouraged and told that theyโ€™re awesome.

Super Man Socks

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These socks are great for the person who seems to do it all. You want to hate him, but you donโ€™t, instead you acknowledge his awesomeness and give him Super Man socks.

I Pee in Pools Baseball Hat

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Sometimes itโ€™s good to share an unspoken and uncomfortable truth.

Chick Magnet Baseball Hat

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This whimsical hat is great for the guy who has animal magnetism.

Fake Emoji Poop Hat

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Who knew that poop could be so cute?

The Farting Animals Coloring Book

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Just like everybody poops, animals fart. And this coloring book is a tongue-in-cheek homage to that smelly reality.

Unicorns are Jerks Coloring Book

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Not everyone loves unicorns. And, this coloring book dares to pose the question โ€œAre unicorns as nice you think they are?โ€

Hater Cats-An Insult Kitten Adult Coloring Book

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For the cat lover who knows that cats are jerks unless they love you.

50 Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

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Who knew that chicken could be so…dirty?

Awkward Family Photos Book

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Everyone has that one family photo where you ask-just why? Why would you do this to us and save the picture for posterity.

You Had One Job!

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Sometimes you have to laugh at the epic fails that other people make and defy explanation. Especially when they had just one job to do.

Dog Shaming

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Because sometimes your dog is just wrong.

Iโ€™m a Catch, Iโ€™m a Keeper-Harry Potter Mugs

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A great mug set for the witch or wizard in your life.

I can Smell Fear on You Mug

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Because sometimes itโ€™s a good thing to know.

I Could Pee On This and Other Poems by Cats

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Cats are their own breed of special. These poems are a reflection of the special mindset that cats have.

The Crazy Cat Loverโ€™s Handbook: A Humanโ€™s Guide to Serving Our Feline Overlords

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This is a great guide for the feline obsessed friend.

Alien Cat Invasion T-Shirt

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Everyone needs a fun t-shirt and this alien cat invasion t-shirt does the trick.

Not My Circus Not My Monkeys Mug

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Is an old saying that basically means that youโ€™re not owning someone elseโ€™s crazy.

Mullet on the Go Skull Cap

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This is a great cap to use throughout the year. Business in the front and party in the back.

These white elephant gifts are the gift that keeps on giving. You wonโ€™t be finding any of these awesome gifts at Goodwill after youโ€™ve given them.

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