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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend’s Dad

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Your Girlfriend’s dad is probably going to be your father-in-law, if things work out. Therefore, buying the right gift will go a long way even though you’re probably sitting there wondering, “what on earth am I going to figure out what to get my girlfriend’s Dad for Christmas?!”

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Strive for a gift that can make him smile during the festive season. It does not matter how long you have dated, I’ve got you covered:

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend’s Dad

Personalized Beer Mug

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This gold rimmed personalized beer mug is good looking and has been crafted using high-quality glass. It has an impressive gold rim and can hold 25oz of his favorite brew while he dines with his family members. The mug will be more treasured because it is customized with the right text; probably his names, or initials.

Custom Pajama Set

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Who doesn’t like receiving a pair of brand new and comfortable pajamas? They are well sewn and have comfortable fabric to make his night peaceful. Plus, unlike a sweater he might not like, you probably won’t know if he never wears them!

Merry Christmas wall art

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A Merry Christmas wall art will serve as a reminder that it is time to merry while celebrating the birth of Christ. The art will warm anyone’s heart and spread the Christmas love.

Bullet Pens

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A manly gift indeed. The pen is made out of a fired cartridge and has been polished and waxed. The pen may have minor scratches, but those add to its gist. In addition, it can easily be refilled with the ordinary refills and should not give him a problem in case his ink runs out.

Ultimate Shaving Kit

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The shaving kit comes packaged in a beautiful wooden box and has all the shaving requirements: an organic body soap, a shaving bowl, a double edged razor together with blades, an organic aftershave, a high-quality shaving brush, and a shaving soap. The set is also scented using essential oils and provides a natural woody scent that is classy. With this gift, be sure to please him.

Monogrammed Robe

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Throwing in a Spa quality soft velour is thoughtful. The gown is made using highly absorbent cotton and can be embroidered with his monogram in your color of choice. Let him chill in the living room looking like a king.

Kindle Reader

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Give him a chance to read Kindle eBooks available on Amazon. If you teach him how to use this device, he will forever be grateful. You will have unburdened him from squeezing 20 books into his small bag while traveling.

Digital picture frame

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He can easily send photos to this frame directly from his email or smartphone. He can also create a personal Christmas photo playlist that can give him sweet memories of the past and the future.  In addition, he will have the chance to watch high definition videos using this device. This gift is an easy way to allow him to get in touch with his photos.

Men’s leather gloves

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Top quality leather gloves come handy for any function and will make him look stylish. The gloves will provide warmth and have been made using cowhide. They have a soft wool inner lining to provide a more comfortable and warm feeling during cold days. During cold autumn and winter days, they will remind him of you, and maybe you may get a shot at his daughter.

Oakhill Decanter Set with Wooden Gift Box

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Let him celebrate Christmas with this beautiful whiskey set. Christmas is a special occasion and calls for a memorable keepsake. This set comes with one Argos liquor decanter and four Eastham whiskey glasses, in a lovely handcrafted box. All the pieces will be engraved with his initials or names.


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Wine is always appreciated and makes a great gift for almost all occasions. Get him this great classic selection wine of the month club set. The wine is made out of well-preserved grapes to provide a more harmonious wine. He may find a new wine that can be the centerpiece of his Christmas meal.

Rustic wine rack

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If he is a wine lover, he will be delighted by this handcrafted rack that comes alongside three Oregon wines. Long after the wines have been enjoyed, the rustic rack, together with the wine opener, will serve him well.

Gourmet Food Basket

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This food will be delivered ready to eat and serve – perfect for casual days with the family over Christmas time.

Personalized leather wallet

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Men are fed up with low-quality wallets that are manufactured using cheap materials. But here is a unique wallet that is made using genuine cowhide leather and has several slots to keep everything in order. And on top of everything, it is going to be engraved with his initials. This is certainly a keepsake.

Christmas sweater

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There are tons of Christmas sweaters on the web, but nothing beats this classy sweater of Santa Claus dabbing. It will give him a youthful feel, and he will make heads turn.

Multi-use holder

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Dads are known for misplacing their items all the time, and that is reason enough to get him this multi-use holder. It is made out of wood and is carefully designed to hold almost all his daily items; like a smartphone, ring, keys, and sunglasses.

Lounge pants

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These pants will make him appreciate unique and handmade items. The pant has been made using finely layered cotton and is perfect for loungewear. It has soft layers to maintain the right temperature on his skin and to provide him with great comfort.

Men Slippers

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There is a chance that even his family members forget he needs man slippers. So, be the first to remember and get him these comfortable slippers that will help him relax after a long day. The slippers are made using soft suede leather and have fur on the inside to keep his feet warm, even without socks. In fact, he will not need to wear socks while hovering indoors.

Funny Santa T-shirt

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This funny bodybuilding t-shirt will keep him smiling. It will also afford him numerous stares.

Knit socks

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Let him enjoy comfort and coziness with socks that are knitted using quality Estonian wool. They will warm his feet and lift his mood.

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