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20 Gift Ideas for the Party Animal

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What the party animal in your life needs is a supply of condoms, a haircut, and a damn good talking to.

Hehehe I love these! These are awesome gift ideas for the party animal - I want them all. It's my birthday soon, yo.

But they’ve heard all this before. So if you can’t stop them, at least enable them with these 20 unique gift ideas for the party animal.


Gift Ideas for the Party Animal

Ice Luge

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Pour vodka the right way with this icy slide. Now you can have vodka on ice whilst turning it into a game. Or stick your mouth at the end of it. Whatever works.

Engraved Flask ID

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Every heavy drinker needs a flask for those times when drinking really isn’t acceptable. An engraved flask with their ID on it is the best way to combine alcoholism and personal safety.

The Bible

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Once you have your flask, buy this Bible holder. Inside you’ll see the cut-out pages that make just enough space to hide your flask. Religion has never been so fun, and quite frankly it’s needed to get through those marathon sermons.

Beer Can Wraps

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Law enforcement should be solving real crimes instead. Keep your favorite party animal out of jail with these beer can wraps. Take them out of the packet and wrap them around your beer. Now you’re drinking Coca Cola.

Shot Glass Checkers

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Checkers has never been more fun. Each counter you take equals downing a shot. Get to the end of the board and make it a double. We’re not saying it involves any real strategy, but it’s damn sure fun to try.

Electric Cocktail Mixer

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Even the biggest booze hound needs to feel classy sometimes. For those formal occasions, there’s nothing cooler than mixing the best cocktails without all that shaking and jiving.

Beer Bong

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“Chug! Chug! Chug!”

That’s what they say at every party where the animal turns up. Let them bring along their own equipment with this beer bong. The easiest way to get drunk since happy hour.

How to Cure a Hangover

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The hangover is an unfortunate side effect of a life lived at wild parties. That’s why you need to cure your hangover using this epic read. Half humorous and half serious, they’ll never have such problems again.

Portable Breathalyzer

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Anyone who’s attended enough parties is well aware that they’re going to be breathalyzed at some point. Get in first and make sure you don’t leave things to chance with this portable breathalyzer.

Literary Cocktails

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Create some funky cocktails based on the classics of literature. Tequila Mockingbird will help your favorite person to revolutionize their next party menu, or at least make them really really drunk.

Luminous Dress

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When some people visit they light up a room. Now they can really light up a room with a luminous dress. It glows in the dark and adds a sparkle you’re not going to find anywhere else.

The Mini DJ

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Mix some epic tracks for your next party with the mini DJ portable mixer. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can keep the party going no matter how many times you move bar (or park bench).

Cupashot Glasses

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Too lazy to swirl your drink like you’re sitting in some comfy Scottish castle? Never fear because when you set down these Cupashot glasses they rotate on their own. What could be cooler?

Bottle Bag

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There’s nothing classy about toting a bottle of wine around in the street. Make alcoholism acceptable with a bottle bag. Just perfect for a bottle of wine or beer, you could take this into a business meeting and look chic.

Comical Deer Coasters

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Drunk? Can’t hunt? Want to stand on a deer? We all have those nights. Thankfully, these comical deer coasters are here to hold your drink. Clonk your glass down on the belly of a deer and keep that animal where it belongs!

Boozy Outdoor Mat

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Life is always a party when you have an outdoor mat like this. It asks whether there’s booze so you don’t have to.

Crystal Skull Shot Glass

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You know you’re in trouble when you’re confronted by a skull filled with whisky or brandy. Let people know what kind of night they’re in for with a drink served like this.

Forged Bar Tool Set

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Turn the master drinker into a master bartender with this forged bar tool set. Now they can make the drinks and drink the drinks. Who said partiers couldn’t be multi-talented?

16th Century Old World Bar

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Add a touch of class to any household with the Italian renaissance. This glove bar unfolds to reveal a delightful combination of classy, elegant drinks.

Pulse Speakers

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Bring the bass or party like it’s 1978. With these colorful pulse speakers, you’re in control of the party. Plug them into your music player and dance the night away!

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