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20 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Snowbirds in Your Family

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Has your loved one’s birthday come around, but they have fled to warmer climates? Many snowbirds head to Arizona, Florida, or California to avoid the chill of winter. Chances are they don’t “need” much or are living in RVs without a lot of extra space. Gifts will need to be useful and versatile for their relaxed lifestyle.

Does your family flee the winter? Try these birthday gift ideas for the snowbirds in your family! | Snowbird Gifts | Birthday Gift Ideas for Granparents | Gifts for Seniors

Here are 20 birthday gift ideas for the Snowbirds in your family:

Passport Cover

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Chances are they will be traveling across borders multiple times from Canada or into Mexico in the year. Here is a handy case to protect their passport and other valuables along the way.

Multifunctional Barefoot Shoes

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Whether for beach yoga or aqua aerobics, these shoes will provide a comforting footing to keep up with the best of them. They are versatile on both land and in water—something essential for Southern climates.

Walking Trail Poles

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Prefect for an afternoon stroll or more intense hike, these anti-shock poles are extendable for different heights. Best of all, they are collapsible for easy storage or packing with a backpack.

Rubber Golf Tees

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Often grass is scant at the par three golf courses in places like Arizona meaning you are hitting off of packed sand or road. For these situations, rubber golf tees are essential.


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You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses: in their car, golf bag, beach bag, and more. Styles may change, but frame durability and UV protection will remain essential.

Packing Cubes

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These packing cubes come in different sizes and compress the items for easy storage. Whether for fitting more items into a suitcase, storage containers in an RV, or a traveling laundry hamper, they have a myriad of uses along the way.

Pack This Pad

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Even if your family member has a second residence, things can get lost along the way. The Pack This Pad will help with forgotten toiletries or serve as a helpful checklist in settling up a new residence or packing for quick visits to the grandchildren.

Picnic Backpack

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Perfect for a day trip or hiking in a National Park, this picnic backpack is portable, has all the essentials for a picnic, and even includes a cooler for packing a variety of foods.

Playing Cards

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Simple, classic playing cards need to be on hand for a pick-up game of Rumi or games night at the clubhouse.

Coloring Book

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Great for relaxation and meditating on scenic landscapes, they can color for a couple minutes or hours at a time. This coloring book hides tiny garden creatures throughout its pages adding to the fun of completing each page.

Monet Bookmarks

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These Monet bookmarks will not only brighten their day with classic art, but also keep their place in the latest novel that has caught their eye. Best of all, there are twelve to choose from—enough for some to get lost along the way.

Where’s Waldo? Postcard Book

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Themed on world travel, these postcards will make it easy to stay in touch with loved ones while away for months at a time. The recipients of the cards will enjoy searching through the spreads to find the elusive Waldo.

A Canvas Tote Bag

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A Canvas Tote Bag comes in handy for grocery shopping, heading to the library, or going to the beach. Many totes are customizable, but this one subtlety honors the lifestyle your family member has come to enjoy.

Antigravity Chair

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The multiple reclining positions of these chairs make them versatile for napping to watching a sports game. If they are uncomfortable feeling like an astronaut, these chairs can lock firmly with their feet on the ground. They provide great lumbar support to boot!

Kitchen Gadget Set

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Perfect for saving space, this kitchen gadget set has everything but the kitchen sink: grater, grinder, pizza cutter, and peeler all in one nesting package. They can cook like chefs in tight spaces.

Off the Beaten Path Travel Guide

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This book outlines different uncrowded places to visit with lots of warm options. It is great for planning their next side trip or armchair traveling around the country without leaving the room.

Bronner’s Magic Soap

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Dr. Bonner’s soap is great for all sorts of cleaning from washing your face to washing the floor. This one is certified organic and fragrance free!

Magazine Holder

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Magazines, scrapbooks, or lose papers, these magazine holders allow for easy storage. They are a great way to hide clutter, too.

Turkish Beach Towel

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Everyone needs a quality beach towel. This one is super soft and quick to dry. It’s perfect for anyone living a relaxed lifestyle.

Insulated Water Bottle

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Hot days require cold drinks. This water bottle will keep its contents cold for up to 36 hours. That will keep them cool and hydrated in any warm climate.

With one or more of these ideas, your family member will be sitting out in the sun relaxing in no time. Let’s just hope they come back quickly after the snow clears.

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