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20 Birthday Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

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If you’re wondering what to get your soon-to-be 12-year-old son, brother, nephew, or friend, you have come to the right place. Sometimes it is hard to buy for kids. Their wants often seem bigger than their heads and finding something in your budget isn’t always easy, especially when you want them to actually like what you get them too.

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Unique Birthday Gifts for 12-Year-Old Boys

Brainstring Advanced Brainteaser Puzzle

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This Brainstring Advanced Brainteaser puzzle will keep their mind busy for many hours, especially if they are a puzzle lover.

Black and White Set of 3 Skateboarding Prints

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Imagine how nice this set of three black and white skateboarding prints will look up on the wall in his bedroom, and maybe even inspire him to push for his dreams.

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity

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Let’s face it, 12-year-olds are not mature, that is why they need The Encyclopedia of Immaturity.

Mystery Money Soap

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Money is awesome, no matter your age… and what better way to encourage him to bathe than with mystery money soap? The more he bathes, the closer he gets to the money inside.

With time Super Blaster Water Pistol

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Squirt guns are a great pastime in the summer, help him keep busy outdoors with this awesome Super Blaster water pistol in his hands.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Box Set

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Diary of a Wimpy kid has now become a classic for kids, and this is all ten books!

Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone

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What else does a 12-year-old boy need than a mini nano RC drone to fly around the yard or park?

“Keep calm and play on” Frisbee Shirt

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Being a kid is all about playing, after all!

Mini Ping Pong

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He will love playing this mini ping pong game on a table, desk, or wherever he decides to set it up.

Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

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Now he doesn’t have to spend extra money to play laser tag, he and his friends can do it in the yard or at the park whenever they like to.

Personalized Game Controller Water Bottle

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Help your favorite 12-year-old boy stay hydrated with a personalized game controller water bottle.

“I paused my game to be here” Mug

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If he’s a gamer and has to pause his game to do anything else, he just might become a grump.

Basketball Pendant Necklace

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For the basketball-loving 12-year-old boy, this basketball pendant necklace is a great masculine necklace to wear and represent his passion.

“Think happy, be happy” Vinyl Wall Decal

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Remind him to think happy helps him to be happy with this vinyl wall decal that can go on the wall of his bedroom.

“Twelve whole years of being awesome” Shirt

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He’s been a totally awesome dude for twelve whole years!

Sports Prints

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These sports prints will look excellent on the wall of his bedroom.

The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book

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The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book will keep him busy and having fun indoors for a while.

Football Phone Case

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Help him keep his phone safe from breaks and cracks with a football phone case.

LEGO Architecture Chicago Skyline

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If he loves Chicago or architecture, and LEGOs, he will love building the Chicago Skyline with this set!

Square Root of 144 Years Old Shirt

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He is officially the square root of 144 years old on his birthday.

So many gifts to choose from for your favorite 12-year-old’s birthday this year! Choose what he will like the most without breaking the bank!

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